Dear Struggling Mum, You Are Not Alone

This post is for all the struggling mums out there – whether it be a long-term struggle or temporary; whether it is struggling to get your kids to bed, or getting them out of bed; whether it is getting them to feed at all, or to stop feeding (over feeding […]

When did I become an Angry Parent?

While I’ve tried to be honest and transparent about my life (particularly as a mum), there have been some things I haven’t spoken about. Things like my experiences growing up. Due to a number of factors through my childhood and adolescence, I’ve developed a lot of deep-seeded anger that can boil […]

Memory of a Miscarriage

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamt of becoming a mother. It has been something I longed for for a long time. However, when it actually came time to thinking about it and talking about it with my husband, there was a lot of angst and […]

Mums Get Separation Anxiety Too

My return to work is less than two weeks away, and my separation anxiety is slowly increasing every day. I know I’ve written about it before, but I was fortunate enough to contribute to Mumtastic about my experience. Read my article at Mumtastic, “Separation Anxiety is a Mum Thing Too” […]

Separation Anxiety… My son gets it too

In a month and a half, my son will be turning 1. It is a monumental occasion, and something that is becoming a big deal in our household. This is for obvious reasons, such as surviving a year of parenthood and our first child growing up before our eyes – […]

Anxiety Affects Adults and Children

Anxiety is the most common mental health concern in Australia, with approximately 1 in 4 people experiencing anxiety at some point in their life. Many people believe Anxiety only affects adults, but that is not true. As a someone who has worked with children in various contexts for over 10 […]

I am the Face of Postnatal Anxiety

I’ve written about my Postnatal Anxiety a few times before, but there is nothing quite as confronting as really owning it by saying “I am the Face of Postnatal Anxiety”. Sure, you put a label on it saying “I have anxiety”, but when you put your face to it, it seems […]

Postnatal Depression and Anxiety

May is Maternal Mental Health Awareness month, so what better month to focus on Postnatal Depression, Anxiety and Psychosis for my Real Mums series. Bloggers around the globe are focusing on PND and PNA as their topics for the month, including this amazing series by the Mommy in Flats called […]