Dear Starfish: 11 Months Old

Dear Starfish, Okay, I literally blinked my eyes and you are now 11 months old. To show how quickly the time has gone, I looked back and realised I missed a letter for your 10 months. It is scary how quickly time is passing us by, with 3 weeks until […]

Dear Starfish: 9 Months Old

        Dear Starfish, My life has irreparably changed since you came into it. You have morphed my life into something I never could have imagined, and I can’t thank you enough for that. You have brought so much love and joy into my life. An unconditional love […]

Dear Starfish: 8 Months Old

Dear Starfish, Somewhere in this month, daddy and I blinked and you turned into a little boy. It’s not just physically – although now you have your top two teeth and some hair, you’re definitely looking more boy-ish! – but it is your whole persona. You are getting more energetic […]

Dear Mummy: I wish I could tell you…

I wrote this post a while ago, when I was having a super tough day. It was a day of struggle, hurt and sadness. In fact, it is fitting I share this post today because it was another tough one this afternoon. Amidst all the chaos, I wondered what my beautiful, […]

Dear Starfish: 7 Months Old

Dear Starfish, Thank you for being patient with me writing this letter. I’m so glad I waited to write it, because your 7th month has been a BIG month for you, and you’ve grown 10 fold since my last letter to you. Every day with you gets better and better, […]

Dear Starfish: 6 Months Old (Valentine’s Day)

Dear Starfish, You are now over 6 months old. You have been on this Earth half a year, so I really should stop saying by now “where has that time gone?” or “how quickly has that been?”. I just need to accept that our time runs quickly (time flies when […]

Dear Starfish: 5 months old

Dear Starfish, Somewhere along the way, I’ve blinked my eyes and you’ve started to grow into a little boy. So many people have said it. Your hair is starting to grow (finally) and you have the cheekiest little boy grin in the world. It would seem my baby boy has […]

Dear Starfish: Four Months Old

  Dear Starfish, OKAY TIME CAN STOP NOW!! You are 1/3 of a year old. We’re in December, and Christmas is less than 3 weeks away. You have grown into such a happy, healthy (albeit chubby!!!) little boy, and we are more and more proud of you each day! I […]

Dear Starfish: Three Months Old

Dear Starfish, This letter is a little late to you, and I just want to say I’m sorry. The reason it is late is because I’ve been busy with starting up my small business. You see, one day when you’re all grown up (but please don’t do this anytime soon!), […]

Starfish’s first Messy Church

As I mentioned earlier, today has been a veeeeeerrrrryyyyy busy day. We have had the poor little man out and about for 8 hours straight, and he’s done so well to not be too cranky. He had some good sleeps on daddy at the expo, and then in the car […]