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Who Is Mumma Morrison?

Hi! I’m Fi Morrison and I am a First-Time Mum and Part-Time Primary School Teacher.  

My blog was created for busy, sleep deprived, slightly-overwhelmed first-time mums, to help them to thrive (rather than just survive) in motherhood! 

about me

Me and My Starfish (Photography by Janelle Keys Photography – http://www.janellekeysphotography.com).

To get a bit of a vibe about who I am, here are some fun facts that you should know (okay, maybe you don’t need to know them, but they’re still fun!):

  • I am married to an awesome guy, and we have one awesome little man Starfish who is almost 1 and a half going on 3 years old!
  • I am a tea-addict, chronic over-sharer, lover of chocolate, Netflixer-binger-er, and in a previous life I enjoyed reading (when there used to be TIME). 
  • My favourite vegetable is Broussel Sprouts, which gets about the same reaction from some people as when I tell them I’m a Mum Blogger!
  • I’m the co-ambassador for Babes + Picnics Sutherland Shire, where we aim to connect mums in our local community with each other, as well as support charities and local businesses.
  • I am a Community Champion for PANDA – an organisation that aims to support mums (and dads) going through Postnatal Depression, Anxiety and Psychosis.
  • I was convinced I was having a girl when I was pregnant, and the shock of having a boy took me a few days to get over!! But now I get to enjoy things like dinosaurs and cars and trucks, and that is a lot of fun!
  • I’m kinda obsessed with the Very Hungry Caterpillar – I have a matching skirt, travel mug and lanyard for school, and my son has a fair few VHC things too….
  • As a part-time teacher, I work Thursdays and Fridays on a Year 2 class. It was a struggle going back to part-time work, but I am slowly adjusting and enjoying being back teaching.

As a first-time mum who went through some struggles in the early days of motherhood, I’m super passionate about helping other mums in the early days and months too. I hope that by sharing a bit of my story, and some products that we absolutely love, it’ll help your day-to-day life as a mother.


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I look forward to chatting with you real soon – I always love hearing from my readers so please don’t hesitate to send me a message or an email at hello@mummamorrison.com. You can also follow me on social media to check out the latest updates and all about what is happening with Starfish and I:

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