My Water Bubs Baby Swimsuit Review 2017

Disclosure: I was provided with the My Water Bubs Baby Swimsuit in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

About the My Water Bubs Baby Swimsuit – Best Learning To Swim Suit

Cost: $49.95

UPF Rating: 50+

Available Sizes: Medium (10-14kg) and Large (14-18kg). Suitable for ages 1 to 3.

Note: Some designs only offer certain sizes

Zippers and buttons: N/A

Material: Nylon and Spandex

Washability: Rinse under cold water

Available Designs: Nautical, Hearts, Pretty in Pink, Polka-Dot, Racing, Shark, Surfing, Zebra.

Other Features:

  • Foam inserts to help give freedom and confidence to children in water*
  • Lightweight and quick drying
  • Easily removable foam inserts
  • Protects delicate skin

Note: Does not replace adult supervision – constant supervision is a must for children. Not for use in boating.

Where you can get it from: My Water Bubs online store

Websites and Socials: WEBSITE // FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM

Our Review of the My Water Bubs Flotation Baby Swimsuit:

Size: Medium (10-14kg)

Design: Nautical Float Suit


The obvious standout for the My Water Bubs baby swimsuit is the foam inserts that help make it a float suit. They are positioned around the torso of the outfit to create buoyancy for children as they enter the water. These foam inserts can be easily removed for swimming and washing purposes.

The float suits come in a range of colours and designs to suit your child’s personality, and are designed with a low neckline (like a tank top) and boy-leg shorts. The size of the My Water Bubs swimsuits is determined by the weight of your child – between a medium (10-14kg) and large (14-18kg).


The float suit from My Water Bubs has been designed to help give children freedom and increasing confidence in the water. The position of the foam inserts around the torso helps keep children buoyant and allows for them to learn strokes and kicking without any restrictions. While Starfish is too young to start learning the proper strokes and kicking style, this swimsuit has helped him become freer in the water. As a water bub himself, he is able to explore his love of water and become more confident while he’s swimming.

While I absolutely love this swimsuit, I’ve found it more practical for the pool than for the beach, largely due to his age. At the beach, he is more keen to walk on the sand or sit and watch the water rather than getting in and playing around. The float suit is a bit large due to the foam inserts, and as a new walker/mover, Starfish found it a bit hard to manoeuvre himself around the beach (occasionally losing his balance, despite the light weight of the inserts). The My Water Bubs float suit suited our family trips to the pool as Starfish could play around in the water with increasing independence.


As I mentioned before, I absolutely love the My Water Bubs float suit. I love that it is unique, and can help Starfish build increasing confidence and independence in the water, which is something he enjoys. I was surprised that the suit cost less than some of the other baby swimsuits in this review, so I definitely think it is worth the money for pool play times and developing bubs’ confidence around water.

Stand out Features:

  • Foam inserts for buoyancy, which can be removed as your child becomes more confident in the water.
  • Lightweight and quick drying spandex and Nylon material.
  • Reasonable price considering what this baby swimsuit has to offer.
  • Multiple gorgeous designs to suit your child’s personality and interests.


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