Infant Friendly Things to See and Do

Over the past month, I’ve FINALLY been able to start taking Starfish out and about to some infant-specific places as he’s become more aware of his surroundings and can crawl and engage a bit more. But I’ve found it really hard to find places he can enjoy at such a young age, especially since he isn’t walking yet. So I’ve compiled a list, with the help of my lovely followers, of places I’d like to take Starfish (as much as is possible) – his (temporary) Bucket List, as it were – and I’ll tick them off as we’re able to go and visit the different places! I’ve tried to include information such as the ages the places will suit (as I’m able) and will update the list often when I can. I’ve included links to other bloggers who have tried and tested infant friendly things to see and do, so you can see their reviews of these places as well!

infant friendly things to see and do

Infant Friendly Things to See and Do

Okay, I may have snuck in a couple of things for primary-aged children because they look really cool, so if you have older children or friends with older kids, make sure you share this with them too!

Across Australia in September

New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory



South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory


Do you have more to add to this list for us? Leave a comment below with the name and state of the venue and I’ll add it on! šŸ™‚ 

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