How to Get Organised: Using a Year Planner

It’s no secret that I love being organised, but I have fallen off the organisational-bandwagon since becoming a mum. Life is hectic and busy, and there isn’t much time for anything. But since sharing some of my time management hacks last week, I decided it was finally time to get back to being organised – especially since I’m juggling teaching, blogging, and a family (not to mention all the other things I do in my ‘free’ time!).

But how? How can I get myself organised again without creating more work for myself?

Do I accrue lists on numerous pieces of paper and try to bundle them altogether? (Guilty).

Do I allow Google Calendar reminders to keep popping up on my computer, or on my phone? (Also guilty).

What I want is a full proof plan to be organised day in, day out, without getting lost or overwhelmed with the crap I pile onto myself (not literally).

Finding the Perfect Life Planner

So I’m a traditional pen and paper type of gal, and I decided I needed to find a planner that works for me. I used to have one when I was teaching full time, but then once I went on maternity leave I figured there was no time for “planning” (because I was breastfeeding and trying to get my boy to sleep!). Fast-forward almost 14 months, and I’m now running a blogging business, working as a teacher part-time and managing life in between! I need a new planner that will help me keep on top of all these things I’m juggling.

When looking for a planner, I wanted something that could do the following things:

  • To-Do Lists
  • Weekly and Monthly Calendars for Overall Planning
  • Goal Setting and things to keep me Accountable
  • Pretty (because if it is pretty, I’ll use it more right?!)

I’ve had some pretty great planners in the past, but when I found The Inspired Yearly Planner, I knew it was the one – we were a match!

year planneryear planner 2(I received the Inspired Yearly Planner for the purpose of this review as part of the Blog Tour at One Love Paper Co. All opinions are my own).

The Inspired Year Planner

The Inspired Year Planner was created by the lovely Kathy from One Love Paper Co. as a way to not only plan tasks for the year, but also set goals and work to achieve them. As a longtime entrepreneur, Kathy understands that passion, purpose and hard work combine to make dreams become a reality. The Inspired Year Planner helps you to work through all of this to make your year successful and joyful.

What is inside the Inspired Year Planner?

Here is a brief Run Down of the Inspired Yearly Planner:

  • It has Monthly tabs running down the side. Mine starts from July this year to June 2018, perfect for when I received it. There is the option for planners starting from Jan-Dec as well.
  • It is full of motivational quotes to keep you going for the year!
  • At the start of the planner are some activities to help you set heart-centered goals. There are instructions and suggested time frames for each of these tasks.
  • There is also a goal-setting challenge to set 3 big/long-term goals for the year.
  • At the start of each QUARTER of the year (July, October, January, April), there are activities for you to focus on your work+life balance, and to set new goals for the 3 months (short-term goals).
  • Each month has a monthly overview, as well as a weekly overview so you can plan your time. These overviews also include space to write down your goals for the month to help you keep focused and motivated to complete them.

year planner 3year planner 4year planner 5

First things first, my planner is just gorgeous! I love the colour combination of the cover and the features throughout, and while it might sound a bit vain, this in itself makes it more useful for me as I’m more inclined to use it. It is filled with motivational quotes, and tasks to help you set goals and work towards achieving them.

At the start of the planner, you are welcomed with an inspirational message to get you ready to start using the planner. There are beginning activities such as recognising your feelings and passions, and creating these into heart-centered goals for the year. These long-term goals are also broken down into short-term goals every 3 months. 

The Inspired Yearly Planner has a calendar for each month so you can plan your time and any outings coming up. Each month also has a weekly calendar to help break up your time – this for me is one of the big things that I needed because I’m juggling so many different areas that I needed a simple and easy way to keep on top of it all. I use diferent colours for each area (because colour coding is amazing and I’m a little OCD like that), so for example the Mumma Morrison blog is dark pink, freelance work is purple, School is dark blue, and my work with Baby Hints and Tips is light blue.

I also love that the planner has a section each quarter to assess your work-life balance. This has obviously been a big thing for me (something that I really need to work on) trying to juggle so many different things. It has given me real perspective on my priorities and my areas for improvement. The best thing about this activity is that on the opposite page is a chance to create 3 short-term goals linked to your answers in the work-life balance, so you have actionable goals to change the things you’re unhappy with. I’m looking forward to seeing how my balance of work and life changes in 3 months’ time.

year planner 6 year planner 7year planner 8

How To Use Your Inspired Year Planner

Now that I have my year planner, it is time I got myself organised for the rest of the year and the start of 2018. Here are some ways I’ve already started using my planner:

  • Firstly, I dedicated TIME to sitting down and completing the activities to help with my overall planning. It has helped me to clarify what I am wanting to do with my blog, work, and life in general, and to write these down for accountability and motivation.
  • I completed the beginning activities to assess my feelings at the moment (unfortunately a lot of negative ones in there due to juggling work and motherhood).
  • Then I assessed and created some heart-centered goals around my dreams (mostly around blogging and being able to work full-time from home).
  • As I mentioned earlier, I used colour-coding throughout the planner so I can see what area or project I am working on, and making sure I am putting the same weighting on each area (where possible or necessary).
  • Using the planner consistently – obviously the main thing with trying to accomplish goals is to maintain them and stay motivated to complete them. So I have been copying my goals onto each week’s calendar so it is there as a reminder to keep me inspired.

year planner 9 year planner 10

Where Can I Get An Inspired Year Planner?

There are a range of gorgeous designs for the Inspired Year Planners that you can choose from, as well as having a planner that starts at the beginning or in the middle of the year. To get your Inspired Year Planner, visit the One Love Paper Co. Site HERE, or their socials here: Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest


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  1. Everything that was mentioned about the inspired year planner makes me think it would be just perfect! I tried doing reminders on my phone and computer but I have always loved pen and paper! This has everything that I need to help me get my life back on track and take accountability! This is not only a want but a need in my life.

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