9 Amazing Nursery Themes That Will Inspire You

Putting together a nursery is an excuse to let your imagination run wild! With other rooms in your house you may have kept it simple but with your baby’s nursery you can really have some fun.

The goal with a nursery is to create a safe and nurturing space for your child that also stimulates their senses. Check out these 9 different nursery theme ideas below if you’re looking for some inspiration.

1. Into the Woods

Bring the great outdoors into your home with a woodland themed nursery. The nature-inspired décor creates a sense of relaxation and woodland creatures make it a magical and child-friendly space.

There are lots of ways to capture the wonder of the woods. Woodland animals vary all over the world so there are lots to choose from. Images of bears, foxes, rabbits, deer, hedgehogs, birds and even racoons would fit right in with the theme. Wallpaper or stick-on decals featuring trees would create the feeling of being in a forest and how about a tree stump side table next to your feeding chair?

2. Monochrome Magic

A monochromatic pallet makes for an incredibly trendy nursery theme. Not only is it stylish, it’s also beneficial as newborn babies love high contrast images. Even as they grow and start to distinguish colours, a monochrome theme is very calming and offers a break from brightly coloured toys.

It’s really simple to achieve the look: Simply opt for black and white furniture and bedding. You can always accessorise with pastel colours or natural wood to bring a bit of warmth into the room. Repeating patterns such as stripes, dots and crosses work really well with this theme. You also can’t forget naturally monochromatic animals such as zebras, pandas and cows.

3. Sweet Treat

This nursery theme is simply delicious! As the name suggests it’s all about the tasty goodies in life. Even though the littlest of bubs won’t be eating any of the things depicted yet, they’ll love looking at them.

It’s a good excuse to use fruity hues, whether they’re bright colours or soft pastels. Watermelons and pineapples are quite popular motifs in the design world and would look great in a nursery themed on sweet treats.

4. Tropical Paradise

On those long days and nights spent settling, feeding and changing a baby you’ll be glad you decorated the nursery with such a serene theme. This is a modern nursery theme but the idea works well.

There’s multiple ways you can achieve a tropical paradise. This can be with beautiful leaves like those from the Monstera plant and palm tree or other greenery like tropical cacti and succulents. Flamingos (or the beautiful pink colour) and toucans create a tropical vibe too. A bold print would work well or if you’re feeling brave a patterned wallpaper.

5. Safari Chic

This wild nursery theme is a classic. Animals from the African Savannah are distinctly recognisable and have been a focal point of many nurseries across the years. The Safari Chic nursery theme takes this idea and couples it with soothing colours to make the overall design a bit mellower.

Lions, zebras, elephants, rhinos and gazelles can all be found in the form of small wooden animals, prints, patterns and textures. There is one thing that seems to stand out as a trend in a safari themed nursery – the giant stuffed giraffe toy!

6. The Mountains are Calling

A mountain themed nursery oozes serenity. The hero piece in this theme would be a mountain mural, which you could use paint or wallpaper to achieve. As well as giving the nursery a gorgeous backdrop it has the ability to make a smaller room look larger by creating the illusion of space.

If a floor to ceiling mural is a bit much for you, try incorporating the theme with mountain shaped cushions and shelves or a framed picture. To add a bit of cuteness to the room, animals such as deer and bears look at home in these surroundings.

7. Beach Baby

This is a nautical nursery with a twist! If you find nothing more relaxing than basking in the warm sun on a beach then this themed nursery may be perfect for your little one. Turquoise blue, golden yellow, crisp white and navy blue come together to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and fresh.

A framed print or printed canvas of the ocean hung on the wall sets the tone. You could incorporate rustic driftwood style furniture and if there’s space you could mount a rowboat oar on the wall!

8. Adventure Anyday 

This theme really captures what most parents want for their children – to adventure and have fun! Transport related imagery like planes, cars, trains and hot air balloons look fantastic in an adventure themed nursery. If you want to instil a love of travelling into your little one put up a map of the world or have a globe on a shelf.

You’re completely free to have fun with this theme. You could use a vintage suitcase as a toy chest, cover an old cupboard with pages from a map book or use prints inspired by exotic locations around the world.

9. Rawr Goes the Dinosaur

Dinosaurs don’t have to be scary! They can make an adorable and unique nursery theme. You can play around with different silhouettes of dinosaurs and use an array of colours such as green, blue, purple and red. When creating your little dino’s cave, don’t forget to think about the habitat and bring in some natural textures and colours that mimic leaves, trees and grass.

Plastic toy dinosaurs that have been spray-painted in bold or pastel colours make cute ornaments or they can be made into wall hooks or cupboard drawer pulls. Terrariums designed to look like miniature prehistoric habitats would be a fantastic addition to a decorative shelf.

No matter how you choose to style your baby’s nursery, it truly is a labour of love. It’s a room where you will smile, laugh, cry and everything else in between!

What are you planning for your baby’s nursery? x

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