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As a primary school teacher, I know a lot about the development of children. I understand there are different elements to it (such as their language development, physical and cognitive development, as well as their social and emotional development), and I know that there are different ways to support a child’s development. So when I had my son a year ago, I was pretty gung-ho about supporting him to grow. The problem was, however, my understanding of baby development isn’t quite as adept as my knowledge of older children, and I was left feeling overwhelmed – and quite deflated – about what I was actually meant to do. I Googled and Googled “support baby’s development” to find something that I could use to help my son learn. I remember spending those early days, weeks and months, sitting next to my son and the floor and wondering what I could, or should, be doing to help him develop. Besides tummy time, we weren’t told much by health care professionals. So when I came across the Kinedu app early on (and signed up for their free trial), I was so excited by the endless possibilities it presented to us.

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Introducing the Kinedu App

Kinedu is a phone app (also accessible on the computer) that assesses your child’s current abilities, and offers age and developmentally appropriate activities you can do at home to help them continue their growth. The app starts by asking you a series of questions based on the four main areas of development: Physical, Cognitive, Linguistic and Social & Emotional Development. They provide a graph of your child’s development so you can see their strengths and areas for growth, and the Kinedu app then creates a personalised plan of activities based on these results.

Kinedu aims to foster a child’s natural propensity for the learning by utilising the important interactions between children and their parents or caregivers. Kinedu knows that the first 4 years are the most vital in terms of children’s brain development, and have developed their app to maximise every child’s potential for growth.

Kinedu comes with two subscription options – a Premium (paid) version and a “Freemium” (free) version. As a freemium user, parents have access to:

  • The Daily Activity Plan: 1 activity + 1 article each day (plus another activity if you share the activity of the day);
  • Catalogue: Free access to all the articles written by experts (activity catalogue is locked for Freemium users);
  • Progress Section: Access to progress information for 2 developmental areas (all areas are unlocked if you are a premium user);
  • Milestone Section: Access to read about the milestones is available to Freemium members (the “learn more” section with related activities is unlocked for premium users only).

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Daily Activity Plans to Support Baby’s Development

Kinedu creates a daily activity plan of up to 4 activities you can do with your baby each day. Some require preparation (gathering materials), which you can view ahead of time to adequately prepare for the activities. When you open the app to a new day, it presents you with a “mission statement” for the daily activities (what your baby will be able to achieve), and a list of the activities to complete. These activities clearly indicate what area of development they are covering as they are colour-coded for the 4 developmental areas.

For each activity, there is a video to demonstrate how to complete the task, as well as handy hints and tips of what to look for during the activity. Each activity has a specific aim for supporting your baby’s development. Once you have marked an activity as completed (the green button below the video), you will be prompted with a couple of questions regarding your child’s involvement in the activity, such as if they were able to do certain things during the task. This information is used to update your child’s developmental record, and further enhance the personalisation of activities (so cool, right?!).

Besides the daily activity plans, Kinedu also provides valuable information to parents regarding their child’s growth and development, including health information (teething, feeding, sleeping), helpful articles and recipes. You can also document your child’s weight and height on the app’s growth charts, keeping this information all in the one place (rather than trying to grab out their blue book every second day like I was once doing!).

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All new parents have a concern for their children reaching their milestones. We want to know that our children are achieving their expected outcomes – we want what is best for them! However it can be hard knowing what they should be doing, besides the standard rolling, crawling and walking our health professionals tell us about. But what about their Cognitive, Social/Emotional or Language Development? They’re a bit less clear. Well Kinedu has developed a bank of milestones that your baby can work towards achieving at their current age.

On the app, you can click Milestones to find a list of milestones your child is working towards. You can click the “learn more” button to find more information as well as related activities to help develop this milestone (for Premium users only). This milestone list helps parents know what to expect (what is coming up!) for their child and how they can support their development.

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My Experience of Kinedu

As a teacher, I pretty much love everything about Kinedu. I love that it provides “lesson plans”, including a how-to video for each activity and the materials required to complete the task. I love that it uses a survey to find out about each individual child and then customizes the daily activity plan based on your child’s developmental needs.

Ultimately what Kinedu gives me is confidence. I was worried about Starfish’s physical development early on, as he took his time to crawl properly and pull himself up on furniture. However through the Kinedu app, I was able to practice a range of activities with him that focused on his physical development, and have helped him to grow in these areas. As his physical development was lower than his other areas of development, the Daily Activity Plan was customized to include more Physical tasks (without removing any of the other areas of development for him to practice). Now when we get up for each day, I have a plan of what Starfish and I can do during our time together, with the mutual benefit of being fun and helping him grow. I’ve also found it has really helped grow our bond as we have a lot of laughs during our activities.

This was Starfish participating in the activity “Animal Sounds II”. We had to hide 3 different animals under cups of the same shape/size. As he pulled the cups off we made the sound of the animal under the cup and reinforced the name of the animal. He is still learning how to grasp this concept!

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Stamp of Approval and Giveaway!

The Kinedu App is one of the best apps I have come across as a new mother, and one I highly recommend to all my mum friends. It includes a lot of the information mums need to help their little one navigate their first few years of life, and it provides me with confidence and assurance that my son is able to achieve his developmental milestones. Kinedu is definitely a product that gets my Stamp of Approval!

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To get your hands on the Kinedu App and to learn more about it, visit their website HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

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When I first had my son and watched him grow, I wanted to find ways to support his development and help him to become the best little man he could be. The catch is finding good quality, easy-to-prepare activities that are also engaging for Bub as well as yourself. I came across Kinedu when my son was 2 months old and found the activities and information awesome. . I have partnered up with Kinedu to give one lucky mum and her Bub a FREE one-month Premium Access Account to enjoy all the benefits of Kinedu! To enter: • Follow @mummamorrison and @kinedu • Like this post • Tag 2 Mumma friends who would love this app! . Giveaway ends Friday, 25th August at 7.30pm, winner announced shortly after. This giveaway is open to Australian residents over 18 years. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram. . If you’d like to see why we love Kinedu, check out my review on the blog {link in bio} . . . . . #mummyblogger #mommyblogger #momlife #mumofboys #momofboys #mumsofinstagram #momsofinstagram #motherhood #parentingblog #parentingblogger #parenthood #newmum #mumswithcameras #newborn #pregnancyblog #mumstyle #instamum #instamom #boymom #unitedinmotherhood #motherhoodisthebestlife #ig_motherhood #dailyparenting #mummasphere #pbloggers #mum_hub #bestofmom

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(I received 2 months of Premium Access free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

About Fi Morrison

Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.


  1. This is a fascinating app, and a great one for parents who want to actively support their children’s development! And look how your little one is growing… Goodness, he is just so cute… Anyhow, back to the app! Did you notice any drawbacks at all?

  2. That’s a really really great App! I wish I had that when mine were really little. I also struggled at the beginning, not knowing what to do to help them develop. Thanks for letting us know about it!

    • No problem, I’m glad you can find it now – it goes up for many years so can help them through all their major milestones 🙂

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