Starfish’s 1st Birthday Party

We officially made it! Starfish survived a year of being alive, and hubby and I survived a year of being parents! And what a rollercoaster ride of a year it has been this past year! We can hardly believe that it has been a full year since our little cheeky bundle of joy has joined us, and yet here we are. Despite having started the planning for his 1st birthday party a couple of months ago (as we had NO doubt what theme we would choose!), the actual set-up was a bit of a nightmare due to starting back at work and going on holidays. However, it couldn’t have been possible without the help of some absolutely gorgeous businesses that helped us put together an amazingly ROARsome 1st birthday party! So if you’re looking for some ideas for your little one’s 1st birthday party, I’m going to share with you what we put together, and some beautiful businesses that can help you out!

(I received all of these products – with the exception of the birthday invitations – for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

Party Decor – This Little Party

When hubby and I were trying to plan Starfish’s 1st birthday party, we told ourselves we wanted to keep it “small”. He is obviously not going to remember the day, so we didn’t want to go over the top in the planning or decorations. I was super thankful to have met the lovely Lisa from The Little Party, who helped me in organising most of the decor for Starfish’s party. She was super lovely to work with, and she made sure she knew exactly what we wanted by keeping communication open the whole time. We worked through a Pinterest group board to make sure she knew the style and feel we were looking for (as we live in different states). 

Lisa made a gorgeous leaf garland to go above the cake table, as well as a gorgeous tassel garland to go on the front. She sent through a variety of balloons, including our golden “ROAR” letters, a BIG Confetti balloon (with streamer tail) and bunches of balloons to go around the house. I loved that all the decor was ready to go (she sent everything to us), and all I needed to organise was some ribbon/string and the helium tank for the balloons. I have learnt that confetti balloons can be a hassle to inflate and get to work (our static situation wasn’t great until halfway through the party!!), so maybe getting it blown up at a party shop would be best!

We had the majority of our decor focused on the cake table, which was provided by This Little Party, as it helped us to keep the theme low-key and not over the top. All of the decor that Lisa provided for us was perfect, and we got so many compliments about how amazing it all looked together! If you’d like to chat to Lisa about your baby’s 1st birthday party (or any birthday party/function for that matter!), you can visit her website HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.

Pompom Dinosaurs – Inc & Paper Creative

With most of the decor complete, I couldn’t go past these gorgeous pompom dinosaurs when I came across them from Inc & Paper Creative! Kerryn lovingly hand makes the head and leg/tail parts, and sent them through along with the un-puffed pompoms. I had a big lesson in patience and fluffing, but became a pro after I put up the 4 dinosaurs. The head, legs and tails are all attached using double sided tape, which also took a little bit of time trying to line up correctly on the tissue paper (and making sure it was all in line with where the head sat, etc). I thought it was clever that there was some half-cut straw on the back of the heads, which could be used to feed through the clear string and keep the heads in place. These pompom dinosurs made a great addition to the decor from This Little Party, and helped bring alive our Dino Theme. I also love that these can be kept for many weeks/months (years?) to come as decor in his dinosaur-themed bedroom. 

Kerryn has offered an amazing deal for Mumma Morrison followers valid until the end of the year!! You can get 25% off any purchase over $15 with the discount code: POMOSAURUS. If you’d like to look at some Pompom props for your 1st birthday party or event (they have Disney Princesses, people!!), check out Kerryn’s Etsy store HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.

Birthday Board – Cub and Castle

Obviously a first birthday is a very momentous occasion (moreso than we first realised!), and so when I came across this gorgeous business by my lovely friend Sian, I just simply could NOT refuse! Cub and Castle offer personalised birthday boards and name prints (amongst other things), and Sian was so lovely in talking with me about the information to put n Starfish’s 1st Birthday Board. She even personalised the Stegosaurus on the board to match Starfish’s favourite Soft Toy! As someone who is extremely sentimental, I know that we will keep this birthday board for many, many years to come to remind us of Starfish’s childhood – his favourite things to eat, what he is able to do and say, and what he loves (like dancign and books). To me, this birthday board embodies who he has grown into, and it is something I will cherish forever. I think the Birthday Board is a great way for family and friends to learn a bit more about the birthday boy (or girl) as well, making it a beautiful decor item. But it could also make a great birthday present, so make sure you check out the Cub and Castle Facebook page HERE or Instagram HERE to order today!

Invitations and Party Favour Seals – Bright Star Kids

Prior to Starfish’s 1st birthday party, I think I greatly underappreciated invitations (and especially party favour seals) as a part of the overall birthday theme. I never put much thought into what they should look like, until it came time to plan a 1st birthday party of my own. I was so excited to come across the awesome invitations and party favour seals from Bright Star Kids, which matched in design and could both be completely personalised to suit Starfish’s party. The invitations were also very reasonably priced, considering they were fully customisable, were printed on cardstock and included magnets on the back. I loved that we could get matching party bag seals, which added to the overall decor of the cake table, and reminded our lovely guests of the Dino-riffic time they had at Starfish’s party! To check out the range of personalised invitations and party favour seals (as they have LOTS of different designs), visit the Bright Star Kids’ website HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.

I didn’t put up a copy of our invitation only because it contained too many personal details, however you can see the template for the Dinosaur invitation design HERE.

Birthday Cake – Cake 2 The Rescue

Of course, the Piece de Resistance (the icing on the cake as it were, ha!), was the cake. I’m not a big baker, but I wanted to make Starfish’s birthday cake personally. Growing up, my dad used to make our birthday cakes from a Woman’s Weekly recipe book. He had some simply stunning creations – a treasure chest that was actually half open with chocolate gold coins inside was my personal favourite. I subconsciously hoped that I would be able to pull something off half as good as he did, and luckily with the help of Cake 2 The Rescue, I could! Cake 2 The Rescue have put together a wide range of cake kits to suit any 1st birthday party theme. They send you literally everything you’ll need to make your cake (except the cake tin and perishables) and in-depth details on how to make the cake. I’ve created a video of how the cake was put together HERE.

Cake 2 The Rescue has offered an amazing $5 discount to all Mumma Morrison followers until the 31st August, using the codeword found in my tutorial post here. Visit their website HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE to get this incredible deal.

The birthday party was a crazy, hectic, fun-filled day. Starfish had lots of fun and laughs, and a massive post-party nap. All our family and friends told us about the wonderful time they had at the Dinosaur themed-party, and it was thanks to these different businesses who made our little man’s 1st birthday party the most special day!

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Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.


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