Pampers Simply Dry Nappies: The Great Australian Nappy Review 2017

Pampers Simply Dry Nappies 2

Pampers Simply Dry Nappies- The Most Affordable Nappy

Disclosure: We were provided with the Pampers Simply Dry Nappies to trial in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own. Each nappy brand has been trialled for four days to treat each brand consistently.

About Pampers Simply Dry Nappies:

Sizes Available: Size 4-Simply Dry Maxi (7-18kg), Size 4+ Simply Dry Maxi Plus (9-20kg), Size 5- Simply Dry Junior (11-25kg), Size 6- Simply Dry Extra Large (16+ kg)

Design: Greeny/blue colour with cartoon prints

Cost for the Simply dry nappies: 74 pack =$33.50 (.45/nappy)

Cost Per Nappy: 45 cents per nappy

Material: Information Available on the Website

Where to Buy: From their website HERE

Features: Extra-Dry Layer, size fitting fastening system.

Other Products: Nappies, Wipes, Change Mats, Bed Mats, Pull Up Pants, Underjams, Gift Vouchers, and sample packs

Website and Social Media: Website, Facebook 

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Review of the Pampers Simply Dry Nappies:

Note: For each of the nappies in this review, both Amanda and Fi trialled them with their sons (for their profiles and an idea of how the nappies sat with each child, read Amanda’s Profile HERE and Fi’s Profile HERE). We used the Pampers Simply Dry Size 4 Maxi for this review.

How does it fit?

As another thin nappy from Pampers, the Simply Dry nappies easily moved and fit around Starfish’s big legs. There were no issues with it being too tight due to the large weight range of the nappy (7-18kg).

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How long does it last?

This nappy was the one we had the most leakages with, considering our boy is not a heavy wetter. We had a couple of poo explosions and two leakages with this nappy, so unfortunately I would say not long enough (especially if you have a heavy wetter/soiler).

Is it good during the daytime and overnight?

I would have to say this nappy is best during the daytime for a short amount of time (for one sleep-feed-wake cycle) if your child is not a heavy wetter/soiler.

Pampers Simply Dry Nappies 5

What is the value like? Is it worth the cost?

This nappy is actually the cheapest in terms of cost per nappy, however due to the leakages I would be looking to spend a bit more money on a different nappy (such as the Pampers Baby Dry) to save on Napisan and clothes washing.

Is it easy to put on and take off?

I found the tabs of the Pampers Simply Dry nappies to be a bit fickle and actually tear off a couple of times. Not ideal with a baby who can be particularly fussy during some change times.

Pampers Simply Dry Nappies 4

Are they easy to dispose of?

With the other thin nappies in this review, the thinner nappies are more difficult to roll up and dispose of (especially if there’s poo) as they don’t hold their shape as well. 

Summary of the Pampers Simply Dry Nappies:

In all honesty, the Pampers Simply Dry Nappies were my least favourite in the review, as they were the ones that leaked the most and I had issues a couple of times with the tags ripping off (even my dad did too when he was babysitting Starfish). I think the Pampers Baby Dry are a much better option to look for in the Pampers range. However if you are looking for an affordable option of nappy (as babies are expensive!), then the Pampers Simply Dry are one of the cheapest in our review.

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Pampers Simply Dry Nappies

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