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When I was pregnant, I was excited about my growing belly and keen to find beautiful clothes to wrap around it. However since I became a new mum, I swear I have never felt more drab in all my life. My post-baby weight has been here to stay, and I struggle to find nursing wear that I feel comfortable or happy in. I know this conundrum is the same for a lot of mummas, and we’re all just DYING to find some gorgeous clothes to make us feel better about chasing around children all day – am I right?!

So I was pretty chuffed when I was approached by Glama Mama to check out their range of maternity and nursing wear (obviously I’m just checking out the nursing range for now because, not preggers). I was blown away by the stunning range of dresses and tops they had on offer – so much so that I couldn’t decide what I wanted to try! I asked hubby for some feedback, which I then declined (such a woman!), and chose the two items that were stand outs for me.

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(I received the Origami Short Maternity Dress and Tropical Summer Maternity Top for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

The Tropical Summer Maternity Top

Yes yes, I know – I said I wasn’t preggers, but this top was so pretty I just had to try it (and can save for a much later date!). Just to clarify – DEFINITELY NOT PREGNANT. This top was just beautiful! I loved that the Tropical Summer Maternity Top was light with pops of pink, and looked like a flattering top for my physique.

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First Impressions

When I opened the bag to look at the top, I was a bit surprised that the pink was much brighter in person than it was on the website. However, as it is only in sections on the shirt (rather than the entire shirt), it wasn’t a major issue. In fact, I constantly receive compliments every time I wear this shirt – it really is a stand out for everyone!

I love that the shirt is double layered – with a sheer top layer – as this gives it the room it needs when you are pregnant and have a growing belly. I also love the scoop neckline, as I found that very flattering to wear for my body shape. The Tropical Summer Maternity Top is made from a combination of polyester (70%) and viscose (30%).

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Styling The Tropical Maternity Summer Top

I found the Tropical Summer Maternity Top suited my white pants best, even though the light palette of the top would also suit darker pants. With the neon pink of the flowers in the shirt, these stand out much brighter against the lighter pants. I styled this outfit with my light brown flats and natural Jude Nappy Bag.

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Origami Short Maternity Dress

Pre-Starfish, I was an avid dress fan. I loved wearing a dress almost every day of the week, especially at work or for social outings. As I grew bigger when I was pregnant with Starfish, I favoured maxi dresses or flattering tight dresses (I’m not usually a fan of tight fitting clothes due to my generous rolls…). However since having my son, I haven’t been able to wear a dress – hardly ever – because most are not nursing friendly (or are just plain fiddly). I remember a horrific experience I had of trying to get a spaghetti strap from my maxi dress over my shoulder to feed Starfish at a café… needless to say, it was just awful!

Finding a business that makes stylish, comfortable and practical nursing dresses has been an amazing find for me! I was keen to give one of the dresses a try, and I loved the neutral tones of the Origami Short Dress. The dress is designed with a mini top layer that goes just over the bust (with a drawstring at the bottom), which can be lifted to gain access for baby’s milk supply. It is made from 80% cotton, 16% polyester and 4% elastane, making it easy to maneuver around the curves!

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First Impressions

When I first put the Origami Short Dress on, I thought it was a bit tighter fitting than I had imagined it would be based off the model on the website. I would encourage ladies to triple check the size guide to make sure they choose the right size (I am a lazy online shopper and I sometimes assume that a medium or large in one shop will be the same for another, which it isn’t). It took the second time wearing the dress for me to feel more comfortable and happy in the garment. However my husband really liked it and encouraged me to keep wearing it.

I found that as it was slightly tighter fitting than I had imagined, it did ride up a bit when I sat down in it. However if I had been more prepared in looking at the size guide and choosing the correct sizing (maybe a size up), this would not be an issue. It was also a little fiddly to put on (as the top layer is almost a separate garment to the rest of the dress, so you are essentially putting your arms into two sets of arm holes). However, a couple of goes of putting it on and it all becomes automated – and really, for the sake of extra practicality, and the fact the dress is really pretty, I’m not overly fussed on the extra effort to put the dress on!

Overall I absolutely love the style – the top layer with the drawer string is gorgeous and adds a touch of elegance to the design. I am also a fan of paper planes/birds patterns (and this origami crane design incorporates both beautifully!).

Lastly – the practicality of the dress. It is nursing wear after all, and I wanted to make sure I could use it for breastfeeding, now with Starfish and in the future as well! The top panel covers the main dress, which appears to be more of a spaghetti strap sort of design. Once the top panel is pulled up, the dress can easily be pulled down to make nursing easy for you and bub. I found it really easy to feed Starfish with the dress on, which is another great feature of this nursing wear dress (and reduces my anxiety of feeding in public if needed)!

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Styling the Origami Short Maternity Dress

With the neutral greyish green tone of the dress, I found that I could easily style it with other neutral colours such as my (current fav!) oversized Caramel-coloured? Emerson cardi. This outfit also suited well with my brown flats (these are the staple of my wardrobe!), to keep it looking casual – the perfect outfit going into spring! If I was going to go out, I would pair the Origami Short Maternity Dress with some black leggings or stockings and my wedge boots, as well as my black jacket to keep cool in the Winter weather.

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Stamp Of Approval

For all the pregnant women and new mummas out there who are looking for stylish, comfortable and practical clothing out there – LOOK NO MORE. Glama Mama has the gorgeous pieces you need to fill your wardrobe and help you feel beautiful as a new mum. Glama Mama’s range definitely gets my Stamp of Approval!

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To check out the full range that Glama Mama has to offer, visit their website HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

Stay beautiful mummas – make sure that you feel happy and confident in yourselves (even if it is in sweatpants!) xx


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About Fi Morrison

Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.


  1. The origami dress looks gorgeous on you!!! The style fits you really well and is so flattering! Definitely a good choice. 🙂 xxx

  2. You look staning in both outfits but I must say I just love that origami dress! I remember what pain in my butt it was to find something cure and good looking to wear I’ve exhaused all my options and It was really frustrating.
    So, I’m glad you found something that you love!

    • Aww thanks lovely, that is so nice of you! Yes It was incredibly frustrating in the early days while I was still feeding every couple of hours, I was worried about leaving the house because I couldn’t feed him without taking most of my clothes off!

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