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(I received a Milk Genie Breast Pump for the Purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

I only realised recently that I have never really shared much of my breastfeeding story on the blog. This is not intentionally, I’m just a bit more of a reserved person. I’ve written about using a cover out in public while feeding in the early months of my son’s life, and I’ve also written for other sites about the breastfeeding essentials I have used to help in feeding my son. But there has been one item I’ve used since my son was 4 weeks old that I couldn’t have done without, and that was my breast pump.

Shortly after Starfish was born, my husband and I attempted to adjust to the demands of a newborn baby. I found the constant feedings to be tiring and overwhelming, but it also enhanced our bond as we spent more time together during feeds. My husband wanted to be a part of this experience as much as possible, so we decided that when Starfish was 4 weeks old, I would start expressing so that my husband could feed him a bottle of expressed milk before bed. This became a huge part of his bed time routine; and in turn, this became a massive part of my night time routine, as I would have to express every night before I went to bed to get enough milk for the following night.

I won’t go into too much detail about that (I’ll save that for another post!), but getting our hands on a breast pump was one of the best choices we ever made. Of course, so early on we went via friends’ recommendations. However, I recently got my hands on the amazing Milk Genie Breast Pump from Pumpables, and all I can say is I wish I had it 11 months ago!

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The Milk Genie Breast Pump

The Milk Genie Breast Pump is a portable, electric breast pump that comes with many features. On opening the box, there are 4 separate boxes inside that contain numerous accessories to help ensure the Milk Genie is the right breast pump for you.

Obviously to start with, it includes a rechargeable battery. For me, this is already a massive pro for the Milk Genie as my previous pump used normal batteries (which died after a few uses) or a cord that meant I was stuck near a power point every evening! The battery didn’t take long to charge at all, meaning it was ready to go soon after I got it. To charge the battery, the Milk Genie main pump/pack connects to the power point with a power adapter. The power adapter actually comes with 4 different connectors to suit different power point sockets, which is always handy especially if you are travelling and would like to take your breast pump with you (I know several new mums who have done big overseas trips with a newborn – so if this is you and you’d like to take a breast pump with you, this is something to consider!).

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Assembling the Milk Genie

Inside the two large side boxes are all the bits and pieces to add to the breast pump – the tubing, tubing connectors, 3x breast shields (of different sizes), backflow protectors, valves, connectors, bottles, bottle caps, soft flow teats, bottle necks, and bottle sealing discs. As the Milk Genie can be used as a single or double breast pump, each of the above accessories comes in double (each box contains a whole set of these accessories to help you breastfeed one side).

The first thing I noticed when opening these accessory boxes was that there were a LOT of pieces, and some of them were not connected – meaning I had to put bits and pieces together. This was a little daunting, especially as the user manual came in a PDF form, so I had a couple of hours wait until I could read the instructions to put it together. However following the instructions was straight forward, and the manual is put together well to help cover all the essential information (and while I was a bit hesitant initially about having a soft copy user manual, it is actually in an A4 format which is larger and easier to read than most instruction guides!). In fact, the Milk Genie Manual has a range of information including milk storage and how to choose the right size of breast shield, which I found very helpful.

The Milk Genie Breast Pump has numerous components that click together to ensure the pump is ready for use. Again, while it looks complicated sitting in the box, once the instructions are on hand it is very easy to put together and have ready to go. The tubing is quite long, which was surprisingly handy if I needed to quickly move to pick something up (or sort out a fussy baby), while leaving the breast pump sitting on the bench or lounge. It is easy to attach the tubing to the pump, and even easier to make it a double pump by attaching the second tubing.

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Using the Milk Genie

The Milk Genie Breast Pump has 4 buttons on the front, making it easy to use and adjust. It comes with an on/off button, as well as buttons to increase or decrease the suction, and a mode button to change between a ‘massage’ function and a ‘expressing’ function (once you have had your let down and the milk is flowing). There are also options to set your preferences in the memory of the pump, making it easy to come back each pumping session and have the pump ready to go based on your preferences (neat, huh?!).

Another favourite feature of mine with the Milk Genie Breast Pump is that it is a lot quieter than I was expecting – many breast pumps can be loud and intimidating. However, the discreet sound of this breast pump makes it a lot easier for me to consider taking it with me – for example when I needed to pump on my Balanced Babes Retreat in March (and everyone made comment about how loud my pump was… awkward!). It also has a light backlight, making it easy to see the functions and settings in the dark, like when I’m watching Netflix and pumping before bedtime!

With the option of 3 different breast shields, it was great to know that the Milk Genie could be customised to suit my needs. As I have a large cup size, I need a larger shield size and so it is awesome that the Pumpables breast pump offers that to mums. They have an in-depth guide on how to know which size is right for you, and it also shows that they care about new mothers – ensuring that the breast pump is a comfortable fit for you and doesn’t cause pain or injury.

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The Verdict?

Using the Milk Genie now that my son is 1 year old and down to two feeds (morning and night), I wasn’t able to pump as much milk as I used to when he was 4 weeks old and feeding every couple of hours. This made it hard to compare to my previous pump in terms of how much milk I could express. However, I love love LOVE the range of functions the Milk Genie Breast Pump has to offer – as a double breast pump (rather than my previous single pump, which would waste at least an hour of my time each night!), plus with more options in terms of the amount of suction it can do. Adding to that the ability to choose a breast shield to suit my size, and the fact that it has a rechargeable battery to make it more portable, and I definitely prefer this breast pump over my previous one. It will be my new best friend come the next time around if we have a second baby.

Stamp of Approval

I have loved using the Milk Genie Breast Pump and will definitely be keeping it for later use as I think it is a super handy breast pump, plus it is superb in terms of value (looking at its price and what it does, compared to some other brands). The Milk Genie Breast Pump definitely gets my Stamp of Approval.

To purchase a Milk Genie Breast Pump, visit the Pumpables website HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.

What is the number one thing you look for in a breast pump? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I’m glad you got to give it a try! I love my Milk Genie pump, and it makes me feel really happy to see reviews from other breastfeeding mums sharing experiences that match my own 🙂

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