The Great Australian Nappy Review 2017 – Overview

After launching a couple of successful reviews over the last few months (for Winter Baby Sleeping Bags and Nappy Bags), I was asked by the lovely Amanda at Mummy Confessions if I’d be interested in collaborating on a Australian Nappy Review. I thought this was such an awesome idea, because nappies are an absolute staple in all households and new mums can be inundated with options of which ones to choose.

Australian Nappy Review 1Australian Nappy Review

In setting off on this Great Australian Nappy Review (2017), there are of course some things to mention:

  • This review only contains brands we were able to get in contact with to work with. We understand there are lots of other brands out there and we hope to include them in the future (if you’d like to include your brand of nappy in the review, please email me at
  • This review only includes disposable nappies. Unfortunately cloth nappies weren’t able to be included in the scope of this review due to time restraints.
  • As with most reviews, Amanda’s and my opinions are a personal reflection of our experiences and may not be the same for all mums. We have included a profile of our children in our overviews (see below) so that you understand our context in using each of these nappies. For example, both our babies are boys and unfortunately the use of the nappies might be different for girls.
  • Due to the nature of this day and age, I did not feel comfortable putting up photos of my son in nappies on the internet (I’ve heard too many scary stories!). I’ve tried to include as much detail as possible about hwo they fit him, and included images of the nappies from different angles to show different elements. There are NO images of poo or wee (cause, gross). The profile below should also tell you a bit about Starfish to help with understanding our use of nappies.

Included below is a profile of my son, Starfish, and an overview table of the nappies/brands included in The Great Australian Nappy Review (2017). I also include a summary of the nappy we have decided to keep using following our experiences from the review.

The Test Subject: Starfish

Australian Nappy Review 3

Sex: Boy
Weight: 10.8kg
Height: 79cm
Build: Very chunky with gorgeous thigh and arm rolls (and a big tummy!)
Sleeping Through The Night: Yes, with the occasional waking from teething, etc (no nappy changes through the night).
Mobility: Crawling on hands and knees, pulling himself up on furniture and landing back down on nappy bum.
Eating: Likes to eat almost anything. Breastfed twice a day (morning and night), milk and water in between. Favourite foods are Banana Pancakes, Blueberries and Peanut Butter on Toast.
Changeability: Whingey but doesn’t squirm or roll TOO much during changes (does like to stick his hands down there though….)
Nappy Habits: Generally only does one poo a day, during the early/mid morning period. 
Health Info: Starfish gets mild eczema particuarly on his lower back where the top of the nappy sits (meaning we need to look for a nappy that does not agitate his skin).

Overview of Nappies in The Great Australian Nappy Review

Below is an overview of the brands involved in The Great Australian Nappy Review. Each nappy has an individual review (links to both Amanda’s and my reviews are in the table, and buttons are also below for my individual reviews). 

Brand:Size:Cost:Where to Buy:Features:Mumma Morrison's Review:Mummy Confession's Review:
BabyLove Cosifit NappiesToddler (9-14kg)36-44 cents per nappyWoolworths, Coles, Baby Bunting, Pharmacies, Select RetailersAdvanced red mark and leakage protection, wetness indicator on newborn/infant sizes, sizing indicators and more.HEREHERE
BabyLove Nappy PantsToddler (10-15kg)48-61 cents per nappyBaby Bunting, Chemist Warehouse, Babies R Us, Selected RetailersDrywave Tech, 360 degree stretchy waist, 12 hour protection and more.HEREHERE
Bambo Nature NappiesMaxi- Size 4 (7-18kg)71-80 cents per nappyHello Charlie Website or Selected RetailersEco Nappy, Hypoallergenic, size indicator, recyclable by a special nappy recycler and more.HEREHERE
Ecoriginals NappiesToddler (10-15kg)59 - 66 cents per nappyEco Originals Website and Selected RetailersHypoallergenic, Up to 5 times more breathable, 100% compostable packagingHEREHERE
Huggies Ultimate NappiesToddler (10-15kg)57 cents per nappyWoolworths, Coles, Pharmacies, Selected RetailersBreathe Dry Cover to prevent nappy rash, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, back waistband pocket and more.HEREHERE
Huggies Ultimate Nappy PantsToddler Nappy Pants (9-14kg)59 cents per nappyWoolworths, Coles, Pharmacies, Selected RetailersEast to pull on style, dry touch layer, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, and more.HEREHERE
Mater NappiesToddler - Size 4 (10-15kg)52 - 58 cents per nappyMater Mothers Website and Selected RetailersFast super absorbent core with three layers, leak protection, smooth waistband and strong resealable tabs.HEREHERE
Pampers Active Fit NappiesSize 4- Active Fit Maxi (7-18kg)62 cents per nappyPampers WebsiteDriest nappy of Pampers range and 20% thinner, Revolutionary Dry Max Core and more.HEREHERE
Pampers Baby Dry NappiesSize 4 Baby Dry Maxi (8-16kg)46 cents per nappyPampers WebsiteDouble Dry-Zones, Soft, Stretchy Sides, Up to 12 hours overnight dryness and more.HEREHERE
Pampers Simply Dry NappiesSize 4-Simply Dry Maxi (7-18kg)45 cents per nappyPampers WebsiteExtra-Dry Layer, Size fitting fastening systemHEREHERE
Thankyou Baby NappiesMover and Shaker - Toddler (10-15kg)40-46 cents per nappyBaby Bunting, Coles, Woolworths, Thankyou websiteHypoallergenic, enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, super absorbent core and more. HEREHERE

Mumma Morrison’s Nappy of Choice

As you might gather as you read through my reviews, a lot of the nappies worked really well for us. We had minimal leakages (until recently, with Starfish’s body going haywire!) as Starfish is not usually a heavy wetter or soiler. We found many of the nappies fit snuggly around Starfish’s gorgeously chubby physique, and were relatively easy to get on and take off. So choosing just ONE nappy for us to keep using in the future was a bit difficult, however we (hubby and I) made our choice and I’ll explain below. From now on we will be using the Thankyou Baby Nappies for the following reasons:

  • Their NEW design means they are protected from leakages;
  • They contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which are gentler on Starfish’s skin (no agitation for his eczema);
  • Thankyou have an amazing mission aiming to support families in developing countries, which I am passionate about;
  • These nappies are easy to get on and take off with minimal fuss and less chance of mess spreading.

So there you have it – Thankyou Baby Nappies were our personal choice of nappy (although there are so many other great choices as you’ll read about). Check out an awesome Giveaway I have running on my Facebook page below from Thankyou Baby – worth $100.96!

Check out which Nappy Amanda chose for her Little Prince HERE.

To check out the Individual Nappy Reviews, click the buttons below:

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About Fi Morrison

Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.



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