Mumma Loves: 5 Reasons to Take your Child to Symbio

(We received free Family entry to Symbio Wildlife Park for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

Two weeks ago was Starfish’s 1st birthday. So much preparation, thought and emotion went into this huge milestone (including his birthday party!). And then, in the blink of an eye, it has already passed. The past 2 weeks have been so full on, that we haven’t had much time to stop and reflect on all that has happened, including perhaps one of the most exciting days of all – how we actually celebrated Starfish’s 1st birthday.

We wanted to try and do something fun that the whole family could enjoy, so we decided to visit Symbio Wildlife Park for the day. We heard that there was a lot to do, and that it was especially great for little children (as there really is no point taking a 1-year-old to Taronga Zoo or the Aquarium).

So why should you consider taking your younger child/ren to Symbio?

Symbio Wildlife Park 33

1. Great Interaction with the Animals

At Symbio, we had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the animals, for example the Kangaroos and the sheep and goats. Starfish absolutely LOVES animals so went absolutely nuts at the opportunity to get close to them. He squealed and shook his little hands in delight as the kangaroos hopped up close to him (you also have the opportunity to feed them which also helps with the interaction). This alone made the experience all worth it!

Symbio Wildlife Park 32Symbio Wildlife Park 31Symbio Wildlife Park 30

2. A local option for Families!

If you’re in the South Sydney region like us, you’ll know that a lot of family-friendly venues are not close-by. However, Symbio Wildlife Park was less than a 30 minute drive for us down to Helensburgh, and is a great place to spend a day out with the family.

Symbio Wildlife Park 29Symbio Wildlife Park 28

3. There are various activities to do

Apart from visiting Symbio and seeing the animals (and getting up close with a few of them), there are also different activities you can participate in. The Symbio Wildlife Park offers keeper presentations on a variety of animals, you can feed the kangaroos, and you can get “Happy Snaps” with the Koalas, Snakes, or American Alligators. Symbio also offer a range of behind-the-scenes encounters and function packages if you are keen to organise these.

Symbio Wildlife Park 27Symbio Wildlife Park 26

4. Symbio Wildlife Park has a Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Symbio offers a relaxed, family-friendly vibe that doesn’t feel commercialised or touristy. Both hubby and I agreed that Symbio had a lovely atmosphere that we enjoyed, allowing a leisurely walk around to see all the animals without feeling stressed, over-crowded or pushed between enclosures. This gave us enough time to chat with Starfish about the different animals, point out where they were, and if we were able to, get close enough that he could enjoy the experience.

Symbio Wildlife Park 25Symbio Wildlife Park 24

5. Symbio is an affordable Family Outing

Not only is Symbio a local venue (saving in petrol and/or public transport), but it is also an affordable day out for the family. Children under 3 years old gain free entry, with great prices for older children and adults. That means as parents we can relax knowing we can enjoy a fun-filled day at a reasonable cost.

 Symbio Wildlife Park 23Symbio Wildlife Park 22

We absolutely loved taking Starfish to Symbio, but I wanted to find out if my mum friends enjoyed it as much as we did! Here is what they had to say:

“We took our twin girls to Symbio for their 1st birthday. It was as much for us as a family as it was for them. We loved seeing them experience the animals for the first time and also having a lovely picnic in the beautiful open spaces. The farm animals were definitely a favourite!” – Ruth, Mum of twin 1-year-old girls

“Symbio was a wonderful experience to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday. It had a lovely variety of animals which Emily has never seen before and the enclosures had great glass viewing points for kids. It was very pram friendly which was great and there were a number of lovely picnic spots to sit at a bench or on the grass and eat. Emily loved looking at every animal we came across and she especially enjoyed interacting with the kangaroos close up. The keeper presentations were also very interesting although Emily is too young to understand or appreciate them she enjoyed seeing the animals being fed and played with. There is a lot to see and do at Symbio and we spent a few relaxed but fun hours walking around.” – Natalie, Mum of a 1-year-old girl

“Symbio is a great zoo, an easy short drive, down south. It was the first time I had been myself, and we took my son for his 1st birthday. The enclosures are great – it’s a nice compact zoo where there are animals everywhere you look. The walk through enclosure is a great idea for little ones where they can hand feed the animals and give them a nice big hug! It was a nice day and we will definitely be back!” – Bec, Mum of a 1-year-old boy

So if you would like to spend a day at Symbio Wildlife Park with your little one and want to plan your day (and find out all the info), make sure you visit their website HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

Plus Check out my Facebook Page Here for your chance to WIN a Family Pass to Symbio Wildlife Park!

symbio wildlife park 34

I struggled to cut down all the photos I took, so here are a bunch of happy snaps I took from the day!

Symbio Wildlife Park 7Symbio Wildlife Park 21Symbio Wildlife Park 20 Symbio Wildlife Park 19Symbio Wildlife Park 18 Symbio Wildlife Park 17 Symbio Wildlife Park 16Symbio Wildlife Park 15  Symbio Wildlife Park 14 Symbio Wildlife Park 13 Symbio Wildlife Park 12Symbio Wildlife Park 11 Symbio Wildlife Park 10 Symbio Wildlife Park 9Symbio Wildlife Park 8 Symbio Wildlife Park 6 Symbio Wildlife Park 5 Symbio Wildlife Park 4 Symbio Wildlife Park 3 Symbio Wildlife Park 2 Symbio Wildlife Park 1 Symbio Wildlife Park

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