5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I might be a bit late to jump on this bandwagon, but Father’s Day is fast approaching (in a week!) which means it is time to get Daddy Morrison’s gift ready. It’ll be his 2nd Father’s Day, as last year Starfish was about 6 weeks old when Father’s Day came and went. An extra year with our little man, an extra year of being a daddy, deserves celebration and thanksgiving! However what I’ve found is it is hard to choose a Father’s Day gift for our baby daddies. There are lots of crafts and ideas for preschoolers and older children, but how can we celebrate Father’s Day when we have younger bubs? Here I’ve collated 5 (last-minute) gift ideas for Baby Daddies!

father's day gifts


1. Matching Daddy/Baby T-Shirts 

We all know that our Starfish loves dinosaurs (or he will one day…), so I could have simply DIED when I saw these gorgeous matching “Daddysaurus” and “Babysaurus” t-shirts from Bright Star Kids. You can personalise them to say anything you’d like with the dinosaur print. Bright Star Kids have a range of Father’s Day goodies, including options for other personalised presents too.

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2. Washable Paint – Card or drawing

If you’d like to go down the creative, crafty route with your little bub, you can always assist them to make a card for daddy using washable paint (like the stuff from Crayola). We made some at Playgroup on Monday, just by putting some paint onto plates, and applying the paint to bub’s hand – I used my own finger and just smother Starfish’s hand in paint, bringing the paper to his hand to make the print. The Washable paint came off his hands (and my finger) super easy with wet wipes, making it a hassle and stress-free craft option for little ones!

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3. Canvas Photos

If you have a partner who isn’t a big gift person (like Daddy Morrison), you might like to get some lovely photographs taken of your baby (or your baby with their dad) and blow them up onto a Canvas. It makes such a lovely centrepiece in the home and a lasting momento for your partner of their gorgeous little bub and the reason why they have the amazing title of “dad”. We like using Snapfish for all our printing needs.

4. A Powerpoint Slideshow

Yep, it sounds super corny, like something you’d do for a 60th or 70th birthday party, but bear with me. My husband always likes watching back videos and photos I’ve taken of Starfish during the days while he is at work. He misses out on a lot, and wants to see everything. You could create a Powerpoint of all the highlights to show him – and even try and get some good “Happy Father’s Day” footage (or if your child is like my boy, they don’t do anything when you ask them too!

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5. The Gift of Time

As I mentioned earlier, it is hard to get our babies creating Father’s Day gifts because they just physically (and mentally) aren’t at that stage yet. But what you can do is give your baby daddy the gift of time with your child. Organise a play date for Daddy and his son/daughter depending on your partner’s interests – if he likes adventure, organise for them to go to a play centre or Symbio Wildlife Park. If he’s a bit more low-key, pack them a picnic and send them off to a local (or backyard) park. Show your baby Daddy that you both love and appreciate him by giving him a relaxing and fun day out with his favourite people!

So these are some tips if you’re scrambling around for a last-minute Father’s Day gift like I am (Eek!) What will you be organising for your baby daddy this Father’s Day? Did you find any other ideas I’ve missed? Share them below!

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