1st Birthday Cake Kit Tutorial

Whether you are a master baker or an amateur cook, the thought of preparing birthday cakes for your child/ren may invoke some sort of fear, anxiety or angst. I know it for me it did! Even though I swore to myself I wouldn’t put on a big 1st birthday party for our son, it ended up that way in the end. After contemplating what kind of birthday party we would plan for Starfish, we ended up deciding on a Dinosaur themed party (everything he has is dinosaurs!). We organised all the bits and pieces for his birthday party, and then it came time to organise the 1st birthday cake. 

Growing up, my dad used to make us lavish birthday cakes of whatever design we asked him. He used an old Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book to help him create the designs – my absolute favourite being an open treasure chest (the lid help up by tooth picks!), with chocolate gold coins inside. It was remarkable, to say the least. It meant I had a lot to live up to, and I felt surprising pressure to come up with a good cake for Starfish’s 1st birthday cake (my mother-in-law is a great baker too!). I was so fortunate to come across the incredible Lou from Cake 2 The Rescue who helped ease my stress and made creating my son’s 1st birthday cake a breeze!

(I received 2 Dinosaur Bob Cake Kits for the purpose of this review and for Starfish’s 1st birthday party. All opinions are my own). 

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Cake 2 The Rescue!

Cake 2 The Rescue is a business that sends you pre-packaged cake kits to help you design the perfect cake for any event you have. Their range of cake kit designs is massive – from animals, to cars and trucks, princesses, superheroes, and even Minecraft. They offer 1st birthday cake kits, boy and girl kits, and even options for tween birthdays – Cake 2 The Rescue have it all! What I absolutely loved about the Dinosaur Bob Cake Kit from Cake 2 The Rescue is that it came with literally almost everything I needed to put the cake together.All I needed to organise was the mixing bowls, electric mixer, round baking tin and the perishable ingredients (milk, eggs and soft butter). It came with:

  • Dry ingredients for the cake;
  • Dry Icing Mixture;
  • All the different colour fondant needed for the accessories of the dinosaur;
  • Blue Food colouring (for the icing);
  • Mini Rolling Pin;
  • Candles;
  • Silver Cake Slice;
  • Silver Cake Board;
  • Detailed Instructions;
  • Templates for the body and accessories of the dinosaur (using the fondant).1st birthday cake 1

The kit came with a recipe ‘card’ that was easy to read and follow, and it also included colour images of the step by step process of assembling the dinosaur after the cake was baked and icing made. I had two goes at creating this cake – one for the video tutorial below, and one for my son’s 1st birthday party. I found that as a newbie at baking, the first time took me a lot longer to put the cake together (amongst all the recording as well). The second time for the party, however, I found it a lot easier and quicker to assemble (depending on your level of ‘expertise’ in creating cakes).

1st birthday cake

I also learnt a fair bit about baking and cakes along the way which I never knew beforehand; tips that I think will help me in my future baking/birthday endeavours. The main tips I have learnt which I think everyone should know (in case you, like myself, didn’t know):

  • The cake must be left for at least 3 hours (after baking) before any cutting or icing is done. I was advised that overnight is the best length of time, however due to time restraints this couldn’t be done. The first cake I didn’t leave 3 hours and it started to crumble as I tried shaving and icing it; the second cake, however, I left for about 4 hours and was a lot easier to manipulate and put together.
  • To help create a smoother consistency with the icing, adding more butter is the way to go (I always just thought adding water was the best way – not so!). 

1st Birthday Cake Video Tutorial – Dinosaur Bob

Instead of writing a step-by-step of how I created the cake, I thought it would be easier to show it in a video. I hope it shows how relatively “simple” it is once you see it being put together.

Despite my fears of how it would turn out, the Dinosaur Bob cake was a huge hit at Starfish’s birthday party, and absolutely EVERYONE loved it (I got a lot of rave reviews for my cake making abilities!). However, I kept saying the whole time it was due to the amazing cake kit from Cake 2 The Rescue that my son’s 1st Birthday Cake was a huge success. (There was so much icing and fondant left over that I decorated cupcakes as well – I purchased a white wings pack separately to do this, however Cake 2 The Rescue have the option to send extra cupcake supplies matching the dinosaur theme if you like).

1st birthday cake 21st birthday cake 3

Stamp of Approval + SPECIAL OFFER!

When weighing up the value of this cake kit with the overall cost ($44.95), I think it as amazing value for money! Considering all the bits and pieces you would require to put this cake together (see the inclusions above!), plus the mental value of putting my mind at ease and creating a stress-free baking experience, I would highly recommend the 1st birthday cake kits (and ALL the cake kits for that matter!) for any mums or dads wanting to create an amazing, themed birthday cake for their child/ren. Cake 2 The Rescue definitely get my Stamp of Approval.

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PLUS, Lou has generously given my Mumma Morrison followers a special $5 discount on any cake kit of your choice! Use the codeword MUMMAM to collect this discount before the 31st August (so you could get the Dinosaur Bob Cake Kit for $39.95 – what a bargain!). To cash in the special discount, visit the Cake 2 The Rescue store HERE, plus visit their socials: Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.

Don’t forget to see the final product of the 1st birthday cake at Starfish’s Dinosaur-themed 1st birthday party!

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