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Prior to having Starfish, I was a very organised person. I was a perfectionist, and I was a teacher, meaning laminating resources was my thing. I would spend countless hours cutting and laminating (and cutting some more) pieces of paper to stick up around my classroom. This would happen during the afternoons, evenings, and most days of the school holidays (side note: yes teachers WORK during the holidays). I liked colour coordinating, having a planner with my to-do list and class schedule, and having colour-coordinated folders for my all paperwork, planning, admin and reporting needs. I was an organisational machine. I must admit that this didn’t extend to home organisation, but I still classified myself as an organised person.

Then I got pregnant, and baby brain kicked in. Like, major baby brain. I’ll chat another time about how I struggled massively with this, but above all baby brain has meant that I am now a lot more disorganised. Not because I want to be, but because I forget things. I have a lot of jobs lined up, and I find I am submitting things late, or forgetting to reply to emails (if this is you, I’m SORRY! I don’t do it on purpose!). Needless to say, it is driving me crazy! It has particularly affected my home organisation, such as getting the kitchen clean or having my stuff all over the dining table.

So when I came across this secret weapon to help me get into home organisation mode, I was beyond excited and had to share it with you all.

home organisation

(I was gifted a set of labels for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

Lovely Label Co 

It may seem super simple, but using gorgeous labels around the house has been highly effective in helping me get more organised. We moved from our unit to a house when Starfish was 3 weeks old, and while that was almost a year ago, the whirlwind that is parenthood has made it impossible for any sort of home organisation, such as in my kitchen. The Lovely Label Co offers to assist with this process, creating beautiful labels to go with almost any pantry item – ranging from flours and starches to herbs and spices. You can tell this business is run by a mum, because she has all the details down to perfection, such as 3 separate cereal labels (because everyone in the house eats different cereals!).

My absolute favourite thing about the Lovely Label Co is they create a variety of labels that come in a range of gorgeous fonts and colours, matching your own style and home décor. I couldn’t go past the stunning “lemon” font as I looked to re-do some of my home organisation, particularly my pantry (as you can see below). I decided to share my super simple steps for changing my pantry from this to a more organised and functional kitchen space.

home organisation 1 home organisation 2

3 Steps for Amazing Home Organisation

Step 1: Take everything out of the Pantry

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a cook. I’m good at recipes, and when a recipe calls for me to buy rice flour or icing sugar, I buy it and have just chucked the packet into the pantry (and I usually don’t see it again for 6 months). Since moving house, we ironically have a more compact pantry space which requires me to be a bit smarter in my organisation, so firstly I needed to take everything out of the space to take stock of what I had and work out what I needed to organise. This also gave me space to ditch ingredients I really haven’t used since we moved into the house almost a year ago.

Step 2: Work out the materials needed to organise the space

To start my organisation, I decided I needed to get some new containers to put all our food stuffs in – we have lots of half opened packets of flour, sugar, rice and pasta in our pantry/cupboards, and it drives me a bonkers. As it is such a big job, I still have a lot more organisation I need to do, however I started with a trip to Ikea and purchased a range of different-sized containers for the ingredients I had. Ikea is great because the containers are affordable and there is a range of different sizes, shapes and styles.

Next I organised the labels I had received from the Lovely Label Co, sorting them into piles relating to the food stuffs I have and the ones I don’t have (which I am storing for later incase I need them). The Lovely Label Co can customize the label sets you want, so you can get labels for any ingredients you have around the house that might not be available in the “standard” pack. Karlie is incredibly friendly and helpful, and will happily chat with you about what labels you are after before she designs them.

home organisation 3home organisation 4

Step 3: Start labelling the Containers

Once I had all my materials ready to go, I sat down for about 30 minutes (give or take, depending on the number of containers/labels you use) to start attaching the labels. Karlie provides detailed instructions on how to attach the labels to the surface, including cleaning the surface beforehand to enhance the effectiveness of the label.

With the font I chose, the letters are individual labels (not cursive writing), allowing me flexibility of where to put them as you can see below. It did make it a little fiddly to begin with in removing the backing tape, however it became less fussy once I got into the groove of it, and the outcome definitely outweighs any initial fiddliness. The other thing I adore about these labels is that there is no film or bulky sticker around the label – just gorgeous, individual letters on the container making it look stylish as well as being super practical.

home organisation 5

 End Result – Gorgeous, Organised Pantry! My Stamp of Approval

As you can see, the end result of this process is an amazing, well-organised pantry! I know, how simple is it, right?! A few containers and some beautiful labels, and you can have one of those kitchens that you DREAM of in magazines! While I’ve only just started my organisation spree on my pantry, I was too excited I had to share these tips with you straight away!

home organisation 6home organisation 7home organisation 8home organisation 9home organisation 10

AND THE BEST THING about the Lovely Label Co? They do all sorts of gorgeous labels, including customized logos and designs. I got this absolutely STUNNING “Mumma Morrison” label in a perfect pink colour which I’ve added to my laptop, and it is official – I’m in love!!

home organisation 11

So whether you are wanting to organise your kitchen like me, your teaching work space (also me), your office or your business (or ANYTHING), you need to check out Lovely Label Co. Karlie will be able to help you with all your labeling needs, and her gorgeous selection plus friendly service get my Stamp of Approval!

home organisation 12To get your labels and get yourself organised, visit Lovely Label Co’s website HERE (Coming in a couple of weeks – how exciting!), Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

What are your TOP TIPS for home organisation? Tell us in the comments below!

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