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As a child, I had a few gifts that I truly treasured and played with until their edges wore thin. I had a gorgeous “rescue” teddy bear from my granny that I kept close for many years (made more special for me because she passed away when I was young). I also had a ceramic decorative piece (I think it had to do with a teddy in bed) that I absolutely adored. But possibly my favourite momento of my childhood was a personalised picture book that my grandparents had bought for me. I LOVED that I was a character in this book (and with a name like Fiona, it was rare to find my name in/on anything until Shrek come along – as the OGRE). I lived and breathed this book for many years and to this day I have fond memories of it.

Of course, as a teacher I’ve mentioned before that I’m pretty obsessed with picture books. They are the perfect resource for language and mental development at any age – even for children as young as Starfish. In fact, he is already pretty obsessed with picture books himself! They’re the first item he reaches for out of his toy box, and he darts straight for the bookshelf now that he is on the move. So with his first birthday rapidly approaching, I started thinking ‘what better present to get for him than a personalised picture book’?

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Lost My Name

I had previously purchased a personalised book for Starfish for Christmas last year from an amazing company called Lost My Name. They create gorgeous books with stunning illustrations, and the quality of their products is impeccable – even my husband raves about them! The books are created using partly recycled Mohawk paper, which is closer in texture to cardstock (meaning it is more durable for tiny hands). Around Christmas time last year, there were only two books available for purchase, so we bought “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home”. The beautiful thing about the Lost My Name range is their personalisation isn’t just in the name – you can personalise the character’s appearance (for example, different hair colour and skin tone), as well as other details specific to the book. For the Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home, we got to put our home address into the book (as the story is about the character returning home from space). This information (privately protected, of course!!), was used to include a Google maps image of your house in the book. Such a beautiful personalisation for Starfish, especially when he is older and we can start to discuss maps and navigation!

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Personalised Picture Book – Happy Birthday Starfish!

Since December, Lost My Name have been releasing a variety of new personalised products, such as Milestone cards and an Alphabet poster, to enhance the magical world of personalisation for our children. Kids love to see their name on objects and in books – hence why personalised water bottles and other momentos are so popular!

Lost My Name have recently released a new personalised picture book called, “The Birthday Thief”, to truly make a child’s birthday special. As you can imagine, this story involves the child’s birthday being stolen and their quest to find it. Again, the personalisation in this book moves beyond just the protagonist’s name, but includes their appearance and their birth date (currently only some dates are available, but more will be released soon!).

I was extremely excited about receiving this book for my son’s first birthday. While he may not be old enough to fully comprehend the story line, he has begun to develop an awareness that books have pages to be turned to show more pictures, and enjoys looking at the pictures on the pages. He likes to point at objects that appeal to him, for example animals or the moustache on Colonel March! (Anyone else’s child like facial hair…?!). The book is written in rhyme, which is something all children (particularly younger) enjoy. They love the rhythmic/sing-song tone of the words, and I found Starfish really enjoyed listening to the story. Of course, he was also eager to help turn the pages and skip to the end (as can be expected with a 1 year old!). However what I truly love about this personalised book is it is something that will grow up with him and he will be able to enjoy it for many years, and many birthdays, to come.

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Stamp of Approval

If you’re wondering what to buy your child for their birthday – whether it is their 1st or 10th – I would highly recommend the Lost My Name personalised book range (or other products if you prefer!). They have books that suit different age ranges, and it is a momento that your child will treasure for a lifetime. “The Birthday Thief” (and entire range) for Lost My Name definitely gets my Stamp of Approval.

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 If you’d like to check out the Lost My Name range, make sure you visit their website HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.

PLUS, for your chance to WIN a personalised book for your child, see below.

WIN a Lost My Name Personalised Picture Book for your child!

To help your child enter the magical world of personalised picture books, I have partnered with Lost My Name to giveaway a Personalised Picture Book valued at $39.95. For your chance to win a Personalised Picture Book, enter through the Rafflecopter App below. T+ C’s also below.

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This giveaway is now CLOSED. Congratulations to Sarah, you are the winner of the Personalised “Lost My Name” (now “Wonderbly”) Picture Book. I’ll be in touch with you shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered. x

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(I received a Personalised copy of “The Birthday Thief” for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

About Fi Morrison

Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.


  1. Hi Fi, I would absolutely love to win a personalized book for my little boy Wyatt who turns ONE in September!! At the moment we have lots of favourite books we read (and chew) but I mostly love to read him Peter Rabbit stories as they were what I read as a child. It is such a great idea to personalize the story books, as what little boy wouldn’t want to read about himself going on adventures?! -Amara xx

    • Hi Amara, they are perfect for 1st birthdays – good luck for winning one for Wyatt! The Peter Rabbit stories are amazing xx

  2. Done! Have been eyeing these books off for a while so fingers crossed, would be lovely to win one.

  3. My favourite reading with my daughter is reading her a book my mum used to read me as a baby. Koala loo ‘I do love you’ it’s the exact book with my name in the front. I love sharing these moments with my daughter. 💗💗

    • That is soooo special (and such a great book!). I love that you could share your own special memories with your daughter like you had growing up <3

  4. My favourite reading memory with my daughter is reading her Time for Bed by Mem Fox. This book is special to me as I used to read this to my first niece before bed & now I am reading to my own daughter.

  5. I loved reading How does a Dinosaur say goodnight. My daughter would do some actions with it and eventually memorised the whole book

    • Ooo I’ll need to get this book! We’ve got EVERYTHING dinosaur for our son (except this book!). I love that she memorised it!

  6. Hi Fi, I love the Lost My Name books and have given quite a few as gifts.
    My favourite reading memory, oh gosh. I think my favourite thing about reading to my boys is that they think they have to be “in Mummy’s cuddle” in order to listen. Even my big 4yo will come and climb into my lap when I start reading aloud. Of course, with two of them now, the cuddles often end up a bit more like a wrestle, but I’ll take it haha!
    Our current book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  7. My favourite memory is reading “The very hungry caterpillar” with my son. He loves to point the words as I say them, and now he points and says many of them on his own. He calls it the “veh-y hungy pillah” and gets so excited every time we read it. It’s a special book because it was my favourite book as a child too and was gifted to me when I “graduated” kindergarten.

    • Awwww what a special memory, and so lovely you can share that with your son. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a favourite of mine/ours too 😀

  8. Hi Fi, These books look beautiful! I have lots of wonderful reading memories because L loves her books, but I’m particularly enjoying reading ‘The Noisy book’ with her at the moment. She is starting to know some of the pictures & sounds and can anticipate them which is so much fun. She claps for the hand, hisses for the snake and yells “tat!” for the cat!

    • I haven’t seen the Noisy Book! I’ll have to check it out. Oh I love that she loves her ‘tats’! 😀

  9. My little 9month old boy loves cuddling up with me to read story books before he goes down for his naps. His favourite book for the last month has been Schnitzel von krum forget me not. We read it three times a day so this mama has it memorised. Because I know the words, last week I tried to “read” it to him without using the book as a prop. I popped bub on my knee and started the story, only for him to get all wriggly and say sadly “no mum no mum no dog no dog”…I realised it isn’t just the story he likes to hear, but he loves to follow along with the pictures and help turning the pages too! This was the moment I realised my little boy has grown up so much recently! I think being so book focused in my family has definitely helped my son develop speech and language skills beyond his age group. He understands so much, and can already say and use 12 words in the correct context! So proud!!

    • Wow! That’s amazing Jordana! I love that you have instilled such a love of books and reading with your son, and it really seems to have helped with his development 😀

  10. Mine was the first time I read The Hungry Caterpillar with my daughter as it brought back memories of when my mum would read it to me. It was my favourite book as a child. Made me quite emotional really!

    • I love the Hungry Caterpillar too! It definitely is emotional sharing special memories and momentos from our childhood with our own kids! <3

  11. Me and miss 17 months enjoy Pig the Pug. My favourite moment was the first time she brought this book to me and climbed into my lap so I could read it to her.

    • Aww what a gorgeous memory! Pig the Pug is an awesome book/series! We have Pig the Winner. Love it 🙂

  12. Hey Fi,

    I loved reading some of the books I was given as a child, but nothing got me more than a couple of cute classics such as the Rainbow Fish, There’s a Hippopotomus on my Roof Eating Cake, and some of the books Disney would release as a reading book from their movies. I love my boy got his first Disney book for his birthday and I can read these other books to students. Good memories always would come back.

    • So special reading books from your own childhood to your children. We got a Winnie the Pooh Disney classic for Starfish’s first birthday which was special to us too!

  13. What a great prize! My favourite memory of reading with my little guys is the first time our now 3 year old climbed on to my knee to read a book. We did the same routine every night when he was tiny (I even used to read to him in the womb) and I can still picture the moment he grabbed a book himself to bring to me – so precious!

    • Awww that is sooooo special! I can’t wait for my boy to do that. He loves books too. Reading with our children is the best experience I think!

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