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Over the last couple of weeks, Starfish has started to get a little fussy and picky with his eating. Of course, he still eats like a machine (5 banana pancakes for breakfast?! Like, seriously child!), however I’m feeling like there is some potential for him to develop fussy eating patterns. I really want him to be eating Healthy Baby Snacks, but I’m concerned he’ll start getting too fussy. I can’t wait to interview my Feeding Specialist friend to get some tips to curb that trend!

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to find some healthy baby snacks and lunch options I can give to him that he will eat, especially if we are out and about with friends (I pack him a lunchbox to take with us). It has meant a lot of cooking, prep and frustration on my behalf – not to mention a lot of stress – as I busily try to get him healthy baby snacks and an Insta-worthy lunchbox! I was so so glad when I came across Baby Bars Bake-at-Home mixes to help relieve the stress!

(I was gifted the Baby Bar Packs for the purpose of the review. My opinions are my own).

Baby Bars – Healthy Baby Snacks

I met the lovely Sally in a Facebook group for business mums, and we got chatting about her amazing business Baby Bars. I practically jumped onto this business (sorry Sally!) and was eager to give them a try for Starfish, as well as to share on the blog what I thought (as I know there are lot of other mums out there looking for healthy baby snacks too).

The first thing I noticed about the Bake-at-Home packs were that they were very compact and gorgeous in their packaging. Baby Bars use a combination of Watermelon, Light Green and Apricot colours in their branding, which I found very appealing and promoted the toddler audience very nicely (my creative/aesthetic brain was immediately drawn to it!).

healthy baby snacks 1healthy baby snacks 2

We got to trial the Banana, Date & Coconut Bake-at-Home mix, as well as the Apple, Coconut & Almond Bake-at-Home mix. My favourite things about these mixtures are:

  • They include the majority of the ingredients you need. I needed to add a couple of staple ingredients to each mixture however the rest was provided in the packages;
  • They are super easy to make in a short amount of time – blend the staple ingredients (such as egg and apple) with one of the provided packets, and then mix with the dry ingredients (also provided) and then put in the baking tray. DONE! It took me all of 5 minutes to prepare and then baking for 35(ish) minutes.
  • The mixture makes a sizeable amount of bars, at least 16 depending on how you cut them (I got 20).
  • The Bake-at-Home mixtures are extremely affordable, considering how many snacks you get from them.
  • The bars FREEZE, meaning I have many lunches/afternoon snacks prepared for Starfish for the week. Now I’m the mumma who looks fancy on outings!

healthy baby snacks 3healthy baby snacks 4healthy baby snacks 5healthy baby snacks 6

If you’d like to see how simple and easy to make the mixtures are, I’ve created a video below to show you (I apologise for the darker lighting, it started to rain AFTER I had cracked the eggs and cut the apple!).

Above all else, Starfish absolutely LOVES eating the bars as his healthy baby snack. They do get a bit crumbly which makes it a bit messy to clean up, however the overall hassle-free baking and healthy baby snack outweigh this tenfold.

healthy baby snacks 7healthy baby snacks 8

Stamp of Approval

The Baby Bars have been the perfect healthy baby snacks for Starfish as he is feeding himself more and more. The ease of making them and their ability to freeze have made them the perfect lunchbox snack for our outings and I finally feel confident in the snacks I am giving him. The Baby Bars Bake-at-Home mixes definitely get my Stamp of Approval.

healthy baby snacks 9

 To check out the full range of Bake-at-Home mixes (and other amazing products from Baby Bars), check out their website HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

healthy baby snacks

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