Dear Starfish: 11 Months Old

Dear Starfish,

Okay, I literally blinked my eyes and you are now 11 months old. To show how quickly the time has gone, I looked back and realised I missed a letter for your 10 months. It is scary how quickly time is passing us by, with 3 weeks until your first birthday. It is scary, and exciting, and nerve-wracking and amazing all at the same time.

Despite the time going rapidly, there was a period in there where I felt like not much had changed. We were in a bit of a routine with things, and you seemed to have plateaued in your development. You were mastering the things you had already learned, and we just kept going day in and day out. But now, literally 5 days ago, you have changed once more and now you are doing lots of new things very quickly. 

  • A couple of weeks ago you started standing up again furniture (if mummy or daddy put you there) and holding yourself up – this is how it started!
  • You have started to rock back onto your knees a lot more and even crawled a few steps on hands and knees – although your preference is still commando crawling (which you’ve done for the last two months). You are doing more and more each day though, and getting onto your knees has led to lots of different skills.
  • You have started to pull yourself up on things – the walker, the couch, the bookshelf, the baby-proof gate. You seemed to have realised that once you started getting up onto your knees, you could do a whole range of things.
  • You now easily go from your hands and knees to sitting again. This again has helped you achieve so much more, and you are becoming more proficient in moving around the house.
  • We are still practising standing flat-footed. You like to stand on your tip-toes, although that is slowly decreasing!
  • You were quite sick a couple of weeks ago and had some really bad, disrupted sleep. You also had some fussy days, which we’ve put down to being sick, teething, and going through a Wonder Week (Mental development – which as we can see has also led to physical development too!)
  • You say “Da-dy”, “Mum”, and “yeah”, but you’ve also said “Hello” and “Ta”. We are working on building your vocabulary with lots of reading and direction.
  • You’ve learnt to wave on cue, usually when we say “hello” or “wave”. You also like to wave at random things like trees, lights, or air.
  • You LOVE music and love to dance – whenever we pump some music in the house (Jennifer Hudson is a current favourite), you like to bob around, wave your hands and bounce your head. We absolutely love it.
  • Food is your absolute favourite and you can’t get enough of it. We think you may have started to get a little fussy with some foods and textures (such as packet purees and broccoli – you don’t like the floweret texture) but you’ll eat large quantities of most things.  
  • You still only have 4 teeth, although we swear you’ve been teething for the last 3 months. Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve had extra red cheeks, excess drool and bad sleep. We think a tooth is in there somewhere!
  • This coming Sunday you’ll be baptised surrounded by family and friends, and we couldn’t be more excited!
  • In less than two weeks mummy will be returning to work (two days a week). Luckily you will be babysat by family at our house so you can still get some good sleep, but I’m really going to miss our time together on those days. I’ve been told they will make our days together more special – I really hope so!

Daddy and I have some big plans for your first birthday – our first mini trip away as a family, a special outing and of course some fun goodies as presents. We cannot believe you’ll be a year old soon – a year since you joined us (Earth side), a year since we became parents, a year since our hearts almost exploded with love. You’ve changed our lives in ways we couldn’t have possibly imagined, and you make our lives and our family complete. We’re looking forward to celebrating our year together, and so much more to come.

We love you with all our hearts. Always and forever,

Mummy xoxox

Playing at Playgroup.

With your friend at the park.

Park cuddles with Mummy!

Practising the back carry in our Manduca!




Happy 11 Months little man!


Showing off your waving.












At the Children’s Panadol Baby Brunch!

Wearing a big boy backpack!

More park cuddles with mummy!

Some quality time at home.

One of my most favourite photos.

The first time you stood against furniture by yourself.

Lunch with another friend – such a ladies man!

Seeing our friends at Babes + Picnics.

You loved watching mummy and daddy do a puppet talk at church.







Dressed up eating your shoe… of course.

























Another Manduca cuddle!

When you started practising using your knees!

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