Mumma Loves: Baby Street Fashion

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m kind of obsessed with shopping for Starfish. I love finding him new toys. I love buying new accessories and essentials, right down to bed sheets. I love dressing him up in trendy clothes (like baby street fashion), especially now that he’s a bit older and can’t get away with wearing his PJs everywhere – well, as much anyway. Most of all, I have loved finding new small businesses to support (as a small business owner myself) in the process of shopping for Starfish. As I said – I’m kind of obsessed.

In my mission to find trendy clothes for Starfish, I came across the LV Kids label, and absolutely love their range. They sell a combination of printed tees and rompers, as well as bibs and pants with stylish fabrics. Their style is street fashion, and they have options for both boys and girls.

As you can see by my little male model below, the clothes are a combination of gorgeous and stylish. We received the “High Risk” Romper and my little man had a ball exploring with it on.

baby street fashionbaby street fashion 1baby street fashion 2baby street fashion 3

Of course, being the middle of winter, it has been hard for him to wear the outfit by itself (unless the heater is blaring!). We doubled the romper with a hoodie to keep him warm out and about. Unfortunately, this also meant covering up the print on the front to keep him warm. Considering the long legs, this romper would be the perfect Autumn or Spring outfit as the weather is a bit warmer, but not too hot for the long legs.

baby street fashion 4baby street fashion 6baby street fashion 7

The “High Risk” Romper we received is made of stretchy fabric (a cotton/polyester combo) making it perfect for our now active little man. He was able to easily crawl and manouever in the romper, as he has quite literally just started learning to use his knees and pull himself up onto furniture. The outfit gives him great flexibility, with the added bonus of being adorable!

When I first saw the romper, I thought it would be a bit difficult to put on (my baby brain is struggling to comprehend the simplest of tasks these days). However it slid on easily, like pants, and up and over his torso. I like that one of the shoulders has buttons to make the opening larger too, especially for a bigger boy like my son.

The rompers range from a size 0 to a size 3, making it the perfect baby street fashion label for younger children. With the stretchy fabric, the legs run a bit long which gave Starfish the room to move around and practice his new climbing skills. The armholes are also quite large, which is on trend with baby street fashion. The legs and arm/neck holes are lined with lighter grey fabric adding an extra element to the design.

LV Kids have a remarkable range of toddler clothing that is affordable, stylish and practical. If you’d like to check out their full range of printed tees, pants and bibs, visit their website HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

baby street fashion 8

(I was gifted a romper for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own).

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