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(I received a My First Aid Kit for the purpose of this review).

I’ve mentioned before that I grew up with a Paramedic for a dad. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I grew up as a Scout. When I was younger, I would spend many weekends out in the bush camping, freezing my little tooshie off, getting cuts and scrapes, and cooking food on a little gas stove. The “good ol’ days”. Gosh how I’ve changed!

But one thing that I always remember from those days was our memorable motto, “Always be Prepared!”. This has stuck with me for the last 20 years, and is still my ‘motto’ for today, as it were. As a new mum, I have to be prepared for ANYTHING. The unexpected. The inevitable. I remember going out for our first “full day” with Starfish on Father’s Day, when he was a little under 2 months old. We literally packed everything bar the kitchen sink because you never know what will happen with a baby. Poo explosions. Unexpected hunger. Tiredness. Crankiness. More poo. It all happens.

Another thing as new mums we always need to be prepared for, is keeping them safe and healthy. Earlier in the year I did a Family First Aid Course with Wonderwoman Children, and it turned out to be a lifesaver (literally!). That night after completing the First Aid Course, my son had a partial choking incident with some banana that resulted in lots of back patting, vomit, and endless cuddles afterwards. I was so thankful to have done the course that day to give me confidence – and to curb my anxiety and panic – on how to deal with the situation.

Wonderwoman Children have really outdone themselves, not only in providing these amazing Family First Aid Courses across Australia, but they are now helping families to always be prepared in their very own homes with the introduction of the “My First Aid Kit”.

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First Impressions of the My First Aid Kit

Again, as the daughter of a paramedic, we have always been surrounded by First Aid Kits and “medical” supplies in case of emergencies (always be prepared!). The ones we used to have at home were super beefy, paramedic-standard kits (and then some). So I have never been sure what to expect for a “regular” first aid kit.

When I received the My First Aid Kit in the mail, the first thing I noticed about it was its size. It is a very compact kit, small in size and quantity of products. This was, of course, unfamiliar to me as the daughter of the paramedic with the hefty, industrial-sized first aid kits. So I decided to ask my dad his professional opinion (as a Paramedic for the past 28 years), and this is what he said:

The My First Aid Kit covers all the “essentials” you’d look for in a First Aid Kit for bubs, such as things for burns and scratch relief, as well as other baby essentials like nappy rash cream. You really want a small kit that you can take with you anywhere, anytime – that is portable and can fit in your nappy bag when you go out”.

Proof from an expert, right there (legit!) – thanks Dad!

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My thoughts on the My First Aid Kit 

After chatting to my dad and giving the My First Aid Kit a real decent look over, I realised that it really is the perfect accessory for new parents in maintaining their baby’s overall health. As parents, we don’t want to have a super industrial-sized first aid kit, but rather something that is small and compact, that can easily be put in the nappy bag, pram or car and taken out with you when you need it. While there isn’t a gazillion bandaids in the kit, you don’t need to carry around that many with you on a daily basis (you hope!) – and you can replace them if and when you need to. The My First Aid Kit is a resource designed to support new parents with young babies who will – hopefully – have minimal injuries and minimal need for constant bandaids and burns cream.

The My First Aid Kit comes in a gorgeous fabric pouch that can easily be tied up to increase portability, and has multiple pockets to store the bandaids and creams inside.

The My First Aid Kit includes the following products that cover a range of potential ‘accidents’ or injuries that mums would have to deal with:

  • Sudocrem – Nappy Rash Cream (amongst other things, works wonders!)
  • MundiCare – Antiseptic, Burn Relief and Itch Relief
  • Magnoplasm – Drawing gel for thorns and splinters
  • Medichill – freeze or heat as a cold/hot compress
  • Bandaid
  • Handmade Fabric Carry Pouch

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The Best Part of the My First Aid Kit 

What I love the most about the My First Aid Kit is that 100% of the proceeds will be used by Wonderwoman Children to support their core mission, which is to provide families in need with access to Family First Aid safety and health education. It is such a generous and thoughtful way to spread the love to other families and to ensure they get the proper information they need to raise their children through free Family First Aid Courses organised by Wonderwoman Children. Knowing that, shouldn’t we all purchase a My First Aid Kit – what an amazing Win/Win for us?!

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Stamp of Approval

I believe that all parents (particularly new parents) should always be prepared for any and every scenario when it comes to babies. In the end, isn’t better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our children? This practical and portable first aid kit contains all the essentials parents need to treat their children immediately, and I think it is an amazing resource for all parents to have with them when they’re out and about. The My First Aid Kit definitely gets my Stamp of Approval, and already has pride of place in my Nappy Bag.

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To purchase your own My First Aid Kit (and support families in need in the process), visit the Wonderwoman Children website HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.


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