Dear Starfish: 9 Months Old

dear starfish 9 months       

Dear Starfish,

My life has irreparably changed since you came into it. You have morphed my life into something I never could have imagined, and I can’t thank you enough for that. You have brought so much love and joy into my life. An unconditional love I never knew was imaginable. I often look at you with a smile and shed a tear simultaneously, overcome with emotion at the little boy you are becoming (all too quickly). As the months draw on, it comes closer to a time where I have to return to work (part time), and our full time at home together draws to a close. This brings me great sadness, because our time together – just you and me – seems to be slipping away. In a matter of years, it will no longer just be us, as I’m sure a sibling will join our little family. This time dedicated to just you, little Starfish, will be no more, and you’ll be fighting for attention with another. This breaks my heart (on the one hand, on the other it seems very exciting!), as I so love our time together. Waking up to your big smiles and nonstop chatter. This month we had a lot of laughs, and a lot of great memories: you are crawling with more gusto, making your way slowly around the place in your best commando crawl style;

  • You are crawling with more gusto, making your way slowly around the place in your beat commando crawl style;
  • You have been practising going from sitting upright down onto your tummy, but you have taken your time with this;
  • You regularly say mum and dad, and “ney” (maybe too much listening to “whip it” at Kangatraining);
  • We found the best baby carrier in the world (the Manduca) so now we spend more time cuddling out and about;
  • We started Playgroup with our friends which is fun;
  • You have just started learning to wave (and picking it up quickly). You are a pro at high fives, but clapping is still not progressing….
  • We’ve started having our dinner time together as a family, which is a lot of fun and so nice to spend this quality time as a family;
  • You’ve started properly brushing your teeth each night with your new banana brush, which you love to chew on;
  • You are FINALLY growing more and more hair. You have several tufts and nice, golden blonde hair!;
  • You went on the swing at the park for the first time and you loved it!

You have really developed your personality and it’s clear that you are quite a cautious little boy. You take your time leaping into something new, like moving from sitting down onto your tummy. You don’t like being off balance and catch yourself quickly. You are also cautious in new situations (hence your stunned mullet expression), but you warm up quickly and then you never stop chatting!! Everyone who meets you falls in love with you instantly with your big blue eyes and absolutely gorgeous smile. You’re going to be a heartbreaker, Starfish. But no matter what happens, I hope you’ll always remain my special little man.

All my love, Always and forever,
Mummy xoxox

Sunday Picnic with Daddy.

Trialling your new beanie from the Stamped Anchor.

First time on the swing at the park!

Still loving your beanie in the colder weather. Plus books are your favourite!




You’re a very cautious boy. New surroundings at Playgroup!

Playing with friends at Playgroup.











Wearing your new earmuffs while daddy mows the lawn.

We’ve loved using our new Manduca baby carrier – this is our first practice with you on mummy’s back.











You had fun testing lots of new sleeping bags!

Our grown-up, special 9 month-old boy!


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Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.

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