Woolbabe – Winter Baby Sleeping Bag Review 2017

The Best “Inner Lining” Sleeping Bag – Woolbabe

(I received a Woolbabe Sleeping Bag for the purpose of a previous review. All opinions are my own.)

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About the Woolbabe Sleeping Bag

 Cost: $109.00 (Summer), $139.00 (3 Seasons), $169.00 (Duvet), OR $189.00 (Sleeved Duvet).

NOTE: Prices are from the Sleep Store (AU).

Available Togs: DUVET (14-22 degrees), 3 SEASONS (18-30 degrees), and SUMMER (24-32 degrees). There is also a SLEEVED Duvet sleeping bag which is also for 14-22 degrees.

Available Sizes: 3 – 24 months, 2 – 4 years, 3 – 6 years

NOTE: The Sleeved Duvet comes in 6 – 24 months and 2 – 4 years in the Pebble design only.

Zipper: Available in both front AND side zip options.

Material: Outside material (yarn dyed stripe) is 30% Merino and 70% Organic Cotton; the Lining is 100% Organic Cotton with 100% Australian Merino Wool Filling OR 100% Australian wool.

NOTE: The filling is either Merino wool or Australian wool depending on whether it is purchased from the NZ or Australian Sleep Store (online).

Washability: Gentle machine or hand wash in cold or 30c water using wool detergent. Hang dry or low tumble dry immediately after washing.

Caution – Keep away from Heat & Flame (this replaces low fire danger labelling under AS1249:1249). 

Available Designs: Different colours range from Pebble, Tide, Ocean, Rata, Piha, and Dusk.

NOTE: Due to the wide range, not all retailers carry all Woolbabes at all times.

Other Features: The Woolbabe fits a 5 point travel harness.

Where you can get it from: The Sleep Store Australia and New Zealand ONLINE, plus other boutique sleeping bag retailers.

Website and Socials: WEBSITE // FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM

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Our Review of the Woolbabe Sleeping Bag:

Tog/temp: 14- 22 Degrees                                                   Size: 3 – 24 Months


The Woolbabe has a simple, sleek design with alternating white and coloured horizontal stripes. The zip and armhole lining also matches the colour (ours was TIDE, which is a green shade). It is a large sleeping bag as it fits such a large age range (3 – 24 months), and is the sleeping bag where I originally coined the term “mermaid tail” for the excess sleeping bag at the bottom where Starfish’s feet finish. It also is larger across the chest, meaning it isn’t as tight fitting as other sleeping bags. It has under-arm snaps to ensure a snug fit for babies aged 3-6 months. The larger fitting design, however, means it will last at least two winters.

It comes with a double zipper allowing for the nighttime nappy changes and travel.

Woolbabe Winter Baby Sleeping Bag 5Woolbabe Winter Baby Sleeping Bag 3


The Woolbabe is the heaviest sleeping bag out of all the ones I reviewed, but also by far the cosiest inner lining for Starfish to sleep in. As a heavier sleeping bag, you can tell it is definitely one of the warmest sleeping bags out of the lot, and Starfish slept quite comfortably in the Woolbabe during some very cool nights. Without the long arms however, it was important for me to make sure his arms were warm with long sleeves (sometimes padded for the extra chilly nights).

With it being a larger fitting sleeping bag, the Woolbabe is definitely one for the bubs who love a bit of freedom and flexibility in their sleep. For Starfish, who prefers the tighter/close fitting fabrics and sleeping bag, the Woolbabe gave him a bit too much freedom to kick his legs around. To help Starfish, we actually tucked the bottom of the sleeping bag (the excess “tail”) back up under him which helped him to feel a bit more wrapped up.

We did love that it came with buttons in the arm holes to make the arm holes smaller (for the younger babies), particularly to stop the sleeping bag from sliding up on Starfish.

As another Merino sleeping bag, it also provides a temperature, rather than tog, rating. The temperature rating on this is a larger range, allowing it to last longer in certain conditions. (The temperature rating – rather than tog – is due to the Merino material).

Woolbabe Winter Baby Sleeping Bag 6


As a larger fitting sleeping bag, it is easier to transition a baby in and out of the Woolbabe, although for us we occasionally found it hard to tuck Starfish’s arms into the armholes without a bit of maneuvering. The Woolbabe fits a 5 point travel harness to also help with transitioning a sleeping baby from one destination to another. It has a slit/pouch in the back of the sleeping bag to fit the 5 point travel harness, and a double zipper at the front as well.

The Woolbabe also comes with a side zip option if you prefer the option of transitioning a sleeping baby into their sleeping bag. Personally for us, we always put Starfish to bed awake, so we hardly need to move him when he’s already asleep, making the front zip option best for us.

Woolbabe Winter Baby Sleeping Bag 4


In regards to the warmth the Woolbabe provides, I think it is a high quality sleeping bag of great value. It kept Starfish warm on particularly cool nights (combined with long-sleeved, warm onesies to keep his arms warm). I think it also has amazing value in that it will last more than one winter without having to be replaced. We absolutely LOVED the lining of the Woolbabe and how cosy and snug it felt inside, so definitely think it is worth the money for the long run. 

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What the Sleep Consultant Said:

The Woolbabe was Linda’s favourite in terms of the filling – as I mentioned earlier, it was definitely the warmest (and heaviest) of all the sleeping bags. She also noted that it was a wider/bigger sleeping bag, which seemed to be more noticeable than the other sleeping bags that also had a wide age range. Linda did like that it had the armhole buttons to adjust their size. Of course, as with most of the sleeping bags, she also appreciated that it had the travel feature to allow for a smooth transition for bub sleeping at one destination to another.

Stand out Features:

  • Extremely cosy and warm inner lining.
  • 5 point travel harness.
  • Double zipper for travel and midnight nappy changes.
  • Sleek and stylish design (in a range of colours).
  • Armhole buttons to adjust their size.
  • Temperature rating to making dressing baby at nighttime easier.


  • Make sure your baby’s arms are warm enough at nighttime.
  • It is a larger fitting sleeping bag, so consider whether your baby likes some flexibility in their sleep.
  • Choose a front or side zip option depending on what features you are after – if you’d like a sleeping bag that allows you to easily move a sleeping baby into their sleeping bag and bed, the side zip option may work best; otherwise a front zip option can make things like travel and nappy changes easier.

Woolbabe Winter Baby Sleeping Bag

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