Which Type of Mum Are You? Quiz

Who remembers the old 90’s quizzes in all our favourite magazines? The ones where you’d answer a, b, c, or d and you’d find out which Spice Girl you were most like, or who your ideal partner was based on whether you fold your toilet paper over the top or underneath (it’s on top, guys). Okay, maybe these types of quizzes are still around today – what is your soul colour, and how “predict how many children you’ll have and what careers they’ll have”. Wow, the internet is insightful! Well for a bit of fun, I’ve created a “Which type of mum are you? Quiz” based on the 4 most common mum types you are likely to encounter.

Disclaimer: This is ALL IN GOOD FUN. I think all mum types are wonderful, and I have definitely been known to be ALL mum types at one stage or another. If you think you might be in some way offended by this quiz, then please don’t take it. My intention is not to offend at all, it is just for something a bit light-hearted.


* Read through the 5 questions below and answer whether you are A, B, C or D. 
* Try to answer which one is like you most often (as we are all a bit of each sometimes!).
* At the end of the questions, there will be links to whether you got mostly A’s, B’s, C’s or D’s. Click on the link that fits you best to find out what type of mum you are. Are you ready?

Which Type of Mum Are You? Quiz

1.When your mum friends suggest to go out and socialise, what is your response?

A. Start to plan the details of the event, planning a full day bonanza of event.
B. Respond with “Going”, wait and see what is planned and decide how you and baby are feeling on the day. You may rock up half an hour or so late.
C. Say yes because you’re eager to get out and socialise, but on the day you cancel at the last minute because you’re worried your baby won’t make it through the event without fussing.
D. Tell your mum friends, “we’ll see what happens with baby on the day. I don’t want to ruin his sleep routine because he needs at least X amount of sleep”.

2. On an average day, you are usually doing the following:

A. Playing with your baby every second they are awake, cleaning the house when they’re asleep, taking baby out on outings, visiting friends and family, and always smiling.
B. It depends on what the day brings. You may take baby out for a walk, but you see how they are after they wake up.
C. No day is “average”. You feel every day is something different to worry about and you want to wait and see what “mood” your baby is in before you make any plans.
D. You’ve read all the baby books so you make sure your baby has the right amount of developmental play, goes to sleep at the “right” time, and absolutely no screen time.

3. When visitors ask if they can stop by to see you and the baby, your response is:

A. Happy and chirpy, you eagerly welcome the visitors, telling them not to bring anything because you’ll bake cakes and brownies and muffins.
B. You say “sure thing”, but don’t make any extravagant plans for hosting. Babies are messy, and any cleaning or preparing will change again on the day.
C. You tell them it may depend on how your baby is doing on the day. You may forget snacks or morning tea, because you’ve been too busy thinking about how your baby will be acting, and you are more likely to cancel on the day if your baby is a bit fussy.
D. You say “of course”, but specify certain times as to not interfere with your baby’s routine.

4. If your husband/partner offers to lend you a hand with looking after the baby, your response is:

A. “Oh don’t be silly babe, I’ve got this!”
B. “Yeah, if you want. I don’t mind.”
C. “Oh my goodness, yes! Why didn’t you offer 3 months ago?!”
D. “That’s a good idea. It’s important for babies to spend a good amount of time with their dads.”

5. Your ideal Mother’s Day present would be:

A “handmade” card from and spending the day with your baby.
B. Maybe breakfast in bed, a relaxed day at home doing not much, and some chocolates.
C. A full day pampering at a luxury day spa, including a gourmet breakfast and/or lunch – a “mummy/me” day.
D. The most recently released baby book, and maybe some mum products such as feeding-friendly clothes, breastfeeding mixes, etc.

6. Your favourite activity to do with your bub/child would be:

A. Anything adventurous and exciting that would create happy memories and make for some great family photos, like going to the beach, the zoo or the park.
B. Possibly going to the local cafe for a coffee, if baby was in a good mood.
C. I prefer to stay at home with bub and watch a movie, or play with some toys. Possibly have friends come and visit us, as long as baby was not fussy.
D. Singing songs and reading books (great things for their development!).

7. Once your baby has gone to bed for the night, you are usually:

A. Looking through photos and videos of what your baby did today. And then showing your partner on repeat.
B. Having a glass of wine, sitting in front of the TV, and heading to bed to prepare for night wakings.
C. Having a few glasses of wine, having a bath to relax, and then getting to bed early because you are convinced this is the night your baby will wake up on multiple occasions.
D. Cooking meals for baby’s feeds the following day, googling the latest questions you have about bub, and reading some EXCELLENT blogs about motherhood and babies (hint hint! haha).

8. When out and about with other mums and babies, you are:

A. Watching for kodak moments to take photos of your baby playing with others.
B. Casually chatting with other mums (drinking a coffee no doubt), and occasionally glancing over to make sure your baby isn’t hurting any others.
C. Watching your child like a hawk to make sure they are playing nicely and aren’t going to get upset any time soon.
D. Taking toys and activities for the babies to play with that you’ve read are good for them (like sensory play spaghetti!)

9. Your take on food with the baby includes:

A. Making everything from scratch, and taking plenty of photos of your baby everytime he tries something new.
B. More of a BLW (baby-led weaning) as it is a lot easier for baby to feed themselves. You’re happy to chuck the food on the highchair tray and let them go nuts.
C. A lot of anxiety about the mess they’ll make with BLW, so you prefer to spoon feed the food as much as possible.
D. Googling a bunch of recipes that contains all the nutrients bub will need, and then you follow the feeding approach you’ve read up on that is the best for their development.

10. If you go out for an evening (date night or ladies night) without your baby/child, you feel:

A. Sad, because you’re missing out on all the things they’re doing without you.
B. Relaxed, knowing you can enjoy the night without chasing after a tiny human all evening.
C. Worried, unsure how your baby will behave while you’re away (Will they fuss? Will they cry? Will they miss me?) 
D. Excited, because you have a FREE NIGHT away from the kids.

Find our Which Type of Mum you are!

If you answered mostly A, click HERE.

If you answered mostly B, click HERE.

If you answered mostly C, click HERE.

If you answered mostly D, click HERE.

I’d love for you to share – which type of Mum are you?

Leave a comment below – was this quiz accurate? (Or could there be improvements?!)


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About Fi Morrison

Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.


    • Aren’t those quizzes the best? I did it with my sister too! Love the Mostly B’s, I need to work on being a bit more laid back I think!

  1. Fun. I got THE NONCHALANT MUMMA. I am The Messy Bun Mama on the quiz I have on my site.

  2. Now I’m just confused because I got 4 Bs, 3 As, 2 Cs, and a D (but that one could have gone B or D). So…I don’t know what kind of mom I am?!?! I think you need a category for the tired mom who doesn’t want to get out of bed but would like to do all the things right now and send the kids to the babysitter’s for a week because they’re overwhelming me. So…does that make me an E???? Loved this post- it was sooooo much fun! For real though I think I’m a mix of A and B!

    • Oh if there was the tired mum that would totally be me too! If you got mostly B’s and A’s, I’d say you’re the Optimistic, Nonchalant mumma! 🙂

    • That’s awesome Nicolle, I think it’s great to be a more relaxed mumma 🙂 You must tell me your secret haha!

    • Haha I’m glad it was right 🙂 You must teach me your ways, I need to be more laid back!


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