Mostly A’s – The Optimistic Mumma

Congratulations! You got mostly A’s on the “Which Type of Mum Are you?” Quiz, making you the “Optimistic Mumma”! These are the perky mums who will try to convince all the other mums that everything will be okay. They share only the best stories about their baby, because apparently their baby has never spat up in public or terrorised them with a full-blown meltdown. (Okay, this has probably happened, but they are optimistic about it!). They seem to be really buzzing on the motherhood life, and want to share it with everyone. They don’t ever have a bad thing to say about their baby or #mumlife, and they make motherhood look picture perfect (literally). With thousands of photos and videos on their phones, flooded on their Facebook timelines (always with a smiling mum and baby), they are dubbed the “baby spammers” and are either admired, or unfollowed.

Things this mum might say:

They may come up with phrases such as:

“Johnny slept for 2 hours last night, isn’t he amazing?!”.

“Sophia blew bubbles at me this morning! Isn’t she the cutest?”

“Ryan has had his 3rd poo explosion of the morning. Aren’t babies hilarious?”

Why we love this mum:

As ‘annoying’ as their perky attitude might be, these mums really help us other mums to feel better when we’re down. They keep things in perspective for us, reminding us of the beautiful blessings our little bubbas are. While I’m not always an optimistic mum myself, I have a lot of admiration for them. They take everything in their stride and well and truly enjoy every second with their baby. This is the mum I know I aspire to be like!

Did you get Mostly A’s? Are you the Optimistic Mumma? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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About Fi Morrison

Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.


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