The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

(I received all the products in this Gift Guide for the purpose of reviewing them for Mother’s Day. My views are my own.)

I am beyond excited to celebrate my first Mother’s Day this year. Not (JUST) because of the Mother’s Day Gift I’ll receive, but because it is a day I can celebrate the wonderful journey of motherhood I have embarked on, and spend it with my lovely little family. But, of course, it is nice to also feel appreciated and valued for the hard work us mummas do. Yesterday I worked with The Nursery Collective to put together their Inaugural Mother’s Day Edit of some amazing Mother’s Day Gifts from a range of Australian Small Businesses, and so I wanted to share these beautiful gifts with you all as well.

Whether you prefer to be a Mindful Mumma, a Pampered Mumma or a Fashionista Mumma, or if you are a Breastfeeding Mumma, there is a gift here for any woman! Make sure you share this with your hubby this Mother’s Day to receive a gift you love.

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Mother's Day Gifts 29

For the Mindful Mumma 

Create your own Gift Box (The Natural Gift Box Co)

Mother's Day Gifts 19Mother's Day Gifts 21Mother's Day Gifts 22

Cost: Varies according to selected products – Mother’s Day gift boxes from $60.00

The Natural Gift Box Co. has a range of Mother’s Day Gift Boxes for a range of mummas (including the Mindful Mumma), but what I love the most is the “Create your own” Gift Box option. I chose a selection of products to help me relax my body and my mind, including a Coconut hand + body butter (yum!), an uplift Organic Bath Soak (because baths in winter are divine!), 3x inspirational watercolour prints, and the Thrive by Nature Tea Sampler Pack, including 9 different types of tea. This beautifully wrapped and well-presented gift box is perfect for the mindful mumma in your life.

Shop Gift Boxes (including “Create Your Own”) from The Natural Gift Co. at The Nursery Collective HERE. 

Sugar Scrubs (The Stamped Anchor)

Mother's Day Gifts 16Mother's Day Gifts 17Mother's Day Gifts 18

Cost: $12.00 each

The sugar scrubs created by The Stamped Anchor are a delight for the senses! Vibrantly coloured and smelling absolutely divine, they use sugar combined with coconut oil to exfoliate the skin, leaving it silky smooth afterwards. I’ve been using the different scrubs day and night (all of which have different purposes, such as Lavender to relax at night time), and my skin has been left glowing! These scrubs will definitely brighten up any mother’s day.

Shop Sugar Scrubs from The Stamped Anchor at The Nursery Collective HERE – they have a 40% off discount running on their Sugar Scrubs (Code: MUMMASCRUB), so hurry now before it ends May 15th.

For the Pampered Mumma

Pamper Box (Ava Lola Organics) 

Mother's Day Gifts 10Mother's Day Gifts 11Mother's Day Gifts 12

Cost: $80.00

 Every woman loves a bit of pampering (some more than others!), and Mother’s Day is the perfect day to spoil a lucky mumma. The Pamper Box from Ava Lola Organics is the ideal pampering gift, including all the essentials for a spa day: a Candle, Body Brush, Sweet Orange Bath Salts, Coffee Scrub, Charcoal, Paw Paw Lip Butter and Organza Pouch (filled with potpourri). The generous portions of the bath salts, scrub and charcoal will mean that this mumma can have multiple relaxing nights by the bath, making Mother’s Day a long-lasting celebration!

Shop Pamper Boxes from Ava Lola Organics at The Nursery Collective HERE.

Chenille Robe (Lyn’s Label Organic Baby)

Mother's Day Gifts 13Mother's Day Gifts 15Mother's Day Gifts 14

Cost: $80.00 (discount now until the end of May; regularly $160.00)

If you’re really looking to spoil a mumma this Mother’s Day, why not gift her with something that will make every bath feel like a relaxing day spa? The Chenille Robe from Lyn’s Label Organic Baby is a gorgeously soft, floor length robe that will bring this mumma endless comfort and luxury. And the perfect thing about Chenille (I just learnt!), is that the more you wash it, the softer it gets. This robe will last a lifetime!

Shop Chenille Robes from Lyn’s Label Organic Baby at The Nursery Collective HERE. The robes are currently on sale at 50% OFF (Down from $160 to $80) until the end of the month only. Hurry to claim this amazing deal!

For the Stylish Mumma

Famke Luxe Necklace + Matching Keyring (Eiress)

Mother's Day Gifts 1Mother's Day Gifts 2Mother's Day Gifts 3

Cost: $30.90 (Necklace) + $17.90 (Personalised Keyring)

The Famke Luxe collection at Eiress is a stunning accessory for any woman, but particularly for mummas. Made from 100% certified food grade silicone, these necklaces are easy to clean and durable. As a new mother, it can be hard to feel “pretty” most days, but this accessory makes it easy to dress up any outfit and walk out in style. Eiress has a gorgeous collection of necklaces to suit any mumma, so make sure you check them out this Mother’s Day.

Shop Necklaces and Keyrings from Eiress at The Nursery Collective HERE.

Trapeze Dress (Modimade) 

Mother's Day Gifts 4Mother's Day Gifts 5Mother's Day Gifts 6

Cost: $89.95 

If you’re shopping for a fashionista mum, or a socially conscious mum, Modimade is the beautifully-blended version of both. Modimade is an independent enterprise that supports Cambodian artisans through trade and design partnerships. The Modimade range is created using remnant fabrics from factory left overs, and the garments with screen printing are printed by hand using water based inks. The Trapeze dress is stunning and extremely comfortable. It is perfect for any season as it can be worn as is, or layered with leggings, boots, a jacket and scarf to keep warm in the cooler months. A must have for any mother’s wardrobe.

Shop the Trapeze Dress from Modimade at The Nursery Collective HERE.

Mama Beanie (My Tiny Wardrobe)

If you love a bit of matchy-matchy as much as I do, why not buy one of these gorgeous mama beanies from My Tiny Wardrobe? They are perfect for the winter weather coming our way, and come in a gorgeous selection of colours including pink, white, pale grey, mustard, cream, dark grey, deep pink, plum and navy. All beanies come in sizes from small (0-6 months old, head circumference 36cm) to Adult (head circumference of 50cm). Hurry and grab your gorgeous mama beanie (and matching beanie for bub) today while stocks last!

Shop Mama Beanies from My Tiny Wardrobe at The Nursery Collective HERE.

Décor Centerpiece (Pieces of Happiness)

Mother's Day Gifts 23Mother's Day Gifts 24Mother's Day Gifts 25

Cost: $39.00

Pieces of Happiness create stunning handmade letters for both mums and bubs. They make beautiful stylish centerpieces for any room of the house (mine is prominent in my office space). The letters incorporate soft fabric and padding coupled with sturdy edges to make them durable. They measure 22cm x 16cm, making them a bold piece of décor without being overstated. These letters can be used individually (like an initial) or combined (as in a name) to make any space stand out. Perfect for the stylist mummas out there!

Shop Décor Pieces from Pieces of Happiness at The Nursery Collective HERE.

For the Breastfeeding Mumma

Plum Scandi Necklace (The Bub Designs)

Mother's Day Gifts 7Mother's Day Gifts 8Mother's Day Gifts 9

Cost: $24.95

As a breastfeeding mum myself, I always find it hard to dress appropriately for feeding and still feel good in what I’m wearing. The Scandi Necklace collection from The Bub Designs (with a range of colours including plum, olive, mustard and maroon), is the perfect accessory for the breastfeeding mum’s wardrobe. They are made from BPA Free Silicone beads and Raw Beech Wood Beads, tied together with a nylon string and Break Away Clasp to protect from handsy bubs! If you know a breastfeeding mum, make sure you grab her one of these this Mother’s Day! 

Shop Necklaces from The Bub Designs at The Nursery Collective HERE.

Please Note from The Bub Designs’ website: Due to the current standards issued by the ACCC this necklace is not suitable for the use of Teething. It is recommended to be used solely by an adult and for the purposes of a fashion accessory only. It is not to be used by children under the age of 3.

Munch + Smoothie Mixes (Milk Mama)

Mother's Day Gifts 26Mother's Day Gifts 27Mother's Day Gifts 28

Cost: $15.90 (Munch Mix) + $15.90 (Smoothie Mix)

The Munch and Smoothie mixes are an amazing Mother’s Day gift because they are delicious, and easy to use (the munch mix is all ready to go!). They use natural ingredients (“Galactagogues”) to boost the milk supply (I did a review on the Milk Mama Smoothie Mixes a couple of months ago HERE). The Fenugreek & Coconut Munch mix can be added to a range of meals – I have been having it on my cereal. There is a recommended amount to consume a day to help boost your supply, so make sure you read the instructions. The Munch mix will give this mum the ultimate gift of amazing taste, with the added bonus of increased milk supply.

Shop Munch + Smoothie Mixes from Milk Mama at The Nursery Collective HERE.



If you’re looking for some other gifts for Mother’s Day this year, check out the full range of products in our Mother’s Day Edit over at The Nursery Collective.

So they’re my top Mother’s Day gifts for this year – what has been your favourite Mother’s Day Gift of all time?



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