Plum Collections – Winter Baby Sleeping Bag Review 2017

The “Cosiest” Sleeping Bag – Plum Collections

(I received a Plum Collections 3.5 Tog Sleeping Bag for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.)

plum collections winter baby sleeping bag

About the Plum Collections Sleeping Bag

Cost: Prices vary from $54.95 (0.5 tog) – $84.95 (3.5 tog)

Available Togs: 0.5 tog, 1.0 tog, 2.5 tog and 3.5 tog

NOTE: The 3.5 Tog Sleeping Bag is the only one that comes with long sleeves. All other togs are short-sleeved Sleeping Bags.

Available Sizes: 0-6 months; 6-18 months; 18 – 36 months.

Zipper: Front zipper, standard. 2 zippers

Material: Outer material is Polyester Wadding; Lining is Cotton Jersey.

Note: The 0.5 and 1.0 tog sleeping bags also come in Bamboo Jersey material. Visit their website to read more about these sleeping bags.

Washability: Machine wash 40c; do not tumble dry; cool iron. 

High Fire Danger

Available Designs: In the 3.5 Tog, the options are Safari, Anchor and Bunny. Different togs (and materials, for the 0.5 tog and 1.0 tog) offer different designs. Add all the designs??

Other Features: The 3.5 Tog sleeping bag comes with Long sleeves, and fits a 5 point travel harness. Red nose??

Where you can get it from: Baby Bunting and Babies ‘R’ Us Stores; Plum Collections Online Store; Red Nose Online Store.

Website and Socials: WEBSITE // FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM

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Our Review of the Plum Collections Sleeping Bag:

Tog: 3.5                                                                                     Size: 6-18 months


The Plum Collections Safari Sleeping Bag has the perfect blend of sleek, stylish dots and lines, and gorgeous child-esque animals on the front. The 3.5 Tog sleeping bag has long sleeves, although they don’t look overly long laying flat. Once we put the sleeping bag on Starfish however, we found that the sleeves do currently fit him, because the shoulders sit quite high and wide overall.

The Plum Sleeping Bag fits a 5 point travel harness, so has a double zip to allow for easy access (also great for the middle of the night nappy changes), and a hole at the back which closes with Velcro. As the zip opens and closes from the top, there is a tab/chin protector that buttons across to stop chaffing from the zipper. There is also another cover for the bottom of the zipper.

The 3.5 Tog Sleeping Bag is a large-fitting sleeping bag that has been designed to suit a large age range. It also fits into the “mermaid tail” category of sleeping bag for this reason, similar to the Woolbabe, Merino Kids and Gro Company designs.

plum collections winter baby sleeping bag 3plum collections winter baby sleeping bag 9


The first thing we noticed when we pulled out the Plum Sleeping Bag was how warm and cosy it felt. It is an incredibly nice-feeling sleeping bag (I want an adult one!), and I knew that it would keep Starfish warm through the night. With the polyester wadding however, I knew it wouldn’t be the most breathable, so it may not be the most ideal for those sweaty babies. The packaging comes with instructions on what to dress bub in during the night depending on temperature, which will ensure that your baby does not overheat during the night. Starfish slept very well in his Plum Sleeping bag, as the nights have gotten particularly cool over the last couple of weeks.

I’ve become more inclined towards long sleeves as the nights are getting cooler, so the fact that the Plum bag had long sleeves was another winner for me. However, I was a bit unsure about the shortness of the sleeves. As I mentioned before, they do cover to Starfish’s wrists, however he has the bag sitting up high on his shoulders, which actually lifts the whole sleeping bag up towards his head a bit. However as he gets older and fills out the sleeping bag more, this will become less of an issue.

The large-fitting bag is also great for the babies who love movement while sleeping. If you have a bub who enjoys rolling onto their tummy, just make sure that the neck is snug enough as the high shoulders can make the sleeping bag ride up. For Starfish, despite all his best efforts of rolling, this wasn’t a major issue but something to be mindful of.

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The Plum Sleeping Bag is easy to do up and undo, and the two zippers are perfect for navigating midnight changes or travelling with a sleeping bub. With the larger size, it does make it easier to transition a sleeping baby into (as you don’t have to move baby a lot to tuck in arms and legs). The button over tabs at the top and bottom of the zippers are also great for protecting bub’s chin and avoiding the zipper from getting caught on anything.

Another winner is the ability to fit a 5 point travel harness. This sleeping bag is great for transporting a sleeping baby and making the transition to their cot much easier. There is a hole at the back of the sleeping bag – with a Velcro opening – to put the seatbelt into. I thought the Velcro would be lumpy, however it didn’t bother Starfish at all, especially being slightly lower in the sleeping bag.

plum collections winter baby sleeping bag 4


While the sleeping bag is very cosy and kept Starfish very warm during the night, I’m not a massive fan of the design of the shoulders with the shorter arms. That said, it is a very warm, comfortable sleeping bag – with long sleeves! – that will last your baby almost 2 winters (depending on when you start using it!), so if the shoulders don’t bother you as a personal preference, then it is great value compared to some of the more expensive sleeping bags with similar features.

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What the Sleep Consultant Said:

Linda was initially drawn to the Plum Sleeping Bag as a standout. She loved that it had long sleeves and was very soft and cosy. She was concerned about the length of the sleeves, as holding it up they look small. She was also worried about the possibility of sweating in the Plum Bag due to the polyester (as safety is her biggest feature, considering overheating as an issue). However, when she looked at the Plum packaging she gave a big thumbs up to the fact that it had recommended clothing to wear for baby.

Linda also loved the fact that the sleeping bag fitted along the chest, but had some decent length to allow for babies to move around. The extra space at the bottom also makes them hip friendly. Lastly, she was also a big fan of the travel component with the 5 point travel harness fitting that makes transitioning easier. A highly recommended bag by the sleep consultant!

Stand out Features:

  • The coziest sleeping bag!
  • Comes with long sleeves (they do fit despite what they might look like!).
  • They have button tabs to cover the zipper ends, protecting the chin and the bottom of the bag from catching on anything.
  • The Plum bag can fit a 5 point travel harness.
  • Stylish and fun design for kids.
  • Two zippers for easy access with nappy changes or travelling.


  • The shoulders sit quite high, so make sure that the neck sits snug enough around your baby’s neck that it won’t ride up if they move around a bit in their sleep.
  • Follow the packaging on what to dress baby in to avoid overheating.

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