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Grobag by Gro Company

(I received a GroBag Sleeping Bag for the purpose of a previous review. All opinions are my own.) 

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About the GroBag Sleeping Bag

Cost: Ranges from $59.95 (0.2 tog), $79.95 (2.5 tog) to $84.95 (3.5 tog)

Available Togs: 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5 and 3.5 tog

Available Sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months

Zipper: Front zipper, double zip (some designs/togs come in a side zip option).

Material: The Outer material is 100% Cotton, with 100% cotton lining and 100% polyester wadding.

Washability: Warm gentle machine wash; Tumble dry on low heat.

High Fire Danger

Available Designs: Different togs come in a range of different colours and designs, however the 6-18 months 2.5 tog sleeping bags come in: Up and Away; Supersonic; Martian; Liquorice; Boats; Bird; Apple; Zig Zag; Spotty Dotty; Knight’s Tale; Highest Height; Hear Me Roar; Fairy Kingdom; Arrows; Lime Park; Daisy Spot; To The Moon; Sausage Dog; Pocketful of Trunks; Pocketful of Fins; Pocketful of Love; E is For Elephant; Sugar and Spice; Drift Off.

Other Features: Some GroBags (when specified) have a travel option, fitting a 5 point travel harness.

Where you can get it from: Baby Bunting; Baby Kingstom; Sleep Store ONLINE (AU); Gro Company Store ONLINE.

Website and Socials: WEBSITE // FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM

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Our Review of the GroBag Travel Sleeping Bag:

Tog/temp: 2.5 Tog                                 Size: 6 – 18 Months


The GroBag Sleeping Bag comes in many fun, child-friendly designs. Our sleeping bag, “To The Moon”, has cute cartoon moons, suns and aliens in UFOs across the body of the bag. I love that it has been designed to have a collage of cartoons down one half of the sleeping bag, and the other half is white with a couple of cartoon characters. The designs on the white part of the fabric are embroidered on, so keep an eye on the threads that they don’t become loose at any stage.

This sleeping bag has two zippers that clip on up the top. There is a small triangular piece of fabric that covers the zipper at the top to prevent rubbing against your child, and there is a button tab at the bottom end of the zippers as well.

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The GroBag was the only sleeping bag that we reviewed that was 2.5 tog. While it was a bit hard to compare the sleeping bags due to the different tog ratings, what we found is that the slightly lighter-weight sleeping bag was great for daytime sleeps, when Starfish was already wearing long sleeved clothing. It allowed us to avoid overheating by putting him in a sleeping bag that suited the slightly warmed daytime weather. As it gets further into winter, however, this may not be the case. The 2.5 tog would be more suitable for the Autumn weather. The GroBag packaging has recommended clothing for babies to wear depending on the tog rating and temperature as well, which is very useful.

The GroBag is another sleeping bag that is large in size due to the wide age range. Again, Starfish prefers the tighter-fitting sleeping bags, so it is a bit larger than our personal preference would like. Particularly as it is a lighter sleeping bag, we found Starfish quite easily rolled around a lot more, and we usually found him at the top of the cot in the mornings (moreso than other sleeping bags). However, for his daytime sleeps, we found that Starfish was quite content in the GroBag and would sleep a couple of cycles through the day.

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The biggest issue I had with the GroBag (besides the tog being different to the other sleeping bags), was that I found it a bit hard to connect the zipper up the top due to the triangular piece of fabric that was there. I may be the only person who has this problem, but I found it was taking me a couple of minutes initially to eventually get the zipper attached. Folding the fabric back the entire way is obviously helpful, but something to be mindful of. Of course, if this was the biggest issue we were having – well, it’s not that big of an issue, right? Just something to consider if you’re trying to transition a sleeping baby, etc.

On the topic of transitioning sleeping babies, the GroBag is great again due to its large size, that it can be easy to open it up wide enough o put baby in and out of (of course, as they get closer to the 18 month end, it might be a bit more challenging). The GroBag that we reviewed is also designed for travelling in the car or pram, with a pocket at the bottom/back of the sleeping bag that closes with a piece of velcro. The double zipper at the front is perfect for feeding the seat belt through the front (and also makes it a lot easier for nappy changes in the middle of the night!). 

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While you might like to invest in a thicker sleeping bag for the middle of winter, the 2.5 tog Grobag has been valuable for us as a daytime sleeping bag. It is lighter fabric, making it perfect for the warmth we still feel in the middle of the day to avoid overheating our bub. I have found it very valuable for day sleeps, as I don’t have to bother changing Starfish for the warmer sleeping bags (such as putting him in less layers of clothes).

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 What the Sleep Consultant Said:

Linda agreed that this GroBag was more lightweight than the others. It was Linda who really saw the value of this tog for the day sleeps, as it was perfect for transferring bub for their day nap. She also noted that due to the lighter fabric, it would be less sweaty – particularly for those babies prone to sweating.

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Stand out Features:

  • Cute and fun design for children.
  • Lightweight sleeping bag/tog good for day sleeps.
  • Easy to transfer bub in and out of while sleeping.
  • 5 point transfer harness for transitioning to/from car seats and prams.
  • Less sweaty fabric.


  • If you’re looking for a sleeping bag for the middle of the night in winter, you’ll need to consider a higher tog rating (the GroBags do come in a 3.5 tog). Check the guide provided by the Gro Company as to what to dress bub in to avoid overheating or undressing them, particularly during the night.
  • Attaching the zipper at the top can be super annoying, but not a deal breaker. Just be aware when attaching the zipper to fold the fabric all the way back.

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