ErgoPouch Winter Baby Sleeping Bag Review 2017

The Best “Walker/Toddler” Sleeping Bag – ErgoPouch

(I received an ErgoPouch Sleeping Bag Sleep Suit for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.)

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About the ErgoPouch Winter Sleeping Bag (Sleep Suit)

Cost: $84.95

Available Togs: 1.0, 2.5 and 3.5 Tog

NOTE: The 1.0 tog ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bags have SHORT sleeves for the arms; the 2.5 and 3.5 tog have LONG sleeve arms.

Available Sizes: 2-12 months; 8-24 months; 2-4 years and 4-6 years

Zipper: Front Zip. 2 sections of zippers: The top zipper zips down from the top to mid-length of the sleeping bag to get the body in; The bottom zipper has two zippers that can convert to legs or zip up as one into a sleeping bag.

Material: Made with Organic Cotton Sheeting filled with Cotton. 100% Cotton filling. Stretch side panels/inserts made with 95% Organic Cotton and 5% Elastane for flexibility. Cotton Fleece for long sleeve arms.

Washability: Cold Machine Wash, Cool tumble dry, Moderately hot iron, Dry Cleanable

High Fire Danger

Available Designs: Tulip (Pink), Blue Dot (White with blue), Navy Cross (blue/teal), Mint, Apricot (with grey), Cub (leopard print, 2.5 tog), Mint Cross (1.0 tog), Pink Leaf (with navy blue, 1.0 tog), Navy paint (1.0 tog), and Denim Arrow (light blue 1.0 tog).

Other Features: Grip pads on the bottom of the feet for walkers; Long sleeves include fold over mittens.

Where you can get it from: Baby Bunting; Babies R’ Us;; Online at the Ergopouch store; Various other online stores.

Websites and Socials: WEBSITE // FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM

Our Review of the ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag:

Tog: 3.5 Tog                                                           Size: 2-12 months (length 80cm)


The ErgoPouch has developed a one-of-its-kind Sleep Suit Bag that really considers the development of the baby. The Sleep Suit Bag converts from a sleeping bag to a “suit” with zip-up legs, allowing walkers the flexibility to move their legs around, or stand up in their cot (as opposed to standing up in a sleeping bag where they might trip and hurt themselves). There is the added bonus of grip pads on the bottoms of the feet, making it even safer for those walkers to stand safely in their cot. The separate zip components also allow for easy nappy changes at night time, as well as easy transport if your baby has fallen asleep away from home and you need to transport them in the car.

The ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag comes in a range of stylish designs – going with some gorgeous colours such as mint and apricot, as well as some ‘traditional’ pinks and blues. We were excited to receive the Navy Cross Sleep Suit Bag because it looks rather trendy, and brings out Starfish’s deep blue eyes! 

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The ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bags come in a range of togs, meaning they are designed to suit all types of weather and temperatures. For the cooler months, the 3.5 Tog (suiting approx. 15-21 degrees) keeps bub nice and warm, especially with the cotton fleece long sleeves that can fold over into mittens. Starfish has been keeping nice and toasty in his ErgoPouch as the weather in Sydney gets cooler.

One of the big things I’ve found difficult as a new mum is knowing what clothes to put Starfish in for bed time. The Sleep Suit Bag comes with a small guide of what to put bub in for bed time depending on what tog sleeping bag they’re in (and it even has a little room thermometer on the back. How nifty!).

The Sleep Suit Bag has stretch side panels (a combination of organic cotton and elastane) to allow some flexibility when your baby is sleeping and moving. The Bag also feels quite firm with its filling (not too “heavy”), so it was obvious that Starfish would be kept nice and warm during the night.

The Sleep Suit Bag is quite snug around the chest, which especially suited Starfish as he likes to feel nicely tucked-in. The neck hole was a perfect fit, and the arms were cosy and a GOOD LENGTH, which was a real bonus (see the sleep consultant’s notes below).

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The big thing I found with the ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag was the size. When choosing the ErgoPouch, consider the size you are choosing for your bub (particularly the measurements). While Starfish is 8 months old, the 2-12 month sleeping bag he is using is starting to get a little tight, making it difficult to transition him in and out of the sleeping bag. As a lot of mummas commented recently, being able to move baby into a sleeping bag smoothly while asleep is a must. We found this difficult with the ErgoPouch, particularly tucking his legs into the separate leg pieces and then tucking his arms in as well. However, the Sleep Suit Bag was one of the best sleeping bags for Starfish in terms of consistent sleep, so for us, that outweighs getting him in and out easily (as we don’t often transition him into a sleeping bag when he’s already asleep).

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Weighing up the cost of the sleeping bag for what it is worth, I think this sleeping bag is excellent value. It keeps Starfish warm during the night (especially with the long arms, that is a personal winner for me!), and fits snuggly across his chest and body which helps him to sleep. Despite struggling to get him in and out of the bag (maybe a size too small?), the benefits of sound sleep far outweigh this. I like that it matches his development, meaning that when he is old enough to stand in his cot, the grip pads will keep him safe and prevent him from slipping. Despite not being at that stage yet, he is loving the freedom of kicking his legs around (separately in the suit legs).

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What the Sleep Consultant Said:

As safety was a big key feature for Linda, she absolutely loved the warmness and length of the arms to keep bub warm through the night. She also suggested that the tighter chest would suit babies who like to be wrapped up and snug (compared to some of the other sleeping bags which were a bit wider across the chest). Of course, the zip up legs were a stand-out feature, as again they promoted safety for babies standing in their cots. Lastly she loved that the zip-up legs meant that the Sleep Suit Bag was great for travelling with baby (if baby fell asleep out and could be easily transitioned in and out of the car). The ErgoPouch was one of the overall favourites with Linda.

Stand out Features:

  • Zip Up legs safe for walkers (with grips on the feet).
  • The zips are also great for nappy changes and travelling.
  • Cotton Fleece long sleeves with convertible mittens.
  • Chin protector strap across the zip.
  • Stylish Design.
  • Warm – the cotton filling keeps bub warm overnight without overheating.


  • Make sure the size fits your baby as they are tight fitting.
  • Also consider the long term expense of having to upsize as bub grows older (due to the excellent quality though I wouldn’t have an issue with this).
  • The ErgoPouch may not be the easiest sleeping bag to transition a sleeping baby into.
  • Follow the packaging guidelines for dressing bub in appropriate clothes to avoid overheating or underdressing.

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