DIY Mother’s Day Sugar Scrubs

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we might all be running around looking for the perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for your mums (or yourselves! Am I right Mummas?!). On the weekend I shared my Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide with some amazing gifts for all types of mums! But if you’re the DIY kind of mumma, you might love the idea of getting creative and making something special for your mum. I am in love with Clarissa from The View From Here as she shares some gorgeous DIY projects that anyone can do (including me!!). Tonight she has shared her two favourite sugar scrubs that you can easily make at home to gift to a mumma this Mother’s Day. These sugar scrubs are perfect for the mum in need of some rest and relaxation, so I hope you enjoy these DIY Sugar Scrubs!

DIY Sugar Scrub 1

DIY Sugar Scrubs

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Hey there mums! Clarissa here from The View From Here, ready to give you the EASIEST self-love DIY project ever: Homemade Sugar Scrubs. These are perfect to whip up for Mother’s Day – for your own mom, your girlfriends, or just to add to your personal stash of at-home-spa goodies for when you need to treat yo’ self.

You hardly need anything (which is the best part of this project! Because who has time to run around looking for a million ingredients or materials when the whole point of these scrubs is to feel luxurious and relax, #amiright).

The base ingredients are just coconut oil, and regular kitchen sugar. THAT’S IT! To jazz things up a bit, we’re going to make some fun variations on this by adding essential oils and a few extra ingredients. In this post, I’ll show you how to make a Coconut Mint Mojito Scrub, a Relaxing Lavender Scrub, and a Citrus Mix scrub. Let’s get to it then!

Coconut Mint Mojito Scrub

For the Coconut Mint Mojito Scrub, you’ll want your bases: ½ cup of coconut oil (NOT melted – we don’t want our sugar dissolving!), ½ cup sugar, fresh mint leaves, and some lime essential oil (make sure to buy high quality essential oils, preferably from a reputable apothecary type store – some of the cheaper oils may irritate the skin).

DIY Sugar Scrub 2

You’ll notice in the photos that I’m using ½ cup oil, and only ¼ cup sugar, but I realized after experimenting a bit, that I prefer an equal ratio of oil to sugar, so I actually ended up using a ½ cup of each – feel free to experiment and see what consistency you like best.

Chop up your mint, and mix in with your oil and sugar. Add a few drops of lime essential oil (I did about 10 drops because I am obsessed with the scent), and mix further. If it smells like a beach vacation, it’s complete. Lather up!

DIY Sugar Scrub 3DIY Sugar Scrub 4

Relaxing Lavender Sugar Scrub

Next up is our Relaxing Lavender scrub. For this one, I used the same ratios of coconut oil and sugar (1/2 cup each, despite the incorrect photo), lavender essential oil (about 5-7 drops as lavender is a pretty strong scent), and I added in actual dried lavender pieces.

DIY Sugar Scrub 5

Again, super difficult instructions here, just mix everything up. If it smells like a tranquil day-spa (one of those ones that gives you fluffy white robes you want to steal and chilled cucumber water in the lobby), then you’re done! The lavender pieces are totally optional – just adds some color and texture to the scrub.

DIY Sugar Scrub 6

And for the very last, we’re just going to stick to the base ingredients with a blend of essential oils. To make a summery citrus smell, I chose lemon and blood orange (the coconut-y scent of the oil was a nice touch too) – I chose to forgo any additional add-ins, but you could definitely zest a lemon and add the little flakes in if you want some color!

DIY Sugar Scrub 7

And that’s it! As far as projects go, this one is SO time efficient, SO good for your skin, and SO not a pain-in-the-butt to make. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you’re able to whip up some luxurious scrubs for yourself – you deserve it momma 😉


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