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Best and Less

best and less winter baby sleeping bag review


About the Best and Less Sleeping Bag

Cost: $15.00

Available Togs: Unknown

Available Sizes: 3-6 months; 6-12 months; 12-18 months; 18-24 months.

Zipper: Front zipper, standard.

Material: Polyester. (Polyester and Cotton also available for $20.00 – $25.00)

Washability: Warm gentle machine wash; do not soak or bleach; line dry without delay; tumble dry warm; warm iron reverse; do not dry clean.

High Fire Danger

Available Designs: Dinosaurs; Blue and black with white crosses; Pink and navy blue with white cats; Pink and white with white diamond shapes (all with various stitched phrases on the right breast).

Other Features: Long sleeves.

Where you can get it from: Best and Less in store (designs might vary); online at Best and Less.

Website and Socials: WEBSITE // FACEBOOK // INSTAGRAM

Our Review of the Best and Less Sleeping Bag:

Tog: Unknown                                                               Size: 6-12 months (8-10kg)


The Best and Less sleeping bag is a very simple sleeping bag with one zip (bottom to top) and long sleeves. The sleeping bag we tried is 100% polyester, so it feels soft and fluffy. It also feels considerably warm which is great, although hard when it doesn’t provide a tog or temperature rating.

The Best and Less range also have some funky, kid-like designs which are cute – we loved the dinosaur sleeping bag to fit our overall “theme” for Starfish and his nursery. They have a variety of ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ style sleeping bags to choose from, which is always fun to shop for.
best and less winter baby sleeping bag 2


The 6-12 month sleeping bag is a “perfect” fit for our son. His feet exactly touch the bottom, and they also have nice long arms for him. As he is on the higher end of the 8-10 kg spectrum for this size sleeping bag (maybe even slightly bigger), the sleeping bag fits tightly around him as well which he likes.

As a cheaper sleeping bag, it is without several features including a tog rating. While this isn’t necessary, it is nice to know what temperatures the sleeping bag is recommended for, as well as suggested clothing for these temps. Most of the “Name Brand” sleeping bags provide these ratings and suggested clothing, which Linda (our sleep consultant, see below) recommends as a must with sleeping bags.

best and less winter baby sleeping bag


The Best and Less Sleeping Bag is a simple, standard sleeping bag. It doesn’t come with any extra features, so you don’t have to contend with any extra bits and pieces (making it easy to use). Even though it is really cheap, Starfish seemed to sleep well and stay warm through the night in it.

Depending on what you are looking for in a sleeping bag, it is missing some “key” features that some mums might look for: there is only a single zip (meaning no easy nappy changes at night time), and no travel options. While this isn’t an issue for us, it may be a consideration for other mums.

best and less winter baby sleeping bag 3


I found this sleeping bag surprisingly good considering the price ($15.00). When I spoke with mums prior to this review who said they used “cheapo” sleeping bags, I wasn’t convinced. However, the Best and Less sleeping bag is warm and simple to use, and would make a great sleeping bag for mums on a budget.

best and less winter baby sleeping bag 4

 What the Sleep Consultant Said:

Linda agreed that the Best and Less sleeping bag was reasonable, considering its cheap price. She did note that the Polyester material (especially with no fill inside) wouldn’t be good for sweaty babies as there was no breathability. She loved that it came with long sleeves, and said for what it is (a cheaper option) it was a decent sleeping bag. The problem with the cheaper sleeping bags, as Linda pointed out, is that they don’t come with a tog/temperature rating, and therefore no recommendations on how to dress your baby to avoid overheating or underdressing – and for Linda this was a must.

Stand out Features:

  • Very Cheap sleeping bag.
  • Long sleeves to keep bub warm.
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • No tog/temperature rating, so it might be difficult to know what to dress baby in before bedtime – especially as the polyester isn’t a breathable fabric (watch out if you have an excessively sweaty baby).
  • There is also no fill inside, providing no padding or extra layer for bub during the night.
  • No “extra” features that some mums might be looking for, e.g. travel options or easy to transfer a sleeping baby.
  • The sleeping bags run in smaller size ranges, meaning you’d need to buy sleeping bags more frequently (but due to the price this may not be an issue).
  • It doesn’t come with information such as what to dress your baby in, which for Linda was a must.

Best and Less Baby Sleeping Bag 1

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