Dear Starfish: 8 Months Old

dear starfish 8 months

Dear Starfish,

Somewhere in this month, daddy and I blinked and you turned into a little boy. It’s not just physically – although now you have your top two teeth and some hair, you’re definitely looking more boy-ish! – but it is your whole persona. You are getting more energetic now, with the same rambunctious attitude as a growing toddler. You get very excited, waving your arms and kicking your legs ferociously. This usually involves you kicking mummy in the ribs (or boobs) when you join us in the big bed on weekends. Needless to say mummy doesn’t like that (haha!).

There are many more people commenting on your budding personality. A lot of people have noticed your curious nature – your intense need to take in the world around you. However this hasn’t translated into a need to actively pursue things (yet). While you enjoy motoring around in the walker, which you do with ease (you have your full license for that thing!), you aren’t in a rush to crawl. Sometimes you get frustrated easily when you’re on your tummy, and things aren’t right in front of you. I’m sorry; I think you get that from me. You do things in your own time, and your teaching me so much about patience and especially about appreciating you for the gorgeous little boy you are (not putting my own expectations or perfectionism onto you). 

This was another exciting month for you, with so many things happening:

  • You got two more teeth – you now have your top and bottom two chompers, and it has changed your whole look. You are now definitely a little boy!
  • You’re slowly growing hair – YAY! We were even able to spike it a little bit!
  • You are still trying to crawl. You mostly go backwards, but have started to go forwards. You move very slowly, and you’re still working out the mechanics of it all. You are more intrigued by gadgets and gizmos like phones, remote controls and Xbox controllers, so we use these to encourage you to crawl (rather than any of your toys).
  • You’re starting to learn how to high-five and kiss, which I love of course! Mummy is still teaching you to clap and stick your tongue out. You are also great at communicating that you’d like to be picked up, which we’ve been teaching you for a few months now.
  • You are by far the most vocal baby around. You’ve started saying “Dad”, and I *think* you’re trying to say mum actually to me (when you’re upset, or when I come to pick you up from your cot). You also constantly use a variety of “gah” and “vah” and “bah” sounds – you’re constantly babbling first thing in the morning or when you wake up.
  • You’ve been introduced to some animals, making friends with Oscar the dog and Benjamin Bunny. We are still learning the definition of GENTLE, as you almost grabbed Benjamin Bunny’s full head!
  • You’re starting to bite, which isn’t fun for mum while feeding, but is helping with your solids – we’re trying to increase your range of solids, including scrambled eggs, minced meat, and pasta. You’ve had some mixed reactions so far
  • You went through a big Wonder Week this month, with a few random screaming outbursts – however you’re still one of the most easy going babies I’ve seen (at the April Babes + Picnics event you were an angel while mum had to busily run around to meet other mums).

Well, my little Starfish, no matter how fast time goes, you’ll always be my baby boy. Even now as everyone reminds us that your growing up and becoming a little boy, I’ll always remember you early months. I still read back over my previous letters to you, reminiscing on your childhood. I hope you might too.

I love you more than I could ever describe, and you will ALWAYS be my little man. 

All my love, always and Forever,

Mummy xoxox

Dear Starfish 8 Months 2

Playing with the Sensory Bottle.

Dear Starfish 8 Months 3

Trying out a new sleeping bag.

Dear Starfish 8 Months 4

Our first Wiggles concert!

Dear Starfish 8 Months 5

Sensory experience – eating coloured spaghetti.





Dear Starfish 8 Months 7

The smile that brightens my day!

Dear Starfish 8 Months 8

Your new best friend – Mini Lolo!















Dear Starfish 8 months 9

With your friend Clare.

Dear Starfish 8 Months 9

  My gorgeous Starfish!


Dear Starfish 8 months 10

Your first Easter, where we spent the morning at Church.

Dear Starfish 8 months 11

You’re now into hair pulling – oh goody!

Dear Starfish 8 months 12

We tried the carrier forward-facing. Needs some adjusting I think




Dear Starfish 8 months 13

Playing some music.











Dear Starfish 8 months 14

Playing with your friend Rocco at Babes + Picnics.


Dear Starfish 8 months 15

Being ‘gentle’ with Benjamin Bunny.

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