9 Amazingly Easy Homemade Baby Toys

Are you looking for some homemade baby toys for under 1 year olds? It can be hard to find inexpensive baby toys, let alone ones that will help their learning and development. Below I’ve included my top 9 ways to create homemade baby toys that are both engaging and promote baby’s development.

homemade baby toys

As a primary school teacher, I know how important it is to be ‘teaching’ children, especially infants, about the world around them. We often tell parents to let their babies explore the world around them in order to learn, but how often do we give parents a nudge in the right direction on how to do that? Even as a trained teacher, I myself was a bit unsure of what to do with this tiny human – I’m equipped to deal with them when they are 5 years and older! But seriously… how can we help our babies to learn – that’s the fundamental question, right? We want clarification that we are doing the right things as mums – we are doing the best we can and giving our bubs the best start to life.

If this is you, I hope these top 10 homemade toys for babies under 1 year old will help you feel more confident in providing some amazing learning experiences for your baby at home.

1. Pasta shaker/rattle

Probably one of the simplest homemade toys for babies you could make, add some plain pasta (or rice) to a plastic water bottle to create an instant rattle. Rattles are a great way to develop a baby’s sense of hearing, and help them to associate sounds with objects and actions (for example, recognising that the plastic bottle will make a rattle sound when I hold it and shake it up and down). This is great for bubs who can start grabbing onto toys – if not, hold it and shake it in front of them, or shake it to the sides so they can learn to turn their head towards the sounds.

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2. Play Pen (until they can climb out)

To keep your bub entertained for more than 5 minutes (maybe while you’re in desperate need of a shower), grab a washing basket and fill it with some baby-appropriate toys (teething toys are always good!). Sit bub in the basket, when they are able to sit unaided, and allow them to play with all the toys. They should stay relatively within reach as they fall into the basket, unless they have learnt to start throwing – in which case, good luck!

homemade baby toys 5homemade baby toys 7

3. Mirror (foil)

Babies learning to recognise themselves in the mirror is a really important part of their development of self-concept and self-awareness. Exposure to as many mirrors and shiny surfaces to look at themselves supports this. If you don’t have many ‘mirrors’ available, create your own with a piece of cardboard and a flat piece of foil.

homemade baby toys 8

4. Coloured spaghetti/sensory play

I got this great sensory play idea from Casey of Little Lifelong Learners (her eBook has the idea, it is AH-MAZING). I cooked plain spaghetti and put some food colouring in the water as it was boiling (make sure you put in a fair bit to properly dye the spaghetti). I let the spaghetti drain and cool, and then watched as my son played with it. He enjoyed feeling it with his fingers, his face and his mouth (yes he ate a fair bit!). Sensory play supports babies understanding of the world around them, and is super fun for everyone (and messy too!)

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5. Tissue box/scarves

Another tactile – less messy – homemade toy for babies is filling an empty tissue box with scarves or pieces of fabric. Babies can develop their fine and gross motor skills (physical development) by pulling the scarves out of the box.

homemade baby toys 12

6. Tissue box blocks

Another use for tissue boxes (making it a great budget idea, like these other top tips for saving as a new mum) is to get your baby to use them as building blocks. It is a great way to recycle the boxes and allow your baby to develop their physical and cognitive development.

homemade baby toys 13homemade baby toys 14

7. Sensory bottles

These are another great sensory play ideas – mostly for sight (and possibly sound). Fill an empty bottle with water, add some food colouring and possibly glitter glue (because it is pretty and will make the liquid move around slower!) and other objects such as plastic animals, pom poms or the like – get creative! Your baby will love staring at the wonders inside, supporting their cognitive development.

homemade baby toys 15

8. Water Play

Water play is a simple, homemade ‘toy’ for babies, because we have easy access to it. My son is at the stage where he LOVES splashing water (which he started from around 7 months of age). If your highchair has an additional tray, put some water in it and sit your baby at their highchair. Allow them to splash water around (you may like a splash mat or to sit them outside) and let them have fun with it. Alternatively you may get a bucket of water for them to play with – great for the hot, summery days/months.

homemade baby toys 15homemade baby toys 16

9. Edible Paint

I was so excited to try this idea – I honestly can’t remember where I saw it (Pinterest maybe?) so if you have this link please let me know! Simply mix some food colouring with some yoghurt (I use greek yoghurt) and put it on the splash mat for your bub to explore – another messy version of sensory play! That way your bub can smoosh it and if they eat it, there’s no fuss! Alternatively, you can get some non-toxic paint in a zip lock bag and let them feel the paint in the bag.

homemade baby toys 17

If you’re looking for more Baby play acitivites, check out Lauren’s guest post here of 10 brilliant baby play activities or Casey’s guest post on 5 Sensory Tubs for little learners.

What homemade toys have you made for your baby? Has your baby had a favourite toy?

About Fi Morrison

Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.


    • I agree, and they’re super cheap too which is also amazing! Are there any others you used to make at daycare that aren’t on the list?

    • Isn’t it awesome? I found the idea from Casey at Little Lifelong Learners so make sure you check out her amazing range of awesome activities too 🙂

  1. I don’t know why we spend so much money on baby toys when I know that they rather play with these homemade once instead! 😀

    • The sensory bottles are awesome – I used them in my classroom with my Year 2’s (6-7 year olds).

  2. Hi Fi, Thank you for this post, this has given me a few useful ideas for my baby girl, she is my third child and you know I have never tried the laundry basket idea yet! What a genius idea! she is just learning to sit up so I think it will be perfect for her.

    • Glad you got some ideas for your baby girl Clare! The laundry basket is definitely great for her to sit in while she’s still practising to sit. Hope you have a great time exploring these activities with her, we had a blast doing them 🙂


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