5 Ways to Combat the First Baby Cold

This week we had to combat our first baby cold. While it wasn’t super nasty, a baby cold is something all parents (especially new mums!) are a little anxious about. Find below the top ways I have found (as recommendations from real mums and my own experience) to help combat your first baby cold.

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(I received a “Winter Package” From the Little Range for this post).

We’ve been very fortunate that up until now, our little Starfish hasn’t been very sick. When he was a couple of weeks old, he got quite congested and we spent a lot of time in a closed bathroom with steam running from the shower. We did the anxious new parent thing and took him to the hospital when he was 9 days old (we swear he wasn’t breathing properly!). Needless to say, besides that and one other (minor) health scare, we’ve been very lucky that our boy has been in reasonably good health.

This week however, our Starfish got his first fever and his real, first baby cold. Being home alone, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Our thermometer kept giving different readings, and I wasn’t sure which temperature to believe. In the end, we ended up giving him some panadol and putting him down for a sleep (and he slept for AGES). But how do we know what the best thing to do for a baby cold is?

As new mums, we have enough to worry about without being overly anxious about our baby’s health. Below are 5 baby cold remedies you can use to help with your baby’s first cold.

  1. Vicks on their feet (and covered in socks!)

Although I personally haven’t tried this YET (it is on my go-to list for the next baby cold we encounter!), I have had countless mums swear by it. The socks over the feet – after the vicks has been rubbed in – is a must.

  1. Vapouriser

Another go-to for many mums is the use of a vapouriser. While we don’t one, we used the same ‘process’ in the early days when we turned on a hot shower and basically gave our boy a steam bath. The steam can help flush out their little noses and hopefully get rid of the yucky stuff. I’ve had many mums caution, however, to make sure you choose a vapouriser that doesn’t cause condensation in the baby’s room.

  1. Make sure Baby is in the right clothes

In winter, make sure you baby is dressed in the appropriate clothes for the season. They might get a cold if they aren’t wamr enough going to bed at night. Also, if your baby does get sick and has a fever, dress them down to help cool them off (and continue monitoring their temperature). Any temperature about 38 degrees is too hot, and you will need to seek medical advice especially with young babies.

  1. Use of extra relief ‘medicines’ (The Little Range ‘Winter Package’)

When our Starfish was congested for the first time, we were told to look at a saline nasal spray – so we purchased a Fess Little Noses from the Little Range. It also came with an aspirator that we tried but for a 9 day old baby, there wasn’t too much up his nose to suck out.

Now with our first baby cold this week, we also went back to using the Fess Little Noses, particularly at night before bed time. This helped with unblocking his nose and allowing him to have a good night sleep – which is always a winner for everyone!

I actually received the Winter Package from the Little Range after we had already been using the Fess Little Noses for Starfish and I would highly recommend all new mums having it on hand – it is easy to use and really helps with congestion. The Winter Package also came with a sample of Little Coughs and Little Eyes. The Little Eyes cleansing wipes also came in handy this week to remove some gunk that Starfish had in his eye (TMI – sorry!), but we found it to be soft and sensitive for him, rather than trying to use a tissue or baby wipe to get it out of his eye. We haven’t yet tried the Little Coughs product, but it is in our cabinet ready to go for when he develops a cough (hopefully later rather than sooner!)

The Winter Package also came with a great reference guide that easily goes on the fridge with step-by-step instructions for how to help you baby through their ailments, including blocked nose, cough, or vomiting and diarhoea. The only thing I would like for it to have included is some extra information on colds or teething, as then it would be the perfect, well-rounded guide. Nevertheless, it is a great resource for new mums to have on hand for when they are presented with this symptoms from bub.

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  1. Panadol

If all else fails, giving your baby panadol (not before 1 month old, please follow the instructions on the packaging and doctor’s instructions before using) can help bring down their fever. We ended up giving Starfish Panadol this week – which he spat most of it out because it tastes feral (I had a little on my finger and wanted to see why he had THE most disgusted face on I’d ever seen!). I’ve had mums recommend hiding it in breastmilk/formula or purees if need be.

These are the 5 ways I’ve come up with (with the help of other mums!) to combat baby’s first cold. What are your suggestions to help with a baby cold?

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