5 Easter Ideas for Babies Under 1 year old

Are you looking for Easter ideas for babies? Even as a trained primary school teacher, sometimes I struggle to think of creative and educational activities for my son. He just seems so…. Little. However I’ve come up with 5 Easter ideas for babies under 1 year old that you can start doing with them immediately. (These are generic Easter ideas for babies).

Easter Ideas for Babies

Easter Ideas for Babies Under 1 Year Old

1. Easter Egg Shakers

Easter Ideas for Babies 1You can purchase plastic, fillable Easter Eggs from Woolworths or another bargain shop. Fill the eggs with rice or pasta and make sure you seal them properly (glue them if you won’t need to use them again – this would be the safest option so baby doesn’t re-open them accidentally). Homemade plastic shakers are a great way to develop your baby’s auditory processing, such as recognising sounds, and mapping sounds to objects. These shakers can also develop fine motor skills (holding an object in their hand) and gross motor skills (moving their arm up and down to make the noise).

2. Easter Books

Easter Ideas for Babies 2I’m a bit of a children’s book fiend, as I’ve mentioned numerous times before. Babies are never too young to be read to, and there is something soothing about reading to your baby. Find a bunch of Easter board books (there is a great list compiled here) and share in a lovely family time of reading and letting your baby explore. Starfish got his first “Easter” board book (“That’s not my bunny!”, close enough to Easter related!) and we’ve already enjoyed reading it together and feeling the different sensory pages. Not to mention reading to babies greatly supports their language development.

3. Easter Egg “Hunt” (Ball Pit)Easter Ideas for Babies 3

When your baby is at sitting stage (around 7 months old), a ball pit is a super fun – not to mention super cute – way to keep them entertained. While they might not be “egg” shaped persay, it is a nice activity for your baby to enjoy as they sit amongst the balls, practicing to pick them up with their fine and gross motor skills, and exploring them with their sense (such as the bright colours as visual stimulation, and tasting them with their oral and cognitive development!). If you really wanted to make it Easter Egg themed, you could use the plastic fillable eggs in the pit instead.

4. Easter Music

While there may not be many specific “Easter” songs out there for bubs, there are lots of bunny songs (Even “Little Peter Rabbit” is a great classic). I think what is important isn’t the content of the songs, but actually singing WITH your children in general. Make it a part of your joyful celebrations at this time by listening to some music and singing along with your baby – they’ll love it! Plus it is another great way to develop their language skills (and a bit of rhythm too!). If you’re unsure of what music to listen to, Little Rockers Radio is an amazing resource you can listen to with your bubs.

5. Easter PuppetsEaster Ideas for Babies 4

Seriously, who doesn’t love puppets? Puppets are by far one of my favourite resources for children of any age. They are engaging, super fun, and develop language and cognitive skills as well. Babies love anything bright, colourful and that sounds funny – so put on your best rabbit voice and have a blast!

What are you favourite Easter activities with your children? If you’re looking for more baby activities for under 1 year olds, have a look at these 10 Brilliant Baby Play ideas and 5 Sensory Tubs for Little Learners.

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    • Glad you like the ideas – I agree, it’s hard because we’re not always sure of what they can do from a young age. Aren’t those books just gorgeous? 🙂

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