Wonderwoman Children Family First Aid {Review}

family first aid 

Growing up with a paramedic for a dad was a pretty interesting upbringing. I’m sure everyone say that about their parents professions, but there was something unique about daddy being an Ambulance Officer (in those days anyway). For example, we had a “resuci-annie” living in our garage (the first aid course practice dolls). Besides the classic fairytales, our dad would read us paramedic protocols to help us go to sleep (which worked!!). Once on the way home from my grandparents place, we stopped at a motorcycle accident for a couple of hours so dad could help someone who was in a critical condition (go daddy, go!). Needless to say, it was pretty interesting growing up.

Along with this, I was generally kept up to date with First Aid practices. As a scout, then also working with children for the past 10 years, I was required to attend practical, accredited First Aid courses – you know, the long, tedious ones where there was an exam at the end? (My dad couldn’t teach me first aid because apparently paramedics don’t have the authority…. Seriously!?) So you’d think with these years of first aid training, I’d be prepared for an emergency. However that doesn’t take into the account my awful memory, and each couple of years when the refresher course would come around, amidst the grumbles I’d actually realize how important it was to keep up to date.

Having a Family and the need for First Aid

family first aid 2Cue a few years later, being married and having a bouncing, chubby, baby boy. You remember those first aid courses? Literally gone out the window – I didn’t remember any of it, especially the short, limited time given to treating babies in an emergency. For some reason, I only considered how to treat adults, or larger, primary-aged children. Not babies.

To show the absolute importance of first aid training with a baby, literally a few hours after attending the family first aid course (which you’ll read about below), my son partially choked on some banana. It was awful, but I only half (okay, mostly) freaked out because I’d had training earlier that day and I followed the steps to help him cough/vom out the obstruction. I can’t even tell you what a crazy, odd occurrence to face ON THE SAME DAY as the Family First Aid training. I think every family should go to the training – it is so vital for your kids safety.

Water Safety and Drownings

I’m currently running a mini blog series on Water Safety and how families can keep their kids safe around the water. Not only does that include things such as supervision and proper education (which I wrote about HERE), but it also means that parents (and children!) should be properly trained to recognise an emergency and act on it. That is where the Family First Aid training comes in.

Wonderwoman Children and Family First Aid

While there are many organisations that offer accredited first aid courses, Wonderwoman Children are a unique organisation. This is because they focus on training the family in responding to emergencies, and go beyond just formalised courses (although they still provide these, of course!). What I love about Wonderwoman Children is they have a SPECIFIC Family First Aid course that caters to the needs of parents and families by focusing on bubs first (and adults second), not the other way around like in most courses.

What The Family First Aid Course IS

  • family first aid 3It IS designed with parents and families in mind – it is catered to look at the emergencies and situations of babies and infants, and talks about specific scenarios parents might face in an emergency with a child;
  • It IS facilitated in a way that bubs are WELCOME TO ATTEND (we had a private session with our mother’s group and 10 bubs!). This makes it easier for parents to come and not worry about babysitting or leaving their kids elsewhere;
  • It IS a short course of only 2 hours to provide you with the basics, making it easy to commit to without worrying about losing a whole day or large portion of your time – it makes it ACCESSIBLE to parents;
  • It IS an inexpensive course that gives you the information you need as a parent to provide confidence in raising your child in a safe environment;
  • It IS practical but flexible – we were able to participate in practical versions of CPR around sorting out our own bubs who were there;
  • It IS the way to go to cover all the basics and get you on your way for First Aid with your family!

What the Family First Aid Course IS NOT

  • It isn’t an accredited course – it won’t give you a ‘qualification’ that you might need for a job;
  • It isn’t a full day (or two-day!) commitment with a quiz at the end;
  • It isn’t a full version of DRSABCD – it doesn’t cover the breathing element of the course, but that is covered in their accredited course;
  • It isn’t a full run down of every emergency and scenario – it only goes for 2 hours so it won’t cover absolutely everything. What it WILL do is give you space to ask personalised questions, as well as point you in the direction of appropriate resources to answer further questions you may have.

Wonderwoman Children is the way to go 

As a new mum who has been in and around First Aid courses all her life, I can honestly say that I would recommend that ALL PARENTS attend the Wonderwoman Children Family First Aid course. It provides you with the basics to keep your children safe at home and in different scenarios – heck, I was already using what I learnt within hours of the course! Without it, I would have been sobbing in a heap somewhere rather than confidently helping my son to ensure he was okay. This course provides the necessary knowledge and resources to approach emergency situations with a level head, and help you to identify scenarios where emergencies may occur. The Family First Aid course DEFINITELY gets my Stamp of Approval!

family first aid 4

EVEN BETTER – Wonderwoman Children also offer courses for young children to help them recognise emergencies and give them the skills and understanding to know how best to deal with them. To find out more about the courses Wonderwoman Children offer and when/where they are on offer, visit their Website HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.

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