The Trendiest Baby Outfit Ever?


(This post is sponsored by Lil Baddits. I was gifted a shirt and pants set from Lil Baddits for the purpose of this review).

I’ve become a bit of a shopping fiend since becoming a mum. Not for me, of course – but for my son. I am discovering that I am into finding trendy clothes for him to wear, little outfits for him to model, and overall attire to show him off to the world in. I can’t believe how much I have gotten into baby boy fashion – but there you go! I literally just spent over $100 on new clothes for our little boy as he was in desperate need of a wardrobe change (our little boofa boy!).

One of my favourite things to do in this new phase of ‘shopping’ is find trendy clothes for him to wear. While hubby and I are still on opposite sides of the fence here – He, more keen for traditional baby clothes (onesies to keep our boy looking as young as possible); and I, ready to show off our hip, cool baby to the world in awesome singlets/shorts combos. While I’ve found numerous outfits that I adore, NOTHING goes past the Lil Baddits “Lil Gourmet” Collection. Here is a little sneak peek to get you started:

The Lil Gourmet Collection

If you are looking for something stylish, but most importantly UNIQUE, The Lil Gourmet Collection by Lil Baddits is the perfect brand for you. Lil Baddits aims to bring to life the wild and active imagination of children in their quirky prints, ranging from sardines (which you can see modeled by our very own Starfish!), to pickles and baked beans. These lovingly-hand drawn watercolour prints are more gorgeous and special than most other baby brands you’ll find in the local shopping centre.

Each of the three prints in the Lil Gourmet Collection also offers different clothes designs that allow you to mix and match your child’s outfit. For example, the Sardines Range has two different tee shirts, two rompers, two pants styles, as well as matching wraps and blankets, allowing you to fully accessorise your child’s wardrobe – my current dream come true! I particularly love the more muted design of the “Yummy Tee” and the “Relaxo Shorts” combo as seen on my Starfish – the cream colouring mixed with the sardines design is perfect if you ask me!

Loving the Organic Cotton

Last week I reviewed another organic cotton product and created an Infographic briefly describing the difference to “normal” cotton (You can read it below if you missed it).

 Lil Baddits also use G.O.T.S. certified cotton, and they have an amazing descriptive video on their site HERE that summarises the importance of organic cotton perfectly. What I find crucial in knowing as a consumer, as I look at clothing for my son, is that the whole process of creating G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton is sustainable and safe not only for my son, but for the workers involved as well. Lil Baddits prides itself on being designed in Australia, ethically made in India, being sustainable and using non-toxic dyes, as shown on all their packaging.

The Trendiest Baby Outfit Ever? 

Okay, so I know this is a HUGE claim, but think about it. The Lil Baddits “Lil Gourmet Collection” is a perfect blend of cute baby attire (with the soft, cream colour) and whimsical, unique designs. It allows babies to stay young, keeping the gorgeous “baby” feel to them, without putting them in ‘trendy’ clothes that make them look like they’re at least 5 years old. And yet, they ARE trendy outfits because they have these striking, unique prints on them that are outside the box and colourful and downright awesome. I’ve received so many compliments for my son when he’s been wearing his Lil Baddits outfit, usually along the lines of “that’s a cool outfit”, “love his clothes” and “where’d you get them from?”

I’m so excited by these gorgeous clothes that I just had to give it my Stamp of Approval. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants trendy baby clothes and is looking for natural sustainable products that are not only safe for their bub but produced ethically.

For more information on the “Lil Gourmet Collection” by Lil Baddits, and to shop their range, visit their website HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE. And stay tuned for an amazing giveaway coming your way REAL SOON (Check my Mumma Morrison Facebook page within the next 24 hours!).

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