Why Organic Baby Clothes? {NIOVI Organics Review}


organic baby clothes

(This post is sponsored by NIOVI Organics. I was gifted one of their rompers for the purpose of the review).

 Many of us know of ‘organic’ foods, but is there more to the term ‘organic’ than we realise? I know for me, there was. How many of us actually understand what “organic” food – and most importantly, CLOTHING – really means? Did you know that you could get organic clothing? Why should we get organic cotton clothes for our bub?

When I was approached by the awesome NIOVI Organics to review one of their organic cotton rompers, to be honest I thought I’d be giving a clothing review – ‘yep it fits here, it’s easy to clean’, etcetera etcetera. However, as I begun to think about organic clothing, I wondered how many mums actually knew the ins and outs of organic clothes, and why we should perhaps think more about what we are putting on our bubs’ skin.

What does ‘organic cotton’ mean?

In its simplest form, organic refers to the way food and vegetation is produced and harvested. When we talk about organic foods, these are foods that are natural and don’t contain artificial additives. It also refers to the way they are cultivated when grown, meaning they weren’t farmed using harmful pesticides or chemicals. This is the same for cotton.

While reading up on organic cotton clothing (which you can find helpful information on HERE, HERE, or HERE), I came across a wealth of information that – I’ll be honest – shocked me. I didn’t realise the whole process that went into harvesting and creating conventional cotton clothes. I have pled ignorance to the whole thing in the past, but now I cannot go past it. I decided to do a summary of what I learnt about the differences in conventional and organic cotton in the infographic below:
   organic baby clothes 1

‘G.O.T.S.’ Certified Clothing

Fortunately, there are many businesses jumping onto the organic cotton clothing bandwagon, including NIOVI Organics. They proudly sport the G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standard) logo, which signifies to us, as consumers, that their clothing has gone through rigorous processing to ensure it contains at least 95% certified organic fibres.

G.O.T.S. is seen as the chief certifying organisation in organic clothing products, looking at the standard of the material (organic and chemical free) as well as its sustainable production. If you’re looking for organic cotton clothes, you are wanting to see the G.O.T.S. logo on the packaging. Not only that, but each business using the G.O.T.S. logo also has a GOTS certification ID so that consumers can check the validity of their claim. This makes businesses accountable for what they are claiming, and can give us (as the shoppers) peace of mind too!

NIOVI Organics Clothing

When I received the NIOVI RIZ Sky Zip Romper, I was immediately drawn to its simplistic but gorgeous design. The fabric was soft with no tags sticking out, which was also an instant winner for me as our son has slightly sensitive skin (more so than the average baby).

organic baby clothes 8The other big draw card for me that I noticed straight away was that the Zip Romper has roll-over cuffs (you know the ones that Bonds use?). This makes it the perfect winter outfit, as you can roll over the cuffs on the hands and feet to create immediate socks and gloves if it gets a bit cooler for bub (SO COOL!). The romper also has double zippers to allow for easier middle of the night changing (or easier changing in general!), which is another big TICK in the awesome box for a lot of mums.

The fit of the romper is probably a bit bigger than the average (my son is a size 0, and this romper’s size 0 fits slightly bigger than other size 0 garments). It is made of good quality fabric – as I mentioned before, it is nice and soft – and excellent stitching quality with no loose threads or any annoying bits!

As our son is growing up, we are slowly moving towards shirt and short combos, rather than the onesies (which makes hubby and I a bit sad because it is a reminder that he is growing up so quickly). However, when it is a coolish day, like the recent Sydney weather we’ve been having, we’ve been going to grab rompers to keep our son warm. We immediately go for Starfish’s new Zip Romper because it is warm, delicate for his skin, simple yet stylish, and easy to manoeuver around for nappy changes.

organic baby clothes 3organic baby clothes 4organic baby clothes 5organic baby clothes 6

Stamp of Approval

For us, the NIOVI RIZ Sky Zip Romper has been a perfect addition to our son’s wardrobe. It blends a simple, trendy style with the gorgeousness of baby onesies (keeping our son ‘young’ in our eyes for a bit longer!). Many of the mums in my tribe talk about practicality when it comes to baby clothes, and the NIOVI romper fits this to a tee. And of course, I can’t go past its G.O.T.S. certification, giving me peace of mind knowing that it was manufactured safely and sustainably for both my son and the workers involved. The NIOVI RIZ Zip Romper range definitely gets my stamp of approval.

organic baby clothes 5

To view the full range of NIOVI Zip Rompers (as well as their other G.O.T.S. certified products), visit their website HERE, Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.


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