Nursery Decor {Wooden Garland Review}

Nursery Decor

(This post is sponsored by Love By Willow. I was received a Natural Wooden Garland for the purpose of the review.)

I’ve mentioned to you all before that I’m a bit horrible when it comes to fashion – well I’m also a bit horrible when it comes to home décor. What I mean is, I’m great at spotting trends and I know what ‘amazing’ décor looks like, but I struggle a bit more when it comes to putting it into practice. Usually, the reason for this is budget. So whenever I have the opportunity to snap up a gorgeous décor item for a bargain, I jump at the chance.

I met the lovely Victoria – the creative genius behind Love By Willow – in a mutual Facebook group where we connected over our children and busy lives! When she asked me if I would like to review one of her gorgeous garland creations, I couldn’t hold back my excitement – knowing that they were a beautiful décor item for the baby nursery.

The Natural Wooden Garland

When I received our Natural Wooden Garland for Starfish’s room, I immediately noticed the soft, smooth wooden beads. I work with beads for my small business as well, but on a smaller scale – it was nice to receive this garland that had large, natural beads to it. I knew instantly that it was not only baby friendly, but baby safe – my son was going to LOVE this!

Nursery Decor 2

What helps make these gorgeous garland’s unique is the addition of the crocheted items. Victoria added some gorgeous stars to our garland (for my beautiful Starfish!!) that were just perfect for our son’s nursery. I was also able to choose the colour, so we could select the lighter blue to match his mostly neutral room. You can choose from a range of crocheted items and colours to help customise your wooden garland perfect for bub’s room!

Décor item and Clothes Line

On top of being a fabulous décor ite, another creative way the garland could be used that we tried is as a clothes line/display. Unfortunately it was a bit too short to fit along the long windows in our son’s room, so we hung the garland on the wall using plastic hooks from bunnings (a temporary solution for now). We then experimented hanging clothes on the garland to display his best ensembles (which is in desperate need of an update!)

Nursery Decor 3

You could also hang the garland on a feature wall, making it a featured item in the playroom for example; or on a book shelf (if you found the right tool to hang it with). We experimented with hanging it on the wall in his playroom as a special play item (and décor feature!) for him similar to how we did it in his room. He is into banging EVERYTHING at the moment (utensils, hands, metal shelving – anything that makes noise) so he loved using the wooden beads to BANG against the wall!

A Range of Uses

The Natural Wooden garland could be used for a range of purposes, like I’ve mentioned:

  • Hang along the outside of the cot;
  • A feature item on a feature wall;
  • Play toy on the wall;
  • Hanging clothes off as a decorative clothes line;
  • Hanging across the pram as a pram garland;
  • Hang up in the car and hang toys off it above bub (be careful it doesn’t obstruct your driving);
  • Hang along the window frame in bub’s nursery. 

Nursery Decor 4  
The garland can double as both a décor item and a child friendly (banging!) toy, which supports their cognitive development (learning about sounds and how they are made, through their actions) and their gross motor development too.

Stamp of Approval

The Natural Wooden garland from Love By Willow definitely gets my Stamp of Approval. While it may seem initially like a ‘luxury’ décor item (is it something we need?), once you discover the many uses for it, it becomes a much needed baby product. Who doesn’t love spoiling their bub with a gorgeous centerpiece for their room, which doubles as a play/chew toy too? Love By Willow’s Natural Wooden Garland definitely gets my stamp of approval!

Nursery Decor 5

Love By Willow also sell stunning girls’ swim wear (which unfortunately I can’t review with our little boy!) but I would highly recommend checking them out! To view their range of swimwear and décor items, visit Love By Willow’s website HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.

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    • You’re welcome – it is such a gorgeous garland and a great centrepiece for any nursery. Love that it is multi-purpose too! xx

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