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(This post is sponsored by Nourishing Bubs. I received a Starter Pack for the purpose of this review). 

Those of you (my lovely followers) who have been following our journey will know that we have been feeding Starfish solids for a little while now. I’ve been hand-making purees for 2.5 months and honestly, some days I just hate it. I think it is the mess it makes – washing dishes is actually the bane of my existence, possibly the worst chore ever invented (I think that is why I don’t like cooking too much either, because of the cleaning up afterwards!). However, I have been determined to try and make as many of the purees from scratch by myself as I can (with a sneaky packet puree here or there), no matter how much I grumble.

So you can imagine my absolute DELIGHT when I found a product that includes pureed vegetables almost identical to how I make them at home from scratch! The best part – I didn’t have to puree them myself!

Nourishing Bubs

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Nourishing Bubs is a new business started up by the lovely Olivia, an accredited dietician who has specialised in pediatric nutrition. Liv has a passion for helping others – especially children – get the right nutrition they need to lead healthy, and HAPPY, lives. Chatting with Liv, she realised how many families were choosing packet puree mixes as an alternative to making their own purees due to the convenience and time factors involved. She wanted to offer a product that contained the wholesome flavours, and most importantly the nutrition, of real vegetables that a lot of packets lack. So, Nourishing Bubs was born.

Nourishing Bubs offers a range of 10 vegetable flavours, sold either in individual packets or as a starter pack with all 10 vegetables included. We decided to try the starter pack with Starfish, and give him a taste of some REAL vegetables that he probably wouldn’t taste otherwise (just like his daddy!).

Sampling Vegetables

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In the start pack, you get a sample of the 10 vegetables Nourishing Bubs has to offer:

  • Carrot
  • Beetroot
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Zucchini
  • Sweet Potato
  • Capsicum
  • Parsnip
  • Pumpkin
  • Pea

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Our little man hadn’t tried half of these flavours, so we were keen (as we always are) to see if he’d like them or not. The first flavor we decided to try was Pea.

One of the things that I LOVE about the Nourishing Bubs product was how easy the cubes were to get out of the tray. When I make my own purees, the cubes always get stuck in the ice-cube trays and they are such a bother to get out; not so with the Nourishing Bubs cubes! I love the ease of pulling them out of the freezer and straight away being able to pop them out into a container.

I did find that the cubes are smaller in size than regular ice-cube tray portions. This may or may not matter depending on how much your bub eats. For our Starfish, he eats quite a LOT so the starter pack didn’t last us too long. However, he was actually eating less when we were using Nourishing Bubs (not sure how that works?) so it lasted us almost a week – using the purees for every meal. The start pack includes 4 cubes of each vegetable (equaling 40 cubes – I hope my maths is correct!), so if your bub only eats 1 cube per meal you’ll get 40 meals from it (sweet!).

After we tried all the new vegetables individually (beetroot, capsicum, parsnip, pea, zucchini), which he basically devoured, we then started trying combinations of vegetables to help him explore different flavours. He enjoyed combinations such as zucchini and cauliflower, pea and carrot, and broccoli and pumpkin. As you can see, he absolutely loved it!

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Why Nourishing Bubs? Stamp of Approval

What I love about the concept of Nourishing Bubs is it takes the convenience and time offered by packaged purees in supermarkets, and blends it with the natural, wholesome nutrition of homemade purees. I was confident and happy with giving my son the vegetables in the Nourishing Bubs starter pack, knowing he was getting all the nutrients he would need without worrying about any preservatives or nasty extras that may be in the package mixes.

Nourishing Bubs definitely gets my Stamp of Approval, and I know I’ll definitely be getting the starter pack again (now and in the far distant future if any other kids come along!)

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To get your Starter Pack or vegetable packs from Nourishing Bubs, visit Liv’s website HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.


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