Interview with Libby Trickett {Water Babies Series}

libby trickett

Well, the time has come – the Water Babies series is drawing to a close – a bit later than I had anticipated, but what a ride it has been! I hope that you’ve gotten some helpful tips about keeping your bubs safe around the water, as well as found some helpful products that can also build their confidence (and yours!!) around the water.  

I promised to close the series with a BANG! and here is my surprise to you – I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Olympic Swimmer, Libby Trickett! One of the most down-to-earth, lovely ladies I’ve ever spoken to, we instantly connected over our lives as mothers. Libby is as passionate as myself and the rest of the businesses involved in this series about promoting water safety with families, so I asked her to share a bit about her story of motherhood as well as how she promotes water safety with her daughter, Poppy. Enjoy the interview, and make sure you keep reading for my second surprise at the end!!

Hi Libby! Thank you for joining us for the end of the Water Babies mini-series. It is such a pleasure to be able to chat with you today and learn more about your role as a mother, as well as your thoughts on water safety! To start off with, could you tell us a bit about you and your family?

I am the youngest of 4 children and grew up in Townsville. My parents divorced when I was 10 and then we moved to Brisbane!

 I married my husband Luke in 2007 and we welcomed our little baby girl, Poppy in August 2015!

libby trickett 2What does an average week look like in your household?

If you could let me know what our average week looks like that would be great! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending which way you look at it), we don’t really have an ‘average’ week. My husband runs his own business and that can make his days very long and I’ve just recently taken on a new role with the radio station, Triple M in Brisbane, so I have a completely new routine to get used to. 

I’m hoping my new week involves me exercising more in the mornings before I head into the studio at 1pm as well as doing a few work emails and taking Poppy on our morning walks with our 3 dogs.

What’s something about you that others might not know?

I love the TV shows, Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley! Can’t wait for the new seasons to come out!!

How has your life changed since becoming a mum?

It’s completely changed everything!! I probably didn’t think it would change it as much as it has but it has made me completely re-prioritise what is important, not only for Poppy but for me and for us as a family unit!

What have been some of the highlights and challenges you’ve faced in motherhood?

There is something so magical in watching a little person develop. I never knew I could love someone as much as I adore Poppy even though she can be a complete punish sometimes and you can’t believe all the things you have to do for these little beings but you keep pushing and you keep on going because you adore them so and also, eventually you want them to be proud of you.

It’s been a huge adjustment to motherhood as what I used to do as a swimmer was incredibly ‘selfish’. I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I was working towards ‘my’ goals. That obviously changes when you have your baby but you don’t immediately change. I believe it takes time to become a mother, you must grow into the role and sometimes it doesn’t come naturally..

How did you know that you wanted to be a swimmer? Did you go through swimming lessons from an early age?

I learnt to swim when I was 1 and joined my first club when I was 4. Growing up in Townsville, you just always wanted to be in and around water as it’s so hot up there. So it was vital that I learn to swim at a very young age.

All I knew was that I loved being in the water. It also became obvious at a young age that I was incredibly competitive and constantly wanted to go faster and faster.

libby trickett 1As an Olympic Swimmer, you’re obviously very comfortable around the water (unlike me!). How has this had an impact on how you’ve introduced Poppy to the water?

I wanted to introduce Poppy to the water early to ensure that she is comfortable around it. Water safety was our first priority but it was also really important to me that she has a very healthy respect for the water, both pool and ocean, but also gets a great joy from the water too.

 Both my husband and I absolutely love spending time in water still so we really wanted to share that love with our daughter.

What do you think is the most important thing for parents to know about having their children around water?

Supervision is always key. There’s nothing that can really replace that, even if you have very competent and confident little swimmers.

Learning to swim is the other really important part of that equation, even if your little one isn’t going to become a future Olympian, they absolutely need to be able to get themselves out of trouble, so I would advise parents to find a great Learn to Swim centre and check out for more information about water safety.

libby trickett 3What tips or advice would you give to parents who are looking to introduce their child to water?

Keep it fun! Let kids get a joy from being in the water and don’t take it too seriously. Get in and enjoy it with them and if you are feeling out of your depth (badum tish) maybe get some lessons for yourself before starting lessons for your bub.

Thank you so much for joining us for the Water Babies series, Libby! Visit her Facebook page HERE or Instagram HERE to follow her journey through motherhood like the rest of us!


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Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.


  1. How lovely is Libby! What a great read Fi. I agree with supervision, i still worry when my niece and nephew go for a swim and they range from 11-16 years old. My 7 month old loves the water and i can’t wait to get in with him for lessons !

    • She is so down-to-earth and lovely, isn’t she Bec? It is so hard when you have all the responsibility not to worry about it, but it is actually so much fun once you get in the water with them 🙂 He’ll absolutely love the lessons!

  2. Swimming lessons is it for me
    Water safety for my little three
    Takes away panic as they learn how to swim
    Protects them from drowning if they ever fall in!

    • Love this Nicole! Great poem to reinforce the importance of swimming lessons and water safety! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Watch them like a hawk and never take your eyes off them…especially when there’s open water nearby.

    • So true Karina – you can’t take your eyes off them for a moment, because you never know WHAT could happen (even if you, or they, think they are competent swimmers!)

  4. Never, ever take your eyes off your children when they’re in water! Ideally have one parent watching each child!

  5. Stay safe by watching, listening and not running. Teach your little one how to get out of the ppol safely should they fall. If in the ocean – then stay close to everyone.

  6. Great article.
    Supervise children at all times!!! Floating devices might help children in case of accidents but supervision prevents accidents from happening.

    • Thank you! I couldn’t agree more, thanks for pointing it out – flotation devices are great BUT ONLY with supervision, nothing replaces supervision in preventing accidents from happening!

  7. My top tip would be to give your kids the opportunities to be around different bodies water in a safe manner – Beaches, pools, even in the backyard. From trips to the beach where we swim between the flags to our backyard toddler pool were when we are finished we always discuss just why we need to empty it. It all starts with a discussion with kids and modelling best practice in water safety as a caregiver for everyone to have fun and remain safe.

    • I absolutely LOVE this Jeanie! I couldn’t agree more, our children need to recognise different aquatic environments and most importantly learn how to be safe in around them as well. Even a small amount of water in the bathtub needs to be discussed, and modelled safely too. Thank you for sharing this vital tip!

  8. If you’re responsible for watching kids swimming or bathing then be responsible. Don’t be on your phone, don’t hang out the washing. Be there and watch. Do not get distracted. If the phone rings you can ignore it instead of running inside to answer it.

    • So true – we need to make sure we are concentrating solely on our kids when they are in, or even AROUND, the water. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Be alert and know CPR/First Aid. I think it’s an essential even “just” as a mum to know, because in case of anything happening, you would be prepared with the knowledge of how to care for things that could happen. 🙂

  10. Before kids I could dog paddle but I really didn’t know how to swim. After I had my first two children I enrolled in adult swimming lessons. I’m so happy and proud that I’ve learnt how to swim. It’s given me confidence to not only be in the water but also for me to allow my kids to be in the water. Its a great feeling knowing that we can all have fun together and I can teach them and keep them safe. I would recommend every parent and child learns how to swim. It’s never too late to learn such an important skill. Most local pools will give you a free trial class which is a great incentive. My youngest is just about to start swimming lessons and I can’t wait to get in with her.

    • Good on you Mel! I should definitely do something like this, you are an awesome mumma for getting in there and building your confidence so you could be with your kids in the water. What an inspiration x 🙂

      • Thank you for your supportive words. Its so nice of you that you take the time to reply to all comments left on your website amongst the busy life you already lead. Thank you.

        • Aww thanks Mel – I really like to connect with the people who follow the blog. I think if you can find time to comment and connect with what you read, I can find time to respond too 🙂

    • Thank you! So true, we try to keep our son familiar with the water too so that he will be more confident as he gets older. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Water safety is the utmost importance!! swimming lessons, teaching them the safety around water and for me, doing a first aid course.

  12. Loved the interview. My only tip is don’t take your eyes off your kids it only takes a few seconds for something to go wrong. Then a lifetime of heartache.

  13. if your children are in the water supervise them constantly but i recommend swimming lessons if a pool is in the home.

  14. Everyone in the family is or has taken swimming lessons so they are safer more aware when around the water.

    • That’s awesome Michelle, so glad that you are all safe and aware around the water – it is so vital!

    • Oh that is a great tip that hasn’t been mentioned before – knowing the difference between ‘playing’ in the water and doing something dangerous around the water. Great tip, thank you!

  15. What a cool opportunity to interview and Olympic swimmer! I love the tips, especially about keeping it fun. I was really nervous in the water as a kid, and I’m trying to make sure my three sons know water safety but are able to have tons of fun playing and swimming, too. Great read.

    • Thanks so much Karen, yes I was pretty chuffed at the opportunity to chat with her – but she is so down to earth and lovely, it was great! I am exactly the same – to this day I’m not a confident swimmer, so I want to make sure my son has the confidence and skills he needs in the water.

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