6 Easy Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

Valentine's Day Activities

We really enjoy themed and celebratory activities in our house. So, coming up to Valentine’s Day it is always sweet to do some Valentine’s Day activities and crafts with your littles that can either be shared with family, or just to spread the love around the home. It is also a lot of fun to incorporate the themes into sensory play and educational experiences.

Here are 6 easy, effective and fun Valentine’s Day activities that we have tried in our house that take minimal preparation, are a lot of fun and look super cute. The best part is that these activities and methods can be adapted and used at any time throughout the year.

Heart stencil: heart stencil valentine's day activities 1

You will need:

• 1 heart template
• Scissors
• A4 sheet of paper
• Masking tape
• Paint
• Rollers, paintbrushes or stampers


On a Word Doc, create a large heart using the shapes in theheart stencil valentine's day activities 2design tab.
Cut out the inside of the heart so you have created a stencil (it works best if done on a thicker piece of A4 paper). Place the heart stencil over another sheet of A4 paper and using masking tape, tape down. Try to make sure that you don’t stick the tape on the bottom sheet in case it tears when removing it.
Then use rollers, paint brushes and stampers fill in your heart (make sure you go right to the edge to get the heart shape in full. While still wet carefully lift the masking tape and discard of the stencil.
You will be left with a heart on the bottom sheet of paper.

Fill the heart:fill the heart valentine's day activities

You will Need:

• Heart template
• Craft glue
• Pompoms, tissue paper, felt, stickers


Either Create your own heart template (again I just made mine on a Word Doc) or draw one by hand. Then using whatever you have, pompoms, felt, stickers or tissue paper, fill in the inside of the heart, trying to not go over the edge.

Sensory Ice play:sensory ice play valentine's day activities

You will need: 

• Ice cube tray or chocolate moulds
• Red or pink food colouring
• Toothpicks
• Some favourite water safe toys


Mix some red or pink food colouring in with some water. Carefully fill your ice cube tray or chocolate mould with the mix. Place a tooth pick in a few of them. Leave over night to set.
When ready take them out and add them to a large tray with the water safe toys.
The ones with tooth picks in them can be used to draw on paper.
Alternatively, if it’s a hot day, pop them in the bath or a water bucket outside.

– Note, the food colouring will temporarily stain the skin and a paint smock is recommended to protect clothes.

Finger Print wrapping: finger print wrapping valentine's day activities

You will need:

• A4 Sheet of paper
• Mixed paints or ink pads


Using hand over hand press 2 little fingers down to create finger print love hearts.


Tissue print hearts: tissue print hearts valentine's day activities

You will need:

• Water
• Sponge
• A4 paper
• Coloured Tissue paper (the cheaper tissue papers work best)


Pre-cut the coloured tissue paper into little squares, roughly 6cm by 6cm (the don’t have to be perfect).
Cover the entire A4 sheet of paper in water using the sponge. Then place the tissue paper all over the wet page. Once the page is covered in tissue paper, then once again sponge all over with water.
Place somewhere warm to dry.
Once the tissue paper has dried, pull it all off and you will be left with the colour that has ran onto your A4 sheet of paper.

Love Letters: love letters valentine's day activities 1

You will need:

• Large print outs of the letters L, O, V, E (I used Arial Rounded Font Bold with an outline finish)
• Uppercase and lower case L, O, V, E (about 10 or so of each)
• Glue
• Scissors


Print out the large letters of LOVE all on separate sheets.
On another separate sheet, type out the letters of love again inlove letters valentine's day activities 2a mix of upper and lower case. Cut out (or depending on their skill level ask your child to cut out) these letters and jumble them up.
Using the glue, the small letter need to be matched to the large letters and stuck inside.
This will develop letter recognition of both upper and lower case letters.
I found it easier to give only two large letters at a time, to really place an individual focus on each.

Extra Tip:

For any art or craft activity, if your toddler doesn’t have an especially large attention span, rather than using A4 sheets of paper, use A5. Less paper to fill and less white spaces.

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