Hump-Day Hype: The Week of Uncertainty

 Hump Day Hype Uncertainty 

It seems the last 3 or so weeks have been very up and down. From a week of tiredness, to a week of productivity, and now to a week of uncertainty (and more tiredness!). Not sure if the uncertainty is getting me over the hump for this week, but talking it out sure does help! Here are some of the ambiguous areas of my week.

1. Still sick?

For what feels like a decade, I am still sick despite finding out I have high cholesterol and (VERY) low iron. Despite watching what I eat and shovelling in more steak and iron supplements, I am still struggling with almost-constant nausea. Keeping a food diary seemed to show quite random foods, but hubby and I now seem to think that it could be a yeast intolerance causing the problems, which means trying an ‘elimination diet’ of no yeast. Not only that, but there are also foods which seem to trigger a flare up in the natural yeast in your body, so you know, that’s fun too. It is UNCERTAIN because I could be full of it and it could have nothing to do with yeast at all, but right now I’ll give anything a shot!

2. Going back to work?Hump Day Hype Uncertainty 2

Hubby and I have started the conversation about when I would return to work, and how many days I would go back for. Let’s be honest, I don’t really want to go back at this stage. I really enjoy my days with Starfish and blogging at home – it seems a much simpler existence in many ways (and crazily-hectic in others!!). My dream is to make millions of dollars blogging (ha!) so I can choose how many days to go back to work. While this isn’t until July, the planning needs to be done now and obviously there is still a lot of uncertainty around the situation. How am I facing it? But trying to initiate conversations with hubby to get it organised sooner rather than later, including looking at babysitting and day care options.

3. Teething and Sleep? 

 Over the past week my son’s sleeping patterns have been all over the shop. The once placid and great-sleeping child has turned into an hourly-waking cryer who is struggling to self-settle. Our uncertainty here is we don’t actually know if the sleep problems are cause by the teething (although there doesn’t seem to be any other cause), and we have NO idea when (or IF?!?!) his sleeping patterns will return to normal. All I can say is, this sick and tired mumma sure hopes they do soon (for bub’s sake as well as her own). How am I trying to face this uncertainty? By getting extra naps if/when I can, and helping soothe bubba as best as possible!

Have you had any uncertainty this week? How did you face it?

Hump-Day Hype! A new blog link-up!

Hump Day Hype!

Welcome to week 3 of Hump-Day Hype! This is a blog link-up to help us get through the week. You know how Wednesdays (aka. Hump Day) are usually the toughest to get through, because it means we’re well into the week but not quite to the weekend? Well this blog link-up is a way to share our favourite blog posts of the week, have a cuppa and laugh/cry/inspire ourselves to make it to the weekend! We hope you enjoy Hump-Day Hype! and we can’t wait to share some amazing linked blog posts with you all!

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Week #2’s Featured Post

Hump Day Hype Uncertainty 3

My choice of Featured post for this week is Handbag Mafia’s “To Miranda Devine, from a mum who works”. Not only are her hilarious gifs spot on, but she was very articulate in discussing the heated topic of the week, namely Miranda Devine’s article about women who work being bad mothers. She highlights the hypocrisy Miranda spouts with humorous clarity, and verbalises exactly what we were all thinking.

Awesome post Amy – feel free to use one of our “I’m Featured!” buttons above for your post if you’d like! Thanks also to everyone else for sharing great posts, it really helped us get over the hump of last week! Can’t wait to see what we have this week!

To see Suzy’s Featured post, check out her page HERE!


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About Fi Morrison

Fi is a mum to her beautiful, 1-year-old baby boy who she affectionately calls Starfish. She started Mumma Morrison as a way to document her life with her son, but also aims to create a supportive and encouraging community for new and prospective mums. She is returning to part-time teaching in July. Fi and her family live in Sydney.


  1. I’ve also been in a rollercoaster of having energy and passion to just wanting to curl in bed and sleep for days. Today is one of those “I have energy” days. Hugs and I hope you have a fantastic week ahead! xx

    PS. I’ll be using a #humpdayhype hashtag when I comment in some blog posts and I still can’t install the widget on my blog. There’s probably something weird about my column widths and I have no idea how to adjust them.


    • Aww its so hard isn’t it lovely? Glad you had an energy day, and hope it continues for the rest of the week too! xx
      PS. That’s so weird? I’ve seen other people use it so not sure what’s going on… sorry lovely 🙁 Thanks for using the hashtag though xx

    • Yeah we’ve been looking into daycare, and grandparent babysitting. We’ll just have to see closer to the time I think. Glad Zoe likes it 🙂 xx

  2. Good luck mum! The decision to go work or not to go is hard every time. I’m home with my third just now, it’s always hard to know if you’re making the right choice. I hope your blog really takes off!

    • Thanks so much mumma! Literally as you commented, all our arrangements for care for Starfish and my work plans went out the window, so back to scratch 🙁 But I’m sure it’ll all work out! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  3. Your little one has been having trouble sleeping too?? Naps have been awful for my son lately and I don’t know what to do! Best of luck to you with your sleeping endeavors.

    • It’s been very up and down! Some days my son sleeps great, and others not so (yesterday for example he did 40 min catnaps all day, at the moment he’s almost done a 2 hr stint!). Nights he is consistently good, so that’s the main thing I think. It’s just so hard when it changes!
      Sorry to hear about your sons naps – I really hope he improves soon too!!

  4. It is hard going back to work. I went back to work when my daughter was 1 as I only had to work 4 months to get my long service leave!! Thankfully I got made redundant and I have been a stay at home mum for 5 years now but the time will come soon when I need to return! Good luck.

    • I’m glad it all worked out for you in the end – and it sounds like you’re having a wonderful time with your kids at home after reading all the amazing things on your blog. Will have to wait and see what happens for us – just when we seemed to have made ‘concrete’ plans, they all went out the window again! Thank you, I think I’ll need all the luck I can get 😉

  5. We have a bubba too! Thanks for sharing your questions and processing in motherhood, making the right decisions arent easy but its so freeing when it only has to be right for your family and not everyone!

    • That’s so true – sometimes we can worry about what others will think of our decisions, or if they’ll judge us – but at the end of the day, we have to do what’s best for us and our family!

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