Emondo Review – My Child’s New Favourite Plate

Emondo Kids Review

(This post is sponsored by Emondo Kids).

Back when my husband was younger, he had a favourite bowl. The kind that he used to ask, or even beg, to use when having his meals. It was one of those cute, almost standard, Peter Rabbit ones that everyone and their wife and dog owned.

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As you can tell by the photo, it is still kicking around to this day. There is something quite endearing about having a momento from your childhood, something that was beloved in your younger years. I think that it carries cherished memories of inhibition and ‘freedom’. Woah guys, that was deep.

The point is, we love having an object from our younger years that we adored, cherished, and reminds us of our childhood. Now, we are the parents (oh gosh, when did that happen?!?!) and we are responsible for helping create precious memories and cherished childhood momentos. I wish I had a favourite bowl or plate – I would still be using it to this day if it were me. So when I had the opportunity to review an animal-shaped Bamboo plate from Emondo Kids, I literally JUMPED at the chance – I couldn’t wait to try this beautiful, koala-shaped plate with my son that would (hopefully) become a treasured childhood item for years to come.

First impressions

I am an online shopaholic (my bad, hubby!) so I always get excited when the mail arrives. When my Emondo Kids plate came, I knew straight away from its labeled box. I opened it like a kid on Christmas morning, and was pleasantly surprised by the lovely eco wrapping it came in. Of course, the real surprise came when I opened it! I was swept away by the gorgeous design, and the smooth finish it had (My plate was treated with fractionated coconut oil, which comes at an additional cost but helps maintain the bamboo and can increase its longevity). I just couldn’t wait to try it with my son.

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But before that…The Bamboo Facts

Here are some brilliant little facts about the Emondo Kids Bamboo plates:

  • They are made out of bamboo (duh!), which are more durable and last a whole lot longer than wooden products. They are less likely to crack or break, which would be awful while your little one was using it (we had a chopping board break while cleaning it, I won’t be going back to wood any time soon!).
  • Bamboo is a great resource for the plates, as it is highly renewable (did you know that Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world??).
  • Bamboo is less likely to stain, which is awesome because kids are MESSY.
  • The plates are super easy to clean and maintain, as long as you follow the simple instructions (basically use a cloth in warm soapy water to wash all over and dry standing up or laying flat on a rack so there is air flow. NO dishwashers!)

The real test – is it “kidproof”?

If I am super honest, I didn’t even want to use the plate to begin with. Why? Because it is so cute that I didn’t want it to get ruined with purees. So I waited a while before trialling it, rejoicing in its newness. But it was time to get down to the nitty gritty, and so I decided to not only try it with my son, but my cute, adorable, slightly fussy 1.5yo nephew as well!

Baby version

Okay, so maybe I eased into using the plate by using another bowl on top of it first. Lame, I know. It obviously kept the whole meal clean, but I realised that was not what the plate was for. So we then just decided to go ‘all out’ and put some puree in the little koala ears (apple and carrot, good choices!). As we are still feeding our son, it wasn’t overly messy and the clean-up was super easy.

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For bub, what I really like is that there are multiple sections in the plate to hold different foods. Before we had this plate, I had to use two bowls and lids to feed him different meals (if I offered him two options). However, with the bamboo plate, we can have multiple purees on the one plate for less mess and easier cleaning, which is seriously the best when you’re a mum!

Toddler version

I then decided to test with my gorgeous nephew (18 months old), because that is who it is designed for. I wanted to see if the plate would “hold up” and I knew he would test the messiness boundaries, that’s for sure! He is also able to feed himself and use the plate independently. When we first decided to trial the plate with him, he was being a bit fussy so would only have a biscuit. Let’s just say, it wasn’t working TOO well.

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After I thought we’d never get anything done, he finally decided he’d have spaghetti bolognaise for lunch (and my inner clean freak who wanted to keep the plate pristine cried a little on the inside!). Besides holding my breath over the plate’s cleanliness, a marvelous thing happened – my nephew sat, ate and enjoyed his meal. My sister was pleasantly shocked that he was quietly enjoying his lunch (and not throwing it everywhere), so much so that she decided she wanted to get a plate too! My nephew even applauded himself mid meal while I took photos – what a cutie!

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Primary-school version

Lastly, I decided to trial the plate with my niece, who is going into Year 1 this year. I wanted to see how this plate would be used by an older child, or if it was only appreciated by the younger ones. When I pulled out the plate and asked my niece if she would like to use it, she replied “yes please!” (very well mannered, my niece).

I had to go feed my 6 month old during our (inside) picnic lunch (figures!), so I asked my husband to get a bunch of photos of her using the plate. I could hear their conversations upstairs, chatting about how cute the plate was – she was very excited to be using it! By the time I had return, she was on to eating grapes and had filled up one of the ears with it. She loved that there were separate sections of the plate that she could put different foods in – to her it became almost a game or a puzzle that she could explore. There was no fussiness to eating (which sometimes there can be), and she just sat and ate, looking happily at the plate she was eating from. Koala plate = success!

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Adult Version

Okay, PLEASE don’t judge me, but the plate was so cute that I couldn’t NOT have a little try myself. So here is the brunch I had with it while writing up this review!

Emondo Kids Review 12

Clean up?

One of the big things I was worried about was washing the plate after all the messy foods. As you would have seen, purees and spaghetti bolognaise are full of liquid which I assumed (?) would be absorbed into the bamboo. However, by following the very simple cleaning instructions provided by Emondo Kids with the plate, it is super quick and easy to clean AND IT WORKS. I just washed the plate with soap and water, scrubbing to get all the liquid excess off/out (I used a dishwand). My only thing now would be perhaps do NOT use the dishwand, as afterwards there was one or two tiny pieces of bamboo that stuck up (although they are quite soft, being bamboo, rather than wood splinters). I am going to be using a chux cloth from now on along with the soapy water.

You then rinse, towel dry it straight away and let it dry either standing up on a dish rack or lying flat on a dish rack (anywhere where it can get airflow). Maybe because it was warm yesterday, but it dried super quick too!


I love love LOVE the Koala bamboo plate from Emondo Kids! It is absolutely adorable, it is super practical with the multiple sections for different foods (when our son gets older, I will most likely section the foods into meat, mash potato and veggies, or something similar), and really easy to clean! And the best thing is, with the added bonus of the fractionated coconut oil (which you cannot smell or notice), it will last for years to come! PLUS because they are so cute, kids LOVE eating from them (like my niece and nephew). Check out my post on mum hacks where the Emondo Kids plate has been mentioned as a way to make eating fun! I’m giving the Emondo Kids plate my first (and NEW) Stamp of Approval (which means I highly recommend it!). Yay!

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I am so excited that my son will have this amazing momento from his childhood. He will be able to carry this plate from Emondo Kids into his toddler years and beyond, and I hope one day he’ll proudly carry his koala plate and say “This was my favourite plate when I was a child”. (And I’ll totally have to get another one if/when future siblings come along!)

Get your Emondo Kids Plate HERE, or visit their Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE

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