Dear Starfish: 6 Months Old (Valentine’s Day)

Dear Starfish 6 months 1

Dear Starfish,

You are now over 6 months old. You have been on this Earth half a year, so I really should stop saying by now “where has that time gone?” or “how quickly has that been?”. I just need to accept that our time runs quickly (time flies when you’re having fun, is what they say!) and we need to enjoy every second of it. Although, sometimes that can be a bit harder than we anticipate.Dear Starfish 6 Months 5

Mummy has been so focused on you growing up that sometimes she doesn’t appreciate you for the little boy you are now. You are a happy, cheeky little man who is curious about the world around him – you like to absorb everything in. While you might not be the most active boy of the bunch, you certainly are the most vocal – a chatterbox like your mum! You literally melt the hearts of everyone you meet – your big gorgeous smile endears you to others immediately (and especially to mummy and daddy!), and you are growing up really quickly.

So much seems to have happened this month:

  • You got your first tooth, and mummy didn’t even notice because Dear Starfish 6 Months 2you didn’t make a peep (initially) – she only saw it in your mouth and then realised it had cut through! It has been causing you a bit more grief a week after it initially arrived, with potential for more to come through any day now.
  • You are learning to sit unaided – because you’re a bit chubby, you tend to still roll sideways if we aren’t careful, but you are practicing and getting better and better every time.
  • You still aren’t rolling around, but you like to roll to your side (from your back) and like to give mummy a cheeky grin to help you with things. But mummy won’t let you get away with it that easily!
  • You are starting to toddle in your little walker. While hesitant initially, you now power through the house and mummy and daddy love watching you go around in circles, chatting away to yourself or pulling clothes off our clothes horse!
  • You are powering through solids at a great rate of knots, and LOVE yourDear Starfish 6 Months 3food (much like your mum). There are some foods you’re still not used to, like tuna (that’s daddy coming out in you!), or foods with chunky textures. However you love weetbix, and interesting combinations such as steak/carrot/mushroom/apple, and broccoli/pear. You like munching on rusks, and you’re also drinking boiled water now (although we are up to your third sippy cup!).
  • You have discovered the art of hitting – we often call your arm a windmill or propeller due to the speed you pick up sometimes. You enjoy hitting things that make a noise, like your rusk on the highchair tray, or a bottle that rattles, or mummy and daddy’s faces.
  • You are an extremely vocal child – you like to explore sounds (particularly of higher pitches), and have even started to explore other noises besides squealing (mummy and daddy have heard you say “Noooooo!” twice, as has the Health Care Nurse!).
  • You are still sleeping pretty well through the night, with occasionally ups and downs (teething is making you uncomfortable we think), and days are a bit hit and miss. No matter how much sleep you get though, you are generally our happy, sweet little boy!Dear Starfish 6 Months 4

Today marks your first Valentine’s Day. While it is an occasion usually kept for loved ones like mummys and daddys, we celebrate our special day (wedding anniversary) two days later. So I think maybe Valentine’s Day can be our special day, where mummy and Starfish get to spend some time having fun and bonding. What do you think little man? By the time you are able to read this, I hope we have shared many a Valentine’s Day together, having some mummy/son dates. While I think that we should show each other love EVERY DAY, there’s no harm in having a special treat day!

As always, here are some photos of you (and mummy and daddy) from the month. I’m so proud of all you have achieved so far, and can’t wait to see the little man you’re going to grow into.

All my love, always and forever,

Mummy xoxox

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