Breastfeeding in Public? {Jasemet Review}

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(This post is sponsored by Jasemet.)

I never gave much thought to breastfeeding before having my son. I knew I wanted to do it, and I knew that breast was considered

‘best’, but that’s all I really knew. Sure, I read the baby books, googled the newborn articles, and attended the baby classes with the fake boobs, but I don’t think the reality of breastfeeding really hit me until after my son was born. Obviously, the first breastfeeding experience was really early on, within the first 30 minutes or so after birth when I was told to “just do it” (thanks Nike.). I don’t think I had much time to feel modest, because let’s face it, I just pushed a huge baby out of my who-ha with 4 other people watching – them seeing my boobs was nothing to worry about.

The next few days in hospital were essentially the same – I spent more time topless than with clothes on to allow my son easier access to his food supple. However, I do remember my first public feeding experience when my son was due for a feed when we had visitors. Starfish and I were still new to this whole breastfeeding thing and were working out the mechanics, so I felt uncomfortable feeding in front of family and friends. Fortunately they understood and went off for coffe to give us some privacy.

Breastfeeding in Private?

I’ve always been a modest person (maybe that’s to do with my self-esteem issues?), so breastfeeding in public has always been an anxious experience for me. Not to the point that I’d let my poor boy starve (I’m not cruel!!), but I would try to plan my outings around his feedings, or if guests were over I would try and sit myself in another room away from view. I had a nursing cover that I used to use, but unfortunately it sat more like a scarf and I couldn’t see my son well enough while feeding (if I needed to adjust his position).

I recently posted a photo on Instagram using a nursing cover (read below) and talking about my anxiousness about feeding in public. It sparked quite a decent amount of debate (all civil, thank goodness) in regards to breastfeeding in public and the public’s perceptions about it. 

I think I underestimated what kind of response I’d get. I’m so glad there are so many mummas out there who feel comfortable feeding in public and not worrying about what others think – kudos to you mummas! But for me, I think the issue is more about my own self-image rather than other people’s opinions. And while I’ll definitely feed my son out and about if we need to, I feel extremely uncomfortable doing it – and I know there are other mummas who feel the same way (as some of the comments from this post suggested!) That’s why I love my NEW nursing cover, which is perfect for all my needs AND MORE!!

The Jasemet 5-in-1 Nursing Cover 

When I was approached to review the Jasemet Nursing Cover, I was all kinds of excited. I had already given up hope of using my last one (I don’t even know the brand, it just seemed like a useless scarf with a hole in it to me….), so was looking for something that would be practical and easy to use.

What I love most about the Jasemet Cover is that with its elasticized material, I can easily look in to see what my son is doing – he is at the stage where he is constantly on and off the boob (distracted by anything), so I need to encourage him to latch back on. With the previous scarf cover, I literally needed 3 hands to put him on, cover myself and look at what he was doing – I had a slightly traumatic experience of using it in a hospital when he was 9 days old – I was VERY flustered by the whole thing! But with the Jasemet cover, I can easily put it on, see what my son is doing, and enjoy feeling modest and comfortable no matter where I go.

Not just a pretty face…

breastfeeding cover 2

The other thing I love love LOVE about the Jasemet cover is that it is multi-purposed – it can do lots of things with such a simple and sleek design. For example, I am totally getting into scarves now after our in-house blogger Ellen chatted with us about their varied uses (HERE). Well, the Jasemet cover can also work as an Infinity scarf (Exhibit A….) which means you’ve got it ready to go for nursing, and it won’t take up space in your nappy bag (cause let’s face it mummas, those bags are already chokkas with everything else babies ‘need’!).
The cover can also work as a capsule cover, a high chair cover or a shopping cart cover. With its gorgeously soft rayon 95%) and spandex (5%) material and stunning design options, the Jasemet cover will literally COVER all your needs. Jasemet even offer nursing scarf, nursing poncho, and bamboo cover options if you’d prefer a different style or ‘fit’ of cover (depending on what you’d most like to use it for) and all covers come with a gorgeous like drawstring case to put all your essentials in!

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Stamp of Approval

 As a modest, private kind of mumma (in some aspects anyway), the Jasemet cover meets my breastfeeding needs in public spaces, allowing me to relax, feel comfortable and enjoy the breastfeeding experience or ‘bond’ with my son. I 100% give it my Stamp of Approval, making sure to keep this staple item close by me for all my outings from now on!  breastfeeding cover 4

To get your Jasemet cover, visit their website HERE, Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.


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