The Day I Became a Babywearer {Inoshi Review}

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(This post is not sponsored, however I was given an Inoshi carrier to use and return for the purpose of the review.)

I remember it distinctly – the day I became a “Babywearer”. It was a sunny, Saturday afternoon. I told my husband that I needed to have a play with this “wrap-thing” (yes, that’s what I called it), to get some photos and to write a review. I’ll be honest, I remember being skeptical. I remember looking at the mammoth fabric and thinking, “How in the heck does this work?”. I read the booklet. I watched the video. I rolled my eyes (yup – true story). I watched my husband roll his eyes. I went about putting the woven wrap around me, and asked my husband to pass our son over. I fiddled with him in the wrap, went about tightening and pulling and tying the wrap up. And I remember looking down at my son, who was so content just sitting there, cuddling close to his mum.

We went outside to take some photos. And that was it – I remember thinking, “Gosh this is amazing! I love this!” I loved being able to cuddle up to my son. I loved that it was tight around my body and he felt secure – he wasn’t going anywhere! And that was it. That was the moment I decided I was a “baby wearer” now!

Of course, that was while I had my husband there to help pass our son to me, to help me to tighten the wrap and to take our son afterwards. The second time was the same – I had my husband there to assist, and I loved every moment of it. Then came the third time. 

The Challenge!

baby carrier 4There was one day when my son refused to go to sleep for a nap. Usually he is a relatively good sleeper, but not this day. I knew it was my “time to shine” as a baby wearer. I got my Inoshi baby carrier out (read more about the Inoshi carrier below), tightened it and did all that jazz, popped my screaming son into it, and tightened it again as best I could. The good news is – he stopped screaming, and was rather content to cuddle in with me. The bad news was I struggled to tighten it properly and he started to fall out.

What I realised about the Inoshi carrier was that – as a new “babywearer” – it would take time to learn how to do it up properly and get him secure in it, by myself. Fortunately, after the third time of putting my son in by myself, I got him in nice and snug, and I’ve been able to wrap him up without instructions or assistance ever since (I was even able to take photos using a camera/tripod while he sat in the wrap!). I’m officially a “Babywearer”!

The World of Babywearing

When you become a mum, you find yourself stepping into a whole new world. There are so many decisions to make (and so much guilt around those things, which I’ve written about HERE), and options to choose from. Once I declared myself officially a baby wearer – and I announced this on my Facebook page – I felt like I was suddenly sucked into a vortex of wraps and slings that I never knew existed. Who knew about ring slings and SSC (Soft-structure Carriers) and woven wraps and normal carriers? I sure as heck didn’t. And yet here we are. I can officially say I’ve tried a carrier (which was great for a newborn but didn’t accommodate my boobs and his head as they both grew!), and a stretchy-wrap which didn’t feel as secure. This was why I never associated myself as a babywearer. Not until I tried the “Inoshi”.

The Woven Baby Carrier – “Inoshi” by Global Tapestry

Babywearing 2I was asked to have a play with the Inoshi Baby Carrier by Global Tapestry, and when it first arrived, I seriously wondered why the instruction manual wasn’t the size of an encyclopedia (do you remember what those things are? They were our book version of Google in the stone ages). As I unfolded and unwinded this wrap, I’ll be honest, I thought there was no way I’d want to do this every time. I was, however, mesmerised by the gorgeous colours of the wrap, and remember seeing other vibrant and beautiful designs on offer in the Global Tapestry shop.

As I mentioned before, my husband and I were both skeptical of this carrier due to (a) our inexperience with any sort of wrap besides the carrier (which was more straightforward, but now uncomfortable), and (b) the complexity of the design and how it was supposed to be worn. As a rookie babywearer, this was all a bit daunting – but I obviously perservered, watching the video and practiced with a teddy bear (or stuffed giraffe)!

As I became acquainted with the Inoshi, however, I realised it had some amazing features that I absolutely love.

The Features

I think these make it stand out from the rest for me (although I must admit I do have limited experience with a range of wraps):

  • I love the belt that you wrap around you. It makes the carrier feel more secure and sits tightly around your upper waist. This makes bub sit snug which for me is the main idea. (This is why it’s called a carrier rather than a wrap!)
  • The design of the Inoshi is gorgeous – I love the vibrant colours, better than some of the plain, boring ones I’ve seen around. (Is that shallow of me? I like bright, pretty things!)
  • It comes with accessories to support bub better, including a hood that can be used to protect baby from the sun – brilliant!
  • It is super-duper comfy! This was one of the drawbacks for the others, particularly the more structured baby carrier we used to use. My son is a whopping 9kg+, and carrying him in our old carrier was uncomfortable and worse, hurt my back. The Inoshi is the opposite – my son fits the contours of my body and it supports his weight just right!

I was super keen to get myself an Inoshi, but unfortunately at baby carrier 6this time our budget wouldn’t allow for it. I was wondering if it was super expensive ($175 inc GST), but after I became intrigued about the world of babywearing, I started googling an assortment of wrap styles. I found that a lot of wraps are around these prices (or even more so!), and that it is the quality and life-span of the wraps that make them these prices. Considering how the Inoshi is made from 100% cotton, its thickness and durability means you can use it with multiple children. Also, the Inoshi is Australian made and have been tested to the international babywearing safety standards (whereas a lot of  Aussie carrier makers have not tested their products, so if you go with another brand be sure to check if they have been safety tested).

For the more experience baby wearer, the Inoshi also has multiple wearing options, such as the “Front Wrap Cross Carry”, the “Robin’s Hip Carry” and the “Ruck Back Carry with Chest Knot”. Instructions for each of these come with the Inoshi. As you can see from my photos, I slowly started venturing in these options the more comfortable I became with the Inoshi Wrap.

Stamp of Approval

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how the Inoshi exceeded my expectations! I wasn’t prepared to love baby wearing so much, but the Inoshi has definitely changed my mind. I love the cozy feeling of having my boy snug and close, and it is so secure that I would feel comfortable going out and about with him. As far as baby wraps or carriers go, this has been my favourite (of the 3 I have tried so far), and definitely gets my stamp of approval! 

baby carrier 7

If you would like to check out the gorgeous Inoshi carrier range, make sure you visit their website HERE, Facebook HERE and/or Instagram HERE.

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