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Real Mum Amanda
The #RealMums blog series has been such a huge success, and I’ve gotten so much positive feedback. Many women and mums enjoy hearing from real mums, so much so that this series – which was initially only going to go on for a month – is continuing on into 2017 with some BIG plans in store for it (fingers crossed- eek I’m excited AND nervous!). To kick us off, I got to speak to the lovely Amanda from the Anxiety Wellness Queen. She chats about her life as a mum and working from home as an anxiety specialist. Enjoy her interview here!


Hi Amanda! Thank you for taking part in our #RealMums Blog series, I’m so excited to be able to chat with you today! To start off, could you introduce us to yourself and your family?

Hi Fi, Thankyou so much for having me! I’m super excited to be chatting with you today. As you mentioned my name is Amanda and I am a anxiety coach at The Anxiety Wellness Queen. My husband John and I have a loving and cheeky 15 month old son named Luca, he definitely keeps us on our toes but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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What do you like to do with your time? Us mums don’t have TOO much free time, but what do you enjoy doing in your ‘me’ time?

I love to cook!! Cooking is one of my passions and I find it very therapeutic. I enjoy experimenting with food and creating new flavour combinations and recipes. I also enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some me time to recharge my batteries!! (Don’t we all?)


You have a background in psychology and counselling – how did you get into that line of work? Is there a part of this work that you are most passionate about?

I guess I always knew my calling was to work closely with people and supporting them during hardship, although it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realised my interest and passion was focused on Anxiety! I felt anxiety was misunderstood in many ways and I wanted to introduce people to a new approach and way of thinking. Reducing the stigma associated around mental health is an area I advocate a lot for. I try and do my part by providing mental health education, (because knowledge is power) and by making it more approachable. It has come a LONGGG way but unfortunately we still have a long way to go, I feel very privileged to be a part of that.


What made you decide to take the plunge and take your business online? How does this fit into your life with Luca?

Real Mums Series Amanda 2When I fell pregnant with Luca it was very important for me to devise a plan that enabled me to do the work I LOVE whilst being a full time mum for my son. The online business world was definitely out of my comfort zone and I knew I had a lot to learn (especially in the field of work I’m in) but I knew it was achievable even if I had to take baby steps and stumble a little along the way. It felt like I was starting all over again, I had to earn people’s trust and give them a reason to listen. By taking my business online many opportunities have opened up for me, I am now able to work with people not only in Australia but all over the world helping them manage their anxiety and achieve Wellness in their lives. It works in so well with Luca as I work around him and set my own hours and workload to suit my family. I use his nap times during the day to do a lot of my online work (social media, emails etc..) and client appts to fit in with my husbands work hours.


Is there a reason you decided to focus on anxiety in your field? You mentioned to me earlier that ‘niche topics’ aren’t really encouraged in your area?

Yes, there are a couple of reasons that I decided to specialise In Anxiety even though specialising into a ‘niche’ was not often encouraged at the time in this line of work. Firstly I have family members and close friends that suffer from anxiety which initially sparked a pain point and interest for me, secondly when I worked in private practice I would see the general ‘textbook’ methods anxiety was approached with and wondered why people were not looking outside the box and relating to each individual as a separate and unique story. I’m sure They did to a extent, although people often felt misunderstood and not listened to. I began having my own ideas and wanted to pursue a holistic approach based around, food, fitness, tools and techniques to help manage their stress, worries and anxiety. This and more all works together in helping my clients achieve overall wellness!


Have you found that your psychology/counselling background – and focus on anxiety – has had an impact on your role as a
mother? If so, in what way?

In some ways yes! I believe it has had a positive Impact in that I have learnt so many things over the years and continue to learn each day to help grow and better myself as an Individual, wife and mother. My clients are all so inspiring as well, the determination and inner strength they have is just amazing and it just helps me put things in perspective when I’m having a challenging day. Being a mum is one of the hardest jobs anyone will ever do! A lot of the practices, tools and techniques I teach my clients I also apply in my everyday life, establishing the right mindset and lifestyle change is so important in achieving a great balance in life, this job and line of work has really opened my eyes to that and I am forever grateful.

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Many new and real mums would experience anxiety to some extent (I know I have, and I’ve discussed this in previous posts HERE). Do you have any pieces of advice or strategies you could share to help support them in this new stage of their lives?

Oh absolutely!! One of the topics I am placing a huge focus on in 2017 is anxiety during pregnancy and for new mums. It’s a topic that is definitely not discussed enough and happens more often than we can imagine. I could talk about this topic all day long but a few great tips I will touch on today is:


1) To remember that you are NOT ALONE, this happens to so many women. Your Hormones are going insane, you are dealing with bodily changes and trying adjust to a big change in your life that nothing but the experience itself can prepare you for.


2) Ensure you have a good support system around you! If you don’t have many family and friends there are some great support groups that you can attend in person or online. This will encourage conversation with other women going through the same or similar experiences as you are.


3) Practicing Mindfulness and being in the here and now is something that is not often practiced whilst pregnant and or as a new parent. Your mind is racing about what you have left to do before the baby is here, what parenthood will be like and how you are going to cope with the new life changes your about to experience and the what IF this happens and what IF that happens. Practicing to bring your attention to the present moment will disturb the cycle of anxiety, it allows your mind to focus and shift your awareness to what is happening in the now.. Practice using all of your senses. And focus on the immediate task on hand, such as eating or your walk.


4) Write everything down. I am the biggest fan of writing things out. It clears the mind and helps put things in perspective for you. Write down everything from your fears, worries, anxiety triggers, appointments, feelings, emotions and to do lists! TIP: Using old fashioned pen and paper works wonders! Give it a try 😉

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Thanks for chatting with us Amanda! For more information about what Amanda does, you can visit her website, ‘The Anxiety Wellness Queen’ HERE, her Facebook HERE, her Instagram HERE, or you can email her HERE.

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