I’m a Polka-Dottie! Nursing Wear {Review}

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A month ago, our gorgeous in-house (mum) fashion blogger Ellen wrote a great introductory style guide for new mums. I’ll be honest, that post really just made my life. It might sound superficial, but as a new mum (who is incredibly self-concious) it was nice to get some simple tips to help me feel a bit more like decent lady, rather than one big ol’ sack in yoga pants. I was able to implement her steps to feel better about myself, and look reasonably okay in the process.

One of the things I’ve always found challenging about ‘new mum fashion’ is finding affordable and PRACTICAL nursing clothes. I used to LOVE wearing dresses before having Starfish, and was devastated that I could no longer wear them afterwards. I always need easy access to boob-town incase my chubba boy gets hungry (isn’t he always?!). My old dresses just did NOT have that option (unless I wanted to get naked, which I didn’t funnily enough). Unfortunately, a lot of the nice nursing clothes I have found only seem to have small access holes (which did not meet the needs of ‘the ladies’, if you know what I mean). So here I was, stuck in this vortex of tracky pants and singlets. I thought I’d be stuck here forever or, at the very least, until my boy stopped breastfeeding.

ENTER MY NEW FAVOURITE BRAND – Polka-Dot Pop! Oh my word, there is just so much that is fantastic about them! They literally tick ALL the boxes:

Affordable nursing wear

Ladies who look at these prices as unaffordable obviously have not shopped enough for nursing (or maternity) clothes. Most nursing clothes are soooo expensive, and this is sometimes for less-than-great quality too. However, with Polka-Dot Pop, you can expect great quality at a great price, which is always just awesome.

Easy access for feeding

The nursing section on my dress is disguised by a ruche strip that looks like a belt rather than hidden access. I have had numerous compliments from friends and family who admire the dress, and when I mention it is a nursing dress, they are surprised because it isn’t obvious. The top panel of my dress lifts so easy, however, it’s easy to get my big boofa there ready for a feed!

Good size for ‘the ladies’

Speaking of easy access, I was so excited about the size of the holes in the dress for feeding (a lame thing to be excited about). A lot of nursing clothes only have small holes, and I generally struggle to move bits and pieces around to get my boy ready to go. Not with the Polka Dot dress though! It’s super easy to lift up, undo the nursing bra clip and BAM – my bub is feeding. This is especially handy when I’m out in public and already a bit flustered about feeding. I can get him sorted quickly and easily without having to worry about faffing with the nursing dress.

Looks freakin’ good!

Umm, can I just say that polka dots are awesome?! The dress is super comfy, a great fit (I got a medium), and it is a stylish mum-dress. You know what I mean – you want to look like a mum (because you’re a new mum!), but you also want to look stylish. Am I right!? Well Polka Dot Pop have a range of GORGEOUS nursing (and maternity, you know, for when you have baby number 2/3/4+) clothes to help you feel super great after you’ve lost all your dignity in that hospital room.

So if you’re a new mum feeling flat but want to feel SUPER PRETTY (because that’s kind of what we all want after a baby), you can’t go past Polka Dot Pop. And, if you want even more ideas, I’ve created my own mini style guide below.

Nursing Wear 3  

So what do you think? Do you fashionistas have any other style guide tips for this gorgeous dress? What accessories would you add?

To get 30% off your order from Polka Dot Pop, order by Sunday 29th January. Use the code ‘SEASONSALE’ in store HERE to find your perfect nursing wear! Also check out their Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.



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